Early Morning…

Nov 12, 2006

Morning Sunflower
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Those that know me know, I am not a morn­ing per­son! Nev­er have been and thought I nev­er would be, but it seems I’m get­ting ready to become one. For the past week I have been wak­ing up at the crack of dawn, with­out an alarm clock, ready to start my day! This scares me because this is one more thing bring­ing me clos­er to becom­ing my MOTHER! LOL, just jok­ing Mom. You know I love you. But dang this trans­for­ma­tion real­ly sneaks up on you. It was a few years ago when I first noticed this start­ing. I was tak­ing my daugh­ter to school and I caught myself walk­ing out the door with my cof­fee cup held tight­ly in my hand. BAM, it hit me like a ton of bricks… I’m turn­ing into Mom! Then a few weeks lat­er I was back­ing out of the dri­ve­way and had to stop and go back in the house to make sure an appli­ance was unplugged! BAM… ding, ding, ding… bells going off, this is just like Mom. I can’t tell you how many times Dad and I as well as my broth­er and sis­ter had to sit in the car wait­ing for Mom to go back in the house while she made sure the cof­fee pot or iron was unplugged. It seems I am hav­ing many Mom, I guess you would say, full cir­cle moments. The oth­er day I found myself being led by Ter­ri through allies in down­town McK­in­ney, in the rain, won­der­ing where in the heck she was tak­ing me? I remem­ber doing the very same thing to my mom when I was Ter­ri’s age. Ter­ri want­ed me to see all the quaint lit­tle shops along the square. I loved see­ing and feel­ing her excite­ment and must say we had a blast run­ning from shop to shop… end­ing up cold and wet because of course nei­ther of us had an umbrel­la and it was the one day we actu­al­ly had a good rain. I guess turn­ing into your Mom is real­ly a great thing. It seems you slow down a bit and start to enjoy the lit­tle moments in life and I real­ly am try­ing to enjoy all the lit­tle things that are set before me. So, that being said, ear­ly this morn­ing I took this pho­to of the sun­light hit­ting the flo­ral arrange­ment DH gave me last night. I just love how the ear­ly morn­ing sun­light hits the petals of this sun­flower.

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