Sharing A Make’N Take

Feb 25, 2015

This altered chalk­board stand is the make’n take Car­o­line with Maya Road had me teach­ing, last week­end at Scrap­book Expo in Grapevine.  It was super pop­u­lar so I thought I would share it with you blog read­ers. Sup­plies Need­ed: Chalk­board Stand, Twine Cord­ing Gin­ger Root Brown, Vin­tage Felt Posies ~ Car­na­tion, Leaves, Trin­ket Pins ~ Vin­tage Round Pearl, Strips of Pat­terned Paper, Alpha Stamp Set, Archival Ink Tools Used: Scis­sors, Hot Glue Gun & Hot Glue Stick Instruc­tions: Using Archival Ink and an alpha stamp set, stamp your word onto a strip of pat­terned paper. Using a hot glue gun and hot glue stick, attach a leaf and word strip to the back of the felt flower. Cut a piece of twine cord­ing long enough to cre­ate a bow, attach bow to back of felt flower as...

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Key To My Heart Mini Album

Feb 18, 2015

The cov­er for this mini album is cre­at­ed from plas­ter cloth. If you have not worked with plas­ter cloth you real­ly should give it a try. It’s a fun medi­um. Once the plas­ter cloth dried I paint­ed both cov­ers. Then I antiqued the hearts with a col­or wash. You don’t need any­thing spe­cial to cre­ate a col­or wash. All you need to do is water down your acrylic paint to the desired shade and apply it to your project with a paint­brush. While the col­or wash is still wet, use a paper tow­el to dab ran­dom areas so some spots have more of a wash then oth­ers. Plas­ter is a great medi­um to add a col­or wash to because the wash runs deep into the crevices of the plas­ter. I plan to fill this mini album with pages cre­at­ed from...

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So This Is Love ~ Tag

Feb 11, 2015

The star of this tag is one of my new hand­made Pen­ny Can­dy Dolls. I think she is the per­fect accent for this tag and I must admit she is one of my favorites. If you want to recre­ate a tag for your­self or a friend I put togeth­er a step by step tuto­r­i­al just for you. Sup­plies Need­ed: Mani­la Tag, Vin­tage Music Sheet, White Crepe Paper, Chip­board Heart, Dina Wak­ley Media Ruby Acrylic Paint, Maya Road Red Glit­ter, Plat­inum Stick­les, Dia­mond Stick­les, Small Red Flocked Flower, Brown & White Twine, 3 Cro­cheted Doilies, Doo­dle­Bug Rhine­stones, White Embroi­dery Floss, Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue, Fab­ric Tac Fab­ric Adhe­sive, Ranger Mul­ti Medi­um Mat­te, Martha Stew­art Crys­tal Coarse Glit­ter, Hand­made Pen­ny Can­dy Doll, Small Alpha­bet Stamp Set, Jet Black Archival Ink Tools Need­ed: Scis­sors, Paper Trim­mer,...

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Valentine Home Decor Accent

Feb 9, 2015

This valen­tine home decor piece show­cas­es one of the hand­made Pen­ny Can­dy Dolls I now have in my etsy shop. I love these dolls from long ago and when pos­si­ble make molds of dolls I think you too would like to use in your craft­ing projects. This lit­tle cutie is hold­ing a book under­neath it’s arm. I put togeth­er a tuto­r­i­al so you too can recre­ate this home decor accent. I plan on dis­play­ing this year round in my stu­dio. Sup­plies Used: Large Wood­en Spool, Vin­tage Sheet Music, White Crepe Paper, 2 Chip­board Hearts, Dina Wak­ley Media Ruby Acrylic Paint, 16 Gauge Wire, Dia­mond Glaze, Maya Road Red Glit­ter, White Embroi­dery Floss, Red & White Bak­er’s Twine, Martha Stew­art Crys­tal Coarse Glit­ter, Ranger Mul­ti Medi­um-Mat­te, Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue, Flocked Flower, Hand­made Pen­ny Can­dy Doll with...

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Weekend of Family Fun

Dec 23, 2014

This past week­end, my sis­ter and her fam­i­ly came up for the week­end. Her Christ­mas gift to Brit­tain was a tick­et to see the Cow­boys play the Colts, Sun­day. It was­n’t the game Brit­tain was hop­ing for but it was a fun time spent with his mom. Since he isn’t able to go to Beau­mont for Christ­mas I decid­ed to have a fam­i­ly Christ­mas par­ty for him at our house. Sat­ur­day morn­ing, Made­lyn and Bel­lie made snow­men out of donuts for break­fast. These were a big hit with the girls. All you need are pow­dered donuts, orange jel­ly beans for the nose and mini choco­late morsels for the mouth and eyes. A cup of hot choco­late is a great drink to go with the snow­man donuts too. Sat­ur­day evening, we had our fam­i­ly par­ty....

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Making Customized Jewelry is Fun & Easy

Aug 5, 2014

Tak­ing an item you have cre­at­ed and cus­tomiz­ing it is some­thing fun and easy and means the world to friends and fam­i­ly when giv­en as a gift. This dou­ble heart pen­dant could have been left plain with just the wire wrapped fresh­wa­ter pearl but adding a met­al stamped word pops it up a notch. You too can cus­tomize all your gifts by met­al stamp­ing. All you need are these basic met­al stamp­ing tools and sup­plies. Brass Ham­mer, Stamp­ing Block, Stamp Straight Tape, Stamp­ing Blanks, Jump Rings and Let­ter Stamps. The list of items you can per­son­al­ize is end­less… Charms for Jew­el­ry, Spoons, House­warm­ing Gifts, Key Chains and so much more. If you have any ques­tions about met­al stamp­ing please ask and I will do my best to answer. I’m already start­ing to plan my hol­i­day...

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Solitude Leather Bracelet

Jun 6, 2014

I made this bracelet the oth­er night and love it so much I thought I would share a quick tuto­r­i­al so you too can make one. Just a lit­tle note… the crys­tal and pearl beads are from old neck­laces I’ve found in thrift shops or flea mar­kets and the gold heart charm and red and gold glass bead are some mom and dad found. You can find sim­i­lar items I’m sure but if you real­ly want that vin­tage charm you need to dig around thrift shops and flea mar­kets for items you can take apart. Cut a piece of 15m Suede leather cord that is dou­ble the length you wish your bracelet to be. Fold the cord in half, at the bent end about .5″ down from the bent area wrap tight­ly a piece of...

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Recycled Jewelry

May 14, 2014

When you com­bine thrift store finds, bro­ken pieces of jew­el­ry, beads and dis­card­ed chan­de­lier pieces you can assem­ble beau­ti­ful and very unique jew­el­ry such as this bracelet and set of ear­rings. Remem­ber just because items are bro­ken does­n’t mean they can’t be used. Now that the weath­er is real­ly nice I’m look­ing for­ward to head­ing to flea mar­kets to do some dig­ging. The thrill of the hunt is addict­ing and so fun and the thrill of what’s around the next cor­ner gets me every sin­gle time. I have sev­er­al assem­blage art ideas and all include items that can be found dur­ing a good junkin week­end. And you know I’ll have mom and dad on the hunt for things too. These two are the best pick­ers any­one could ever have. Tomor­row, is the start of A Call To Art #Bring­Back­Our­Girls online auc­tion. Have you...

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Observations from an Alcoholic’s Sister ~ Emotions

Apr 16, 2014

There are so many dif­fer­ent emo­tions fam­i­ly mem­bers of alco­holics feel. One emo­tion I def­i­nite­ly felt was anger. I was angry because of what I saw Richard’s alco­holism doing to him and to our fam­i­ly, espe­cial­ly mom. I felt as though Richard was being self­ish and unap­pre­cia­tive of all that mom and dad were doing in hopes of him get­ting sober and it made me furi­ous. I under­stand alco­holism is a brain dis­ease but like any dis­ease most do what they can to con­trol or get rid of their dis­ease, most don’t let the dis­ease con­trol them or end their life with­out some sort of fight. Alco­holism is a beast to con­trol and I saw first­hand how strong the crav­ings were but I still felt Richard could have tried a lit­tle hard­er to gain...

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Weekend Fun

Apr 7, 2014

Since Ter­ri and Laren live right in the heart of Deep Ellum, Sat­ur­day Alan and I head­ed down to see them, grand dog Lola AND go to the Deep Ellum Arts Fes­ti­val. Laren’s par­ents came down too so it was a super fun after­noon. First we walked over to Pepe’s & Mito’s to fill up on their awe­some Mex­i­can food. After we were all stuffed we start­ed walk­ing the streets. The fes­ti­val had some great bands play­ing and we had a won­der­ful time walk­ing, talk­ing, laugh­ing, dodg­ing rain drops and see­ing some amaz­ing art. I was so busy look­ing at art that the only pho­to I took was of this band. I can’t even tell you who they were but they were good. All the pho­tos of Lola were tak­en by Laren’s mom, Michelle. I was...

