thanks for the ride.

Aug 14, 2006

thanks for the ride.

All pat­tern papers are Scenic Route. The swirl and arrow chip­board are by Jen­ni Bowl­in; but­tons are foof-a-la Jour­nal­ing reads: Ter­ri, when I saw this pho­to of you it brought back mem­o­ries of Gram­pa Childers tak­ing me and your uncle to this lit­tle pond to fish in Salem, West Vir­ginia. Even though I nev­er fished I always want­ed to tag along for the ride. As we drove down the dirt road head­ing for the pond, I still remem­ber how the wind felt blow­ing in my hair as I stuck my head out of the win­dow to watch the dust trail we were leav­ing behind. I remem­ber the smell of that dust trail and the excite­ment in your uncle’s voice in hopes of catch­ing the biggest fish in the pond. Once we got there all I did was swat, scream and run from bugs but it was all worth it cause I loved rid­ing in Grampa’s jeep. Thanks for the ride down mem­o­ry lane.

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