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Nov 25, 2006

I hope you all had a won­der­ful Thanks­giv­ing. There are lots of left­overs in the fridge at my house AND for those of you that may be won­der­ing… my turkey came out great! I was so relieved to see lots of juices flow­ing when my BIL Dou­glas start­ed carv­ing it. I high­ly rec­om­mend you Brine your turkey if you have not ever done so. That is the secret! My friend Con­nie gave me her recipe over the phone as she and her fam­i­ly were in Col­orado. I fol­lowed the instruc­tions to a “T” and must say it was the best turkey I have ever eat­en, well besides my Mom’s. So, it seems as though my Aunt is right… if you can read you can cook! I will post the Brine recipe at a lat­er date in case some of you cook turkey for Christ­mas and want to give this a try. My old­est daugh­ter Ter­ri was quite the cook this year. I am so proud of her. She made sev­er­al fab­u­lous desserts (Apple Pecan Cheese­cake, Choco­late Silk Pie and two Pump­kin Pies), mashed pota­toes and some baked mac and cheese that was incred­i­ble.

Mac and Cheese

Mashed Potatoes


We also took a few group pho­tos of the fam­i­ly. That is always inter­est­ing when all three broth­ers are togeth­er. It took for­ev­er as they love to goof around. But, we got a few real­ly nice pho­tos so it was worth the has­sle of let­ting them act like lit­tle boys.

Pace Family Photo

Pace Group Photo

My BIL Dou­glas and Ans­ley had a cute lit­tle duet going on the piano. Ans­ley has a great ear which helps her learn pret­ty quick. Here are a few cute pho­tos tak­en dur­ing her les­son. The piano is a 1908 Cable piano which Dou­glas learned to play on. It is the focal point of our front room. I just love it.

Piano lesson


And final­ly here is the cov­er of my altered puz­zle. I will get the inside fin­ished this week so you can see what a fun lit­tle project this is.

Altered Puzzle Full View

I will have lots of projects to show dur­ing the week so check back and don’t for­get about my RAK. I will enter your name for each com­ment you leave on my blog. The dead­line is Dec. 1st.

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