Wedding Charms

Mar 28, 2015

Do you need a quick gift to give to a new bride? If so, this is one fast project she will cher­ish and can either wear, place in a shad­ow box or on the spine of a wed­ding album. To cre­ate the bead flower bou­quet all I did was place one bead onto a head­pin then curl the end of the head­pin to form a small loop. Once I had 12 com­plet­ed I bunched them togeth­er and wrapped a head­pin around the mid­dle of the bunch. Then I attached a jump ring to the wire wrapped area. Super sim­ple. Sup­plies Used: 13 Head­pins, 12 Beads, 3 Jump Rings, 2 Long Rec­tan­gle Blanks, 2 Vin­tage Beads, Black Acrylic Paint Tools Need­ed: Bench Block, Met­al Stamps, Brass Met­al Stamp­ing Ham­mer, Long Nose Pli­ers (PJ Tool Jew­el­ry &...

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Making Customized Jewelry is Fun & Easy

Aug 5, 2014

Tak­ing an item you have cre­at­ed and cus­tomiz­ing it is some­thing fun and easy and means the world to friends and fam­i­ly when giv­en as a gift. This dou­ble heart pen­dant could have been left plain with just the wire wrapped fresh­wa­ter pearl but adding a met­al stamped word pops it up a notch. You too can cus­tomize all your gifts by met­al stamp­ing. All you need are these basic met­al stamp­ing tools and sup­plies. Brass Ham­mer, Stamp­ing Block, Stamp Straight Tape, Stamp­ing Blanks, Jump Rings and Let­ter Stamps. The list of items you can per­son­al­ize is end­less… Charms for Jew­el­ry, Spoons, House­warm­ing Gifts, Key Chains and so much more. If you have any ques­tions about met­al stamp­ing please ask and I will do my best to answer. I’m already start­ing to plan my hol­i­day...

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Cross Necklace

Jul 16, 2014

This sim­ply stat­ed cross is a reminder that we are all slight­ly flawed yet still beau­ti­ful. I love the red, aqua and yel­low col­ors as they scream RETRO and go with any sum­mer attire. The tin has a few slight scratch­es here and there but I feel it only adds to the beau­ty of the cross. I wire wrapped a vin­tage clear iri­des­cent bead that dan­gles from two jump rings. The cross mea­sures approx­i­mate­ly 2.25″ in length and hangs from a 24″ ball chain neck­lace. It is list­ed in my Etsy Shop. This match­ing bracelet mea­sures approx­i­mate­ly 7.5″ in length. If need­ed, I can cus­tom size the bracelet for you. I attached vin­tage wire wrapped pearl beads to jump rings which dan­gle all along the bracelet.  This piece can be found in my Etsy Shop too. I...

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The Art of Felting

Jan 11, 2012

I’ve been play­ing around with sev­er­al new medi­ums late­ly and felt­ing has been the lat­est one. It has always intrigued me and I find tak­ing wool rov­ing and shap­ing it into some­thing is quite relax­ing, that is unless your my dad. Then, well… it’s not so relax­ing. I taught him and mom how to do it dur­ing their Christ­mas vis­it and he was not too impressed. He’s decid­ed to stick to wood­carv­ing. But I do have a star and a bird that they both com­plet­ed that I’ll show you tomor­row. They did a great job. I decid­ed to take this felt­ed heart and cov­er it with small scraps of stamped muslin, linen and burlap then accent them with vin­tage but­tons, pearls and charms. I attached two jump rings at the top of the heart...

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Make Art!

Jan 4, 2011

I love these two lit­tle words. I have a won­der­ful cheer­leader for a friend. She always sends me email filled with words like you can do it yes you can… I know you can… etc. She is the best and SHE is SUPER TALENTED too. She LOVES flow­ers and always signs her blog posts with “make art!” I love that. Late last night while I was look­ing at her blog I thought I would make her a lit­tle some­thing to give to her at CHA. I sol­dered this flower pin sev­er­al months ago and it’s been sit­ting on a shelf col­lect­ing dust. Actu­al­ly, I have lots of stuff sit­ting on my shelves col­lect­ing dust. So I’ve decid­ed to start shar­ing them with friends and fam­i­ly as well as in class par­tic­i­pants. My sweet friend...

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Lots of fun stuff today…

Dec 1, 2010

First I will end the sus­pense of who the win­ner of my book “Delight In The Details” and Free Access Pass to my “All Things Win­ter” work­shop. The win­ner is … Judi Lind­gren with her Com­ment: OMGYGTBK! This is a BFD — I’ve def­i­nite­ly got my FC! I had to research all those text words…I don’t even own one of those fan­cy phones or thing-a-ma-gings you text with! Got a real­ly cute grand­son that does tho(to young for a 16 year old I fear). I real­ly want this- real­ly, real­ly! I would be SETE. Your Mom’s site is OTT! Con­grat­u­la­tions, Judi. Email me your address and I will get your book in the mail. I will have you set up and ready to cre­ate in the work­shop, today. And since many of you who...

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Tarnished Ornament, Charm or…

Nov 3, 2009

REALLY cool key­chain… yes, this is what I will be using as a key­chain for a bit. This piece makes me so hap­py! It reminds me of my two sweet daugh­ters Ter­ri and Ans­ley, I love the sound of jin­gle bells (the lit­tle bells jin­gle), I love the look of tar­nished sil­ver, antique jew­el­ry and chan­de­lier pieces (this includes all three) and stamped on the Trin­ket Pin is one of my favorite words “Vin­tage” we all know I LOVE any­thing VINTAGE! So what do you think of my new key­chain? I LOVE IT and think it will make run­ning errands a lot more enjoy­able. And now to the tuto­r­i­al.. you know I LOVE fig­ur­ing out ways to make things look old and yes­ter­day I fig­ured out how to make sil­ver look tar­nished… talk about...

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Super easy project…

Dec 6, 2006

Here is a very sim­ple project using a Bazz­ill Mini Mono Album. Sup­plies need­ed are as fol­lows: Bazz­ill Mini Mono Album Sil­ver Pipe Clean­er (I’m addict­ed to these) Hei­di Swapp Bling (I cut up the rec­tan­gles) Rhine­stones Pat­tern Paper White Card­stock Jump Rings Met­al Eye­lets (num­bers or let­ters) FYI…

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Altered Letters

Nov 27, 2006

Mak­ing sure to trace your let­ters back­wards, then cut out Apply Mod Podge to your let­ters, place your your cut out let­ter on top and smooth out all bub­bles, set aside and allow to dry Cut rib­bon make sure to allow enough rib­bon for a dou­ble knot and attach the jump rings to the met­al eye­let let­ters Once let­ter is dry using a Kry­lon leaf­ing pen out­line the edge of the paper on the let­ters as well as cov­er­ing all the white or wood on the top, bot­tom and inside of let­ters.

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