Aug 12, 2006

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Here is a flip­book I cre­at­ed out of chip­board of my youngest daughter.Each page has a dif­fer­ent but­ter­fly and Hei­di Swapp ghost flow­ers on it. All papers are from the SEI Win­nies Walls line.

My dd always keeps me laugh­ing. Jour­nal­ing on front cov­er reads: fly (fli) To engage in flight, espe­cial­ly: a. To move through the air by means of wings or wing­like parts. b. To trav­el by air: She flew to Frisco. c. To oper­ate an air­craft or space­craft. Jour­nalig inside reads: You were sup­posed to be prac­tic­ing your clar­inet but instead decid­ed to see if you could fly… yes, FLY!

This flip­book is the clos­est I could do in help­ing you achieve your goal of fly­ing with­out the means of an air­craft, space­craft or wings! At least you decid­ed to try this in the com­forts of your home while still stand­ing on the ground unlike your Paw Paw. He tried to fly twice in his younger years once when he was 7 by hold­ing an umbrel­la and jump­ing off of the family’s garage roof… he just knew it would work but sec­onds lat­er found him­self on the ground.

The sec­ond time was around the age of 10. He was at Uncle Fred’s farm in New­ing­ton, NH. He built a pair of wings out of bam­boo and paper and head­ed for the hay loft. Feel­ing con­fi­dent and ready to soar he jumped! He had planned for a padded land­ing in the hay wag­on but Paw Paw missed his land­ing hit the edge of the wag­on and rolled off onto the ground. His hopes of fly­ing were dashed once again in just a few sec­onds. I do want you to remem­ber…

“Even the wildest dreams have to start some­where. Allow your­self the time and space to let your mind wan­der and your imag­i­na­tion fly.” ~Oprah Win­frey I Love you, Mom 2006

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