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May 11, 2007

Here is a lay­out I did last night for the FFAF chal­lenge on Scrap­Gal host­ed by Mar­ci Lam­bert. My “so much love the roof is com­ing off” lay­out sure is get­ting a lot of expo­sure.

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5 Quick and Easy Chipboard Embellishments for any Project or Layout

May 2, 2007

To recre­ate this flower you will need a Maya Road Coast­er Chip­board Flower and a Blos­soms II Chip­board Flower. Now attach the Blos­soms II Chip­board Flower on top of the crum­pled flower and embell­ish the cen­ter of the Blos­soms II Chip­board Flower with a but­ton that has been thread­ed with fiber.

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