Christmas Cookies

Dec 17, 2012

Over the week­end I baked sev­er­al of our favorite Christ­mas cook­ies. I dou­bled up on each cook­ie as one batch was for us and our local friends then made anoth­er batch for fam­i­ly in Beau­mont. Need­less to say our house smelled great all week­end. In case you want to try some or all of our favorite hol­i­day cook­ies I thought I’d share the recipes. This is a new cook­ie I cre­at­ed this year. Alan and I love them but Ans­ley not so much. They are a spice cake type cook­ie with white choco­late morsels mixed inside and are kin­da more like a brown­ie tex­tured cook­ie. I love spice cake as it brings back won­der­ful mem­o­ries of my grand­moth­er, so I thought I would try to hon­or her at Christ­mas with a spice cook­ie. Gram­my...

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Water Well Carved by Dad

Oct 24, 2011

Dad is a wood­carv­er and has carved items for years from sea life, walk­ing sticks, canes, box­es etc. but I think this water well he carved last week is just the cutest. He got the idea from a carv­ing mag­a­zine and thought it would be fun to do. The well sits on top of a clear bot­tle so you can watch the buck­et move up and down. This bot­tle is an old milk bot­tle from my grand­par­ents. Mom told me gram­my and gram­pa Childers used to sell whole milk to locals in the small town of Salem, WV,  from one of their jer­sey cows. I had no clue and was cer­tain­ly hap­py to learn this tad bit of fam­i­ly his­to­ry. The tiny buck­et dad carved is small­er than a thim­ble. You can see it near...

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Who do you love?

Feb 8, 2011

As a child grow­ing up I loved get­ting to vis­it my grand­par­ents. Gram­my Childers and Gram­my Spin­ney always had one thing in com­mon… flow­ers. I remem­ber know­ing I was at Gram­my Spin­ney’s house as soon as I saw the pan­sies in her yard. And every sum­mer Gram­my Childers had the most gor­geous Hydrangea bush just below her kitchen win­dow. The blooms were the size of din­ner plates. Her gar­den always had flow­ers grow­ing around it as well as along the side­walk of her house. So each time I see flow­ers bloom­ing I always think of them. So since flow­ers seem to remind me of those two spe­cial ladies I thought I would share this tag I cre­at­ed for Ranger. It was in there booth dur­ing CHA‑W. The flow­ers on this tag were cre­at­ed using...

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Clayton Sherman Spinney

Aug 27, 2010

June 22, 1923 — August 27, 2010 May you always rest in peace Gramps. Gramps as a young boy with his three sis­ters. Not sure of the date this was tak­en but I am think­ing some­time around 1935. I real­ly love this fam­i­ly pho­to of my Gramps, Gram­my and Dad. It was tak­en in1943 just before he went into the Navy dur­ing WWII. My good­ness Dad was such a cute lit­tle boy. This pho­to was tak­en in Dec. of 2005. It makes me laugh because Made­lyn was real­ly giv­ing him a fit. The lit­tle bug­ger was not want­i­ng to sit down. Which meant she and Gramps were hav­ing one heck of a wrestling match and the lit­tlest one almost won. Thank­ful­ly a toot­sie pop was found and we got a pho­to but this one...

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45 Years…

Jun 3, 2008

Dad says dif­fer­ent­ly but in Dad’s defense Juani­ta was­n’t a very pop­u­lar name back then… Well that night Dad called her house to tell her Mom and Dad that Juani­ta would not be com­ing home tonight.

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Maya Road Sneak Peek… #2

Jul 11, 2007

See­ing my Aunts and Uncles, run­ning up and down­hills and dirt roads with my cousins and my broth­er and I play­ing in Gram­pa’s barn till sun­down (or until I heard some­thing and got spooked then I was out of there) was so much fun.

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