Fun Getting To Know You Christmas Questions

Dec 19, 2014

Here are some fun getting to know you Christmas questions you can share with friends and family at a family gathering or party. I always find it interesting in how others celebrate the holiday season. If you don’t celebrate Christmas you can easily change the questions to fit your holiday celebration. My sister and her family arrive late tonight and I cannot wait to have some fun with everyone. You know I’m on “best weekend ever” notice for Madelyn and Isabella. I LOVE being their aunt. I have a weekend of fun all planned out that includes lots of hot chocolate, s’mores, cookie baking, holiday light looking and presents. It’s going to be a fabulous weekend. 1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? This year it’s all about Gift Bags.  2. Real tree or artificial? We...

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I believe…

Dec 17, 2014

Originally Posted December 12, 2011 and to this day it’s still one of my favorites. Just recently my 8 year old niece was asking if Santa was real. My mom asked Madelyn what she thought to which she replied, I think he is real. Mom left it at that and Madelyn went on her merry way. I remember when I found out about Santa and for a moment I was sad but then discovered since I had younger siblings I was in a special secret club… I got to be a secret elf and help with wrapping and shopping which I just loved. I found this part just as rewarding if not more on Christmas morning. Watching my brother and sister run down the stairs, through the hallway and into the living room staring in amazement...

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Needle Felted Santa with Fir Tree

Oct 13, 2014

I’ve been having loads of fun needle felting. I started this Santa over the weekend and thought I would share with you a few photos of him in the works. If any of you are interested in learning this art form let me know and I will gladly put together a tutorial of a simple project for beginners. Here is my Santa before adding his rosey cheeks, eyes and eyebrows. It’s fun to see the personality of your piece come to life once you add these features. Every needle felted piece has it’s own unique look. And here is Santa with his facial features and a bit more fluff added to his beard. Love his rosey cheeks. I decided this Santa needed a prop so what better item than a small fir tree for him...

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Needle Felted Santa Ornament

Oct 2, 2014

Yesterday, I thought I would try and needle felt a Santa ornament. Today, I’m going to try to make him a pair of glasses. I love trying and discovering new art forms. One never knows if they can until they try. I will always try. I hope I inspire you to do the...

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Cleaning Out The Studio

Dec 3, 2013

I know I have been bombarding you all with kits, art and other items in my Etsy shop but seriously, I have got to get this studio cleaned  out and under-control. I do not have room for any additional product not one bit more. It’s terrible and Santa will put me on the bad list if he sees this mess. Thank goodness I don’t have a little elf on the shelf to rat me out or I would be super worried. So since I’m cleaning out I am passing on some awesome product deals. I just listed a Scrapbook Embellishment Grab Box that comes to you filled with lots of assorted Maya Road products that’s perfect for any scrapbook or craft enthusiast and get this, SHIPPING is FREE on this item! Each filled to the brim...

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Dear Santa ~ Card

Nov 7, 2013

I wasn’t kidding when I said I LOVED this jingle bell stamp. Here’s another card I made using the Antiquated Collection Winter Girl, Jingles and Jingle Bell stamps. I could cover every single thing I create this holiday season in these jingle bells I love them this much! And attached with foam squares makes them even cuter too!!! I’m heading out to do some junking with mom and dad this weekend and cannot wait to see what treasures we find. Walking around flea markets and antique shops is not only fun but so...

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Merry Christmas

Dec 25, 2012

I hope you and your family are all enjoying a wonderful holiday season. I certainly do wish you all the very best and happiest of holidays. Now that everyone has opened their gifts I can finally share all the projects I created this Christmas to give to my family. Today’s canvas was my gift to my dad. As you all know he is Santa and has quite a collection of Santa’s so I thought I would add to it. I’m happy to report Santa’s sitting in his recliner with his feet up and a tummy full of milk and cookies resting from all his travels during the night. I really did have a lot of fun creating this 4″ x 4″ canvas for dad. I  tried hard to make each gift I create personal....

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25 Day Countdown to Christmas

Nov 23, 2012

Today, I’m making a 25 day Countdown to Christmas project with my nieces Madelyn and Bellie. As you can see from the photo they are loving their new matching jammies. New flannel jammies are the best especially when you find matching ones like my mom did with a monkey print design. Ok sorry, back to the project. Both little sweet peas will decorate 12 standard sized card envelopes using stickers, self adhesive gems, then stamp the numbers needed on each of their bags. Madelyn will stamp the odd numbers and Bellie the even numbers. I will decorate envelope 25 for them to either use as a sample or for inspiration. Once all the envelopes are decorated I’ll fill each one with 2 pieces of candy and a printed strip of paper that has one...

