A Call To Art for #BringBackOurGirls Online Auction is LIVE

May 15, 2014

If you want to pur­chase some beau­ti­ful art please check out the A Call To Art #Bring­Back­Our­Girls online auc­tion. The auc­tion start­ed this morn­ing and will con­tin­ue until 3PM on May 17th. 3 Wish­es is the can­vas piece I have up for auc­tion. If you wish to bid just click HERE. Not only will the win­ning bid­der get a beau­ti­ful piece of art they will also be help­ing a won­der­ful orga­ni­za­tion, Girl Ris­ing. 3 Wish­es is an 8″ x 8″ one of a kind can­vas. It includes vin­tage items such as hand­made doilies, hand­writ­ten ledger paper, sheet music and book pages. The vin­tage spoon rests upon a stack of vin­tage but­tons and the Frozen Char­lotte Dolls I cre­at­ed from plas­ter using molds made from dolls in my col­lec­tion. The papers are cov­ered in lay­ers of bees wax and...

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Mini Shadow Box

Feb 19, 2014

Here is anoth­er exam­ple of cre­at­ing a faux sol­dered bor­der using met­al foil tape and zig zag dec­o­ra­tive scis­sors. I think this type of edge real­ly com­pletes a project beau­ti­ful­ly. The mini shad­ow box is filled with one of my hand­made Frozen Char­lotte dolls that I altