Editing iPhone Photos

Aug 29, 2012

I get email all the time asking me how I edit the photos I take using my iPhone. So today I thought I would put together a tutorial (WARNING this is a LONG tutorial) and show you how I do it. I love editing my images and use Typoinsta, Instagram and Pic Stitch the most. There are lots of other free editing programs available but I seem to go back to these three the most. Here is an unedited photo of some beautiful sunflowers I took on a not so sunny day while in West Virginia. The lighting was terrible but I wanted the photo no matter what and knew I could have fun doing some editing using my favorite apps. The first app I use is Pic Stitch. This app allows you to...

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Back to Reality

Aug 22, 2012

This morning was the last morning to look out Aunt Wilda’s kitchen window to see  deer grazing on clover and I’m going to miss it something terrible. I’ll miss watching the sun set on the old homestead. It still amazes me that the house was rolled up over the hill from across the street. They had it sitting on top of logs pulled by horses and placed in its spot by my great great grandfather Enoch Childers in 1900. I’ll miss digging for treasures with my cousin Connie. She is the best digger ever. We were outside talking and before I knew it she put a rake in my hand, had one in her’s and off we went raking out from underneath the old smokehouse. Some of these treasures will be found in creations...

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The little cousins

Aug 17, 2012

Mom, dad and I have been staying with mom’s sister “Aunt Wilda” and brother-in-law “Uncle Jim” since we arrived in West Virginia. Yesterday, my cousin “Angie” brought her three boys (Patrick 7 yrs., Michael 5 yrs., Nicholas 3 yrs.) to see us and boy did they keep us entertained.  As you will see by the photos Nicholas was the major source of entertainment. Love that he still calls me his “little skunk” Makes the best jello salad ever! Nicholas blowing bubble after bubble after bubble. While looking around in an antique shop dad found some pieces from an old pipe organ for only $3.00 and had to buy them. Mom thought they were $3.00 to much. Nicholas on the other hand had fun making sound come out and thought it was the best $3.00...

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Blast from the Past 3

Aug 7, 2012

This is the mini album that started it all… I wanted to create something special for my oldest daughter Terri, who was getting ready to celebrate her 17th birthday. I had seen lots of mini albums in the gallery at Two Peas In A Bucket and decided Terri’s upcoming birthday was just the push I needed to jump into the world of creating mini albums. At first I was scared to death because I had no clue what in the world I was doing or even how to begin. I went to a scrapbook store which was just down the street and started looking at all the products. Mind you, this was a very strange world to me. I was still learning what Rub ons and brads were and never mind the overwhelming feeling...

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Blast from the Past

Aug 2, 2012

While organizing photos in my gallery, late last night, I stumbled upon some layouts I created when I first started to scrapbook back in 2005. Oh goodness do I have some fun layouts to show you… it’s so funny to me looking back at what I’ve created. When we first moved into our home the summer of 1999 there were gorgeous sunflower fields all over. I loved going out each morning and taking photos of them with the morning sun highlighting each petal. It truly was gorgeous. I did learn one hard lesson though… did you know when you cut wild sunflowers they seep this REALLY STICKY stuff? When this sappy stuff gets on anything it’s like trying to remove gorilla glue… I didn’t think I would ever rid my kitchen table of this...

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New Feature Added for Independent Store Owners

Jul 30, 2012

Alan and I have been working hard on compiling a list of places that sell “Delight In The Seasons.” We’ve come up with quite a list and look forward to continue adding to this list. If you are an independent scrapbook store or book store in the US or Internationally please email me (lisa@lisapace.com) a photo holding my book “Delight In The Seasons” while standing next to the books display inside your store. We will then add your store’s name and website link to my “Where To Buy” page. Alan and I are also working on a photos page showing and listing the names of stores using the photo you send. I’m very committed in helping all independent store owners who take the time to order and sell my books. You are all a very...

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Chicago Art and A Random Quote

Jul 25, 2012

This sticker, which was about 12″ long was attached on a boarded up window in downtown Chicago. It wasn’t far from where I got off the train with Caroline and Emily when we were heading to Navy Pier. This art piece reminds me of the kind of stamp Julie Fei-Fan Balzer would carve. I like the way the artist has “You can feel it in your mind” mixed among all the doodling. This neat tile piece was discovered as we walked out of a tunnel and up more stairs than I want to remember. I have no idea where this is but it was on our way to Navy Pier. I’m the one that looks like the total tourists when Caroline and I are on an adventure. I just follow along keeping my eyes...

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CHA-Summer 2012 Day 2

Jul 18, 2012

Today, I was in the Maya Road booth all day doing make-n-takes. Let me tell you my feet and knees hurt so bad tonight I can hardly stand it. But before heading to bed I wanted to show you some of my favorite Maya Road products which just so happen to be pretty popular with store owners too. But before I show you these photos let me first show you this one… this is Terra Cameron with Simon Says Stamp. You can purchase my Antiquated Collection stamp sets from Simon Says Stamp HERE. If you ever have a chance to chat with Terra and/or Heidi you will love every second. They are the sweetest. Okay now on to the photos of my favorite new Maya Road products. You will be seeing these a lot...

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Look who is 5 months…

Jul 5, 2012

My gosh, I cannot believe Olivia is already five months. She is growing so fast and it makes me sad. A baby does not stay a baby near long enough. Although, when you’re deep in the middle of baby mode you feel like it will never end and your life will be like this forever. But when your youngest just graduated high school like Ansley just did when I look at baby photos of my niece Olivia it really seems as though Ansley should be around 2 or 3 not 18. I think the best advice I would give to first time parents if asked is first accept your child for who he or she is and enjoy each and every second of each and every day and document, document, document. Documenting doesn’t have...

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Happy Independence Day

Jul 4, 2012

This is one of my favorite photos taken at my grandfather’s camp in Acton, Maine. I miss this place something fierce and wish I could have spent more time there growing up. Although, I would have never been able to swim in the lake during the summer. That water was always so COLD! Like feet numbing cold. Grampa Spinney fishing on the lake.   Thank you Uncle Ed and Grampa Spinney for your military service in helping keep our country free. Wishing you all a very safe and happy July...

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Homemade Hand & Body Scrubs

Jun 29, 2012

Each day while Madelyn is visiting I’m doing some kind of fun craft or project with her. Yesterday, she made some awesome yummy body and hand scrubs with products I already had at home. Madelyn had lots of fun and made 4 batches of each scrub. The photos above show how she made her “Vanilla Body Scrub”. Supplies Needed: Brown Sugar, Sugar in the Raw, Vanilla Extract and Canola Oil, 1/2 measuring cup, tablespoon, mixing bowl, mixing spoon, container you will use for your body scrub Instructions for ONE batch: Pour 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1/2 cup sugar in the raw into your mixing bowl and mix together. Place sugar mixture into the container you will use to store your body scrub in then add 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract. Mix the sugar...

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In The Works

Apr 17, 2012

Yesterday, I played with wax and must admit Encaustic art makes my heart happy. This canvas piece is still in the works but I love how it is turning out. The soft white and hues of cream make me swoon. The tiny doily is made by my mom. It was just too perfect not to use in this piece.  I’m thinking this might be a fun class to teach at “The Crafty Scrapper”, in the near future. What are your thoughts? I love how different these two mini canvas pieces are yet the colors are the same. It was so much fun experimenting with different tools and embellishments… doilies, dried flowers and small feathers are perfect additions for encaustic work. This one is one is my favorite. The photo is of my grandmother and mom...

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Art Requires Courage ~ Canvas Class

Apr 6, 2012

I’m so looking forward to teaching my “Art Requires Courage” canvas class Saturday, April 21st. Class starts at 10:00 a.m. and will take approximately 4 hours to complete. Carolyn told me I have just 4 slots left so if you want to join me and learn some fun mixed media techniques please call Carolyn at The Crafty Scrapper 972.923.3151. The cost for the class is $45.00. In this mixed media class you will alter an 8″ x 10″ canvas using an eclectic mixture of elements such as chicken wire, vintage papers, stamped images, textiles, paint and glitter. I will show you how to create a faux stamped metal accent as well as a faux tin type photograph using a vintage spoon. We will alter silk leaves to look as though they have been air dried and accent your canvas...

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Everything Has A Story

Apr 5, 2012

When I see items in thrift stores, flea markets or antique shops I always wonder who owned the things I come across. I wonder things like how many people ate a meal with this fork or spoon, who stitched every single stitch by hand on this stained sampler, how many dishes did this tattered dish towel dry, or how many times were these rhinestone earrings worn to a dance or party, who are the people in these old photos and where are their family members today? I could go on and on and on with all the questions that run through my head. Every item I come across has a story and I wish I knew all their stories. You see for me it is the story that inspires my art. It is the...

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Art of Layers Blog Hop

Mar 21, 2012

Welcome to the “Art of Layers“ Blog Hop… you should have just come from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s blog and hopefully left a comment for a chance to win an autographed copy of Ronda’s new book “Art of Layers”. To increase your odds of winning an autographed copy make sure you leave a comment on my blog post before Sunday, March 25th at 7pm CDT. A winner will be picked Sunday, evening and announced on my blog Monday, March 26th. Good Luck! Ronda’s altered sewing trinket box is featured on the cover of her book and can be found in Chapter 1 ~ Paper. As you can see it is filled with lots of tiny vintage finds which I love tremendously. To me there is nothing more enjoyable than digging around in thrift stores, antique shops...

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Olivia at 1 Month

Mar 6, 2012

It is hard to believe Olivia is already a month old. A few weeks ago my mother and father-in-law went to meet their newest granddaughter for the first time. Needless to say they are in love and got in as many snuggles as possible. There is nothing cuter, sweeter or more demanding than a new baby. Douglas and Karen have survived the first month without too much sleep deprivation and are enjoying Olivia tremendously. I must admit it seems so odd to me seeing photos of Douglas feeding and burping a baby. I first met him when he was 18 and just out of high school preparing to head off to Texas A&M. Once Douglas graduated he moved to Dallas not too far from where we lived. He would come over some weekends to...

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The Oh So Non-Glamorous Side of CHA

Feb 5, 2012

I thought I would share with you some of the photos Caroline, David and I took while we were all setting up the Maya Road booth for CHA-W. It’s amazing how it takes 2 days to set up and only 5 hours and 20 minutes to break it all down, re-pack panels, shelves, signs and product as well as repack all the design team projects and get everything back in the crates ready to ship back to the warehouse. It’s crazy!!!  First you start with a few handfuls of these and a nice cold Diet Coke Then we start putting down the flooring (Ronda, Laura & Emily)  After the flooring is down we start building the walls (Ronda, Laura & David)  While putting up the walls we dodge forklifts and trees (not kidding the...

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Maya Road DT Member Canvases

Feb 4, 2012

I always find it fun to see what members of the Maya Road Design Team create when given the same challenge. Each CHA-W Caroline gives the DT members a blank canvas and tells us to alter it as we want, she only requires that we stay true to our style and include any Maya Road products we want… it is such a fun challenge. During CHA I took photos of each  DT member’s canvas so I could share… I hope you’re ready for some amazing inspiration because this post is filled with LOTS! Andrea Wiebe Angella Peardon  Anne Jo Lexander also known as Ania Caroline Lau Dina Wakley Emily Pitts Julia Stainton Karen Grunberg Linda Albrecht Lisa Pace that’s Me Ronda Palazzari Shelley Haganman  I wasn’t kidding when I said loads of inspiration. I...

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Day 1 of Set Up

Jan 28, 2012

Today, we will have the Maya Road booth completed and all ready for Opening Day. With all the team work that was going on the booth is now 80% complete. I think this is a record for day one of set up. It all went far too smoothly if you ask me… kinda makes me nervous. We started unpacking some of the design team projects and oh my goodness are you all going to LOVE their projects. I do believe the design team out did themselves this show. AMAZING stuff was created for the show. I thought I would share some behind the scene (hope you don’t mind me using that saying Mario) type photos so you can kinda see what it is like preparing for the show. Set up days are not glamorous one teeny...

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Olivia Dylan Pace

Jan 27, 2012

I’m so happy to share the newest addition to the Pace family. My niece, Olivia Dylan Pace was born January 25th. She weighed in at 7 lbs. 2 oz. and is doing great. Olivia is the first child born to my brother-in-law Douglas and his wife Karen. They live out of state so it is pure torture not being able to snuggle on her. Nothing sweeter than a new born baby. First Family Photo January 25, 2012 Olivia Dylan Pace Olivia and her daddy. As you can see by his expression… Olivia already has her daddy wrapped around her finger. This photo of Karen and Olivia looks like the Norman Rockwell of all mommy and baby photos, there is such sweet honest emotion between a mom and her newborn baby. You can see the...

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Ornamental Christmas PDF

Nov 23, 2011

Many of you asked if I planned to offer the “Christmas Wishes” and “Vintage Ornament Trio” classes I taught at The Crafty Scrapper as an online workshop. Well the answer is yes, but I did something a bit different this year. Instead of an online workshop where I post something each day like I usually do I (well let me clarify, Alan) created PDF’s for you to download. I took additional photos and added additional instructions to the PDF’s so it will make it easier to recreate the projects, since I’m not actually standing in front of you giving you all the instructions. Click the badge on the left to go to “Ornamental Christmas” on my “Workshops” page. The PDF downloads include step by step instructions, color photos, complete supply lists for both incorporated...

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