Garden Fairy

Aug 26, 2006

Garden Fairy

I tried a dif­fer­ent for­mat. I’ve not done much in the 8.5 x 11 style but I kin­da like it and think I will alter­nate from this and 12 x 12 to add vari­ety. It is fun. All papers are by Chat­ter­box and I just LOVE these pho­tos of my niece. She sure is so much fun to take pho­tos of. Made­lyn had so much fun dress­ing up in Ans­ley’s old fairy cos­tume. To get her to look at the bush­es I told her there were lady­bugs and flut­ter­flies in there and to see if she could find some. It worked like a charm. The one if her run­ning was the last shot. After that she was ready to get out of her cos­tume and start run­ning after her big broth­er. She is such a tomboy.

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