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The little cousins

Aug 17, 2012

Mom, dad and I have been staying with mom’s sister “Aunt Wilda” and brother-in-law “Uncle Jim” since we arrived in West Virginia. Yesterday, my cousin “Angie” brought her three boys (Patrick 7 yrs., Michael 5 yrs., Nicholas 3 yrs.) to see us and boy did they keep us entertained.  As you will see by the photos Nicholas was the major source of entertainment. Love that he still calls me his “little skunk” Makes the best jello salad ever! Nicholas blowing bubble after bubble after bubble. While looking around in an antique shop dad found some pieces from an old pipe organ for only $3.00 and had to buy them. Mom thought they were $3.00 to much. Nicholas on the other hand had fun making sound come out and thought it was the best $3.00...

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Favorite Toy EVER

Dec 23, 2011

I remember when I was little being so excited Christmas eve, that falling asleep was near impossible. My brother, Richard and I would talk back and forth between our twin beds trying to think of what Santa would bring us. One Christmas when I was 5 years old I got a Sketchy Doll… she is the most amazing doll ever as far as I’m concerned. Well, through the years she got misplaced but I never forgot about her. Now fast forward to 2008… my Dad decided to do a little searching around, found her on eBay and purchased her for me. Talk about a wonderful surprise. Now she sits proudly on the top of my bookshelf in my scraproom where I see her every single day. Richard and me Christmas Eve 1970 Richard (love...

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Not a creature is safe in our house

Dec 22, 2011

I thought I would share with you some photos of  the sweet dogs we have had through the years. I volunteered for a golden retriever rescue organization for several years and if there was an old golden needing a home Alan and I were the ones that took them in. We had such a soft spot for a needy, homeless, white faced old golden. Since most of the oldies came into rescue with serious health issues we only had them for 6 months to two years. But before they passed away they were spoiled like crazy and loved tremendously. I admit I have slightly tortured these sweet pups with a seasonal headband or two but I did reward them greatly with loads of treats. So to them it was worth it because hot dog...

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Snow for Christmas

Dec 21, 2011

I LOVE snow and hope we get some this winter… so far all we’ve had is rain… which we need terribly BUT snow sure would be awesome. We have a chance for flurries Friday and Saturday but most likely it will be short lived and turn to rain. We will see and you can bet I will be watching the forecast like a little kid. I have a true love for anything with snowflakes so when Maya Road came out with their adorable “Let It Snow” stamp set, I was thrilled. And their Blue 1″ Ink Pad is a gorgeous winter blue ink, so keep this in mind for any of your winter projects. If you would like to recreate this card cut a piece of white cardstock to 8″ x 11″ then fold...

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Keeping it simple

Dec 20, 2011

Yesterday, I received a gift from a friend that had the cutest stamped tag attached. Her tag was so adorable, simple and sweet that I just have to share it. I tend to get lost in the details when I’m creating and then end up stressing myself out thinking if I have to make 10 or 15 of these all sewn, glittered, altered, etc I will snap. Well, I’m going to do my best to try and keep some things simple, especially things during the holidays… because simple is adorable and sweet and appreciated and cherished immensely. Thank you sweet friend. And here is a Santa story for you… it makes me giggle and wish I could have seen this little boy’s face… nothing like being busted face to face by all people… Santa!...

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Growing up with Santa

Dec 19, 2011

No matter how old Santa’s grandkids are they’re never too old to have a photo taken with Santa. This year, Laren (SIL) and Terri my oldest daughter went to Beaumont for Thanksgiving. This meant they were able to get their photo taken with Santa. It’s been several years since they’ve been able to make it down for the holidays and Mr. and Mrs. Claus were very happy to see them. This photo is of Santa and my sister Belinda’s kids… from left to right is my adorable nephew Brittain (poor boy he is the ONLY boy out of 6 grandkids), Isabella, Paw Paw Santa, Madelyn holding Grand-Dog Zeus and niece Amanda. Believe it or not this photo was the first one they took! Talk about a Christmas miracle. Even Zeusy was good and looked...

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Inspirational Baubles…

Jan 21, 2011

Not that I don’t already have enough to keep me busy with CHA  just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to make something small to randomly hand out to a few people each day at CHA. Just little random acts of inspiration and kindness. And yes, it does involve UTEE. I tell ya this stuff is so fun. And I am so glad to hear some of you are going to wipe the dust off your jars and use yours. I got lots of email yesterday thanking me for the UTEE inspiration. Just remember I WARNED YOU… this stuff is addicting. I plan on altering 14 of these little hearts. Each one will have a different word and different embellishments. I will post a tutorial on how I made them in...