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Hammered Metal Heart Charms

Mar 13, 2014

Each of these hearts lit­er­al­ly took me 10 min­utes to cre­ate. If you want to make some for your­self you will need a Steel Block, Met­al Stamp­ing Ham­mer, 16 Gauge Wire (I used Per­ma­nent­ly Col­or Cop­per Sil­ver Wire and Cop­per Wire) and Wire Cut­ters. To begin cre­at­ing your heart charm using wire cut­ters, cut a piece of wire to about 6 inch­es in length. Form a heart shape then twist the ends of the wire togeth­er sev­er­al times. Place the heart onto the steel block and ham­mer the wire until flat. You can cre­ate tex­ture by using the ball end of your met­al stamp­ing ham­mer. Once you have the heart charm as you like, using wire cut­ters, cut off the twist­ed end of wire at the base. If you have a rough edge just...

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Baby Shower ~ Baby Shoe Decor

Mar 10, 2014

Need a baby show­er decor piece? This project is per­fect for a baby show­er and was cre­at­ed from lots of Eileen Hul­l’s amaz­ing dies. It’s no secret that I love Eileen’s dies as I have fea­tured sev­er­al projects using them but this one has the most dies used in one project. Just goes to show you how easy it is to incor­po­rate so many in one project. After assem­bling the baby shoe I cov­ered it com­plete­ly in plas­ter. I let it dry overnight then decoupaged a dec­o­ra­tive nap­kin over the entire baby shoe. When I decoupage nap­kins onto a project I peel the dec­o­ra­tive top lay­er from the nap­kin. This gives you a thin lay­er to decoupage and elim­i­nates the chance of get­ting wrin­kles from the under lay­ers of the nap­kin. Maya Road Trin­ket...

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Hearts of Red, White & Pink

Feb 5, 2014

I LOVE tis­sue paper and cre­at­ing tis­sue paper gar­land is one of my favorite things to do. Tis­sue paper is cheap and the gar­land is sim­ple to make. You can make your gar­land as long as you wish or just a small amount that is per­fect to accent a card as I did in the pho­to above. The cen­ter of the tis­sue paper heart is a cal­en­dar card by Jen­ni Bowl­in. I accent­ed the cen­ter of the cal­en­dar using brown ink and crack­le paint. Cre­at­ing tex­ture and dimen­sion is some­thing else I love doing. Pret­ty much all my projects have some kind of tex­ture and dimen­sion. This embossed heart is an accent on a tag. The heart is embossed, paint­ed and glit­tered and sur­pris­ing­ly does not take much time at all to cre­ate. The doily...

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Handmade Eclectic Jewelry

Jan 29, 2014

Late­ly, I’ve been cre­at­ing unique pieces of jew­el­ry in my stu­dio using bits & pieces of vin­tage jew­el­ry I’ve been col­lect­ing. The heart shaped pen­dant in the pho­to above is one I cut from cop­per sheet­ing, sol­dered and accent­ed with a vin­tage post­card image, red rhine­stone trim and Ger­man sil­ver glass glit­ter. The front and back of this pen­dant is cov­ered with a lay­er of clear resin. Then I cre­at­ed the neck­lace from pearl, iri­des­cent pink and red beads. This bracelet is cre­at­ed from a vin­tage ear­ring that I could not pass up at a flea mar­ket. I LOVE the coral col­or and all the detail. The scal­lop lace around the out­er edge and flower cen­ter is so intri­cate. The ear­ring is attached to a bracelet that has a spring type hinge. This type...

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Jewelry Clay & Mini Glittered Hearts

Jan 24, 2014

To cre­ate this valen­tine pen­dant you will need Envi­ro­Tex Jew­el­ry Clay, Dress It Up Valen­tine Col­lec­tion Love To Flirt, My Jew­el­ry Shoppe  Heart Shaped Bezel (21.5mm x 32.5mm), Metal­lic Pink Seed Beads & Bub­ble Gum Per­fect Pearls. All but the metal­lic pink seed beads were pur­chased at Hob­by Lob­by. I had the seed beads in my stash already but I’m sure you can find some at Hob­by Lob­by if you need some. You can also use micro beads instead of seed beads. Mix the Jew­el­ry Clay as instruct­ed by the man­u­fac­tur­er. Once the clay is mixed well place it into the heart shaped pen­dant mak­ing sure to push the clay to the edges of the pen­dant. Note: I com­plete­ly filled the pen­dant with jew­el­ry clay. This way, once I start­ed push­ing the hearts into...

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Cupid’s Feathered Friend

Jan 21, 2014

Place a few drops of pink dye or Mist into a small cup of water, (the more dye the dark­er the col­or, less dye the lighter the col­or), mix togeth­er. Using a paint brush, apply dyed water onto white bird and let dry. You can speed up the dry­ing process using a hair dry­er set on the cool set­ting. Cov­er the body of the bird with a thin lay­er of instant decoupage, then apply Light Pink Glit­ter, tap off excess glit­ter and let dry. Cov­er the wings of the bird with instant decoupage and apply a thin lay­er of Iri­des­cent Glit­ter and let dry. Apply instant decoupage to the beak of the bird then apply Fine Sil­ver Glass Glit­ter, let dry. As you can see there is a lot of dry­ing time but it should not take long...

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On My Table…

Jan 17, 2014

I’ve been play­ing around in my stu­dio, this week and have real­ly enjoyed work­ing on a few sol­der­ing projects. Sol­der­ing is some­thing I kin­da put on the back burn­er for a bit while cre­at­ing my last two books. I get so much sat­is­fac­tion from cre­at­ing items I have visu­al­ized in my head. I’m a true assem­blage girl at heart. The house above has an adorable vin­tage Valen­tine image inside and is cov­ered with a lay­er of resin. The vin­tage flocked flow­ers are a beau­ti­ful shade of pale pink and one is accent­ed with the words “Love is”. I added two small rhine­stones from a vin­tage neck­lace to the key. So I’m sure you fig­ured it out that the title of this pen­dant will be “Love is Key”. I’m going to drill a hole in...

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Valentine’s Day Tag

Jan 14, 2014

I’m get­ting a jump start on cre­at­ing some Valen­tine’s day tags and thought I would share this one with you. I think my lit­tle Hand­made Kew­pie Doll fairy looks adorable hold­ing her “I Love You” vin­tage heart pick. Her wings are altered using white ink and Dia­mond Stick­les. The red iri­des­cent rhine­stone trim is gor­geous against the red satin pleat trim. It’s hard to tell in this pho­to but gosh, I promise it’s so pret­ty. To top off the tag, I cov­ered the chip­board cen­ter heart with sil­ver ink and fine sil­ver Ger­man glass glit­ter. Swoon! And you are in luck if you want to cre­ate a tag just like this as I have a lim­it­ed sup­ply of kits list­ed in my Etsy Shop. I even include easy to fol­low step by step instruc­tions...

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Delight In Everyday Beauty

Jan 13, 2014

Some of you might have seen this piece I made on Face­book. It’s one of my favorite big and funky pen­dants I’ve cre­at­ed. I had planned on wear­ing it a bit before sell­ing it in my Esty shop but a per­son con­tact­ed me real­ly want­i­ng it so I sold it. I must admit my heart hurts a lit­tle as I real­ly love this piece and I know I wont be able to cre­ate anoth­er one like it. But it’s going to a great home in Lon­don. This pen­dant mea­sures approx­i­mate­ly 1.5″ in diam­e­ter. The words and let­ters are from vin­tage book pages from the ear­ly 1920’s. Iri­des­cent green and clear iri­des­cent rhine­stone trim accent the out­er edge of the pen­dant. The back­ground is vin­tage sheet music from the 1920’s that is accent­ed with a...

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Silent Night Ornament

Nov 19, 2013

I cre­at­ed this heart shaped shad­ow box from plas­ter sev­er­al months ago. I had an idea for it then changed my mind and well it’s been sit­ting on my work­table since. Well, over the week­end an idea came to me and I’m hap­py to say, it worked per­fect­ly. I love it when this hap­pens. I decid­ed to turn this lone­ly lit­tle plas­ter heart into a hol­i­day orna­ment. The sides of the heart are cov­ered in vin­tage sheet music from 1920 and the typed sen­ti­ment “Silent Night” is typed onto vin­tage note paper using my awe­some antique Under­wood type­writer. Then the entire pieces is cov­ered in glit­ter. There is some­thing so beau­ti­ful about the rough­ness of plas­ter being cov­ered in glit­ter, it’s mag­i­cal. When look­ing into this orna­ment I imag­ine a beau­ti­ful snowy win­ter night, where...

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Delightful Arty Crush ~ Diane Cook

Sep 20, 2013

“Delight­ful Arty Crush” is a fea­ture I have on my blog which show­cas­es artists who’s work I admire and find inspir­ing. It fea­tures a wide range of artists from col­lage, tex­tile, encaus­tic and lots of oth­er amaz­ing medi­ums. I’m sure you will find each artists work just as inspir­ing as I do and I hope you will vis­it their blogs and oth­er links includ­ed in their fea­ture. The images I share with you are just the tip of the ice­berg in regards to their awe­some­ness. Today, my “Delight­ful Arty Crush” fea­tured artist is, Diane Cook. The jew­el­ry she cre­ates is sim­ply stun­ning. I love every sin­gle piece she designs and find her style to be so unique and intrigu­ing. One day I hope to take one of her class­es. Diane Cre­ates ~ Ruf­fled Pop­pies...

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