Early Morning…

Nov 12, 2006

Morning Sunflower
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Those that know me know, I am not a morning person! Never have been and thought I never would be, but it seems I’m getting ready to become one. For the past week I have been waking up at the crack of dawn, without an alarm clock, ready to start my day! This scares me because this is one more thing bringing me closer to becoming my MOTHER! LOL, just joking Mom. You know I love you. But dang this transformation really sneaks up on you. It was a few years ago when I first noticed this starting. I was taking my daughter to school and I caught myself walking out the door with my coffee cup held tightly in my hand. BAM, it hit me like a ton of bricks… I’m turning into Mom! Then a few weeks later I was backing out of the driveway and had to stop and go back in the house to make sure an appliance was unplugged! BAM… ding, ding, ding… bells going off, this is just like Mom. I can’t tell you how many times Dad and I as well as my brother and sister had to sit in the car waiting for Mom to go back in the house while she made sure the coffee pot or iron was unplugged. It seems I am having many Mom, I guess you would say, full circle moments. The other day I found myself being led by Terri through allies in downtown McKinney, in the rain, wondering where in the heck she was taking me? I remember doing the very same thing to my mom when I was Terri’s age. Terri wanted me to see all the quaint little shops along the square. I loved seeing and feeling her excitement and must say we had a blast running from shop to shop… ending up cold and wet because of course neither of us had an umbrella and it was the one day we actually had a good rain. I guess turning into your Mom is really a great thing. It seems you slow down a bit and start to enjoy the little moments in life and I really am trying to enjoy all the little things that are set before me. So, that being said, early this morning I took this photo of the sunlight hitting the floral arrangement DH gave me last night. I just love how the early morning sunlight hits the petals of this sunflower.

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