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A Christmas Mouse

Dec 22, 2010

Mom and I love all the little figurines of Christmas mice that can be seen during the holidays. My grandmother on the other hand could not STAND seeing anything which slightly resembled that of a mouse. I can remember once when I was very, very young being at my grandparent’s camp in Acton, Maine and gram running out of the camp screaming. It was years later I found out my mom had discovered a little mouse nest in one of the kitchen drawers that had a baby mouse sleeping inside. Well gram did not want anything to do with that and left in a dash. Poor gram. So in the spirit of all the adorable Christmas mice mom and I see during the holiday season I thought it would be fun to make one for her...

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Sugar Cookies and a Glittered Bow

Dec 19, 2010

Okay well not the actual sugar cookies but I wanted to share with you the kind I used to look forward to making each Christmas with my Mom. I knew Santa had to have loved mine the best as he never left a crumb on his plate. I think the reindeer helped in licking the plate clean. The week before Christmas mom and I always headed to the store to get the rolled Pillsbury Sugar Cookie dough. Click here for a coupon. I loved making these Santa and Angel cookies so much. Each one always looked a little bit different after baking but they all were decorated the same… such a type A personality even back then. Santa had a red hat, white pom pom and trim on his hat, white mustache, red hot...

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Merry Christmas Gift Tag ~ Ornament

Dec 14, 2010

Here is another tag I plan on attaching to a gift this Christmas. It can then be kept and used as an ornament later on. I loved adding all the little details … pearls, buttons, jingle bells, flocked flowers, seam binding and lots and lots of Stickles. One can never have too much Stickles. I’m trying to convince Santa that I need a huge VAT of Platinum and Diamond Stickles this year. I know I have been good, good, good and really deserve them. Supplies Used: Tim Holtz Alterations Bigz Die Caged Bird, The Girls’ Paperie – Tinsel & Twig (Deck the Halls, Snowfall), Self Adhesive 2mm Cream Pearls, Rhinestones, Flocked Flowers, Vintage Buttons, 6mm Gold Jingle Bells, Brown & White Baker’s Twine, Dusty Olive Seam Binding, Creamy Brown Ink, Diamond & Platinum Stickles, Foam...

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Creative Fun…

Dec 5, 2010

Saturday, Trisha Conlon and I got to spend the day with this wonderful group of artists at “The Crafty Scrapper”. Each one created their very own snow globe. I taught the paper part of the project which included altering the base of the snow globe, building the little house, creating a crepe paper rosette and then of course sprinkling everything with glitter and mica. It was so fun watching everyone’s project come together. Each little house was the same yet so different as everyone used different parts of their Melissa Frances patterned paper. Once everyone finished their sweet little house they then began to add everything to the altered base of the snow globe. Once everyone go to this point we all took a break for lunch, which came from “The Dove’s Nest”, next...

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Super fun gift for both Dads and sons

Nov 26, 2010

I have got to tell you about this neat toy my brother-in-law Douglas has that I think will be a great surprise gift for all the men in your family. Last year he thought these remote controlled helicopters or the Phantom 6010 as he calls it were so cool he bought one for Alan. Let me tell you Alan was entertained for hours which I deeply appreciated and I am sure you would too. Although, Buster our schnauzer thought it was an alien coming down from outer space trying to invade his territory, so he was set on seeing it destroyed. I suggest if you have dogs in your house you might be a tad bit careful flying this thing around them. If it ends up in their reach it will experience instant death....

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All Things Winter

Nov 14, 2010

I’m so excited to tell you about my next upcoming online workshop. This workshop “All Things Winter” will include winter and holiday themed projects from my book “Delight In The Details“. This workshop will include step by step instructions, color photos and tips to help you recreate the projects listed below. Page 15 Merry & Bright Ornament Page 26 Joy Banner Page 30 Joy Mini Album Page 42 Snow Day Layout Page 44 Winter of 78 Layout Page 72 Gift Tag Page 76 Christmas Cookies Layout Page 91 Silent Night Christmas Card Page 95 Christmas Greetings Christmas Card Page 125 Santa Baby Layout The cost for this online workshop is only $19.95. FYI… I will not be teaching the techniques as those are in the book, just the instructions needed to make recreating these...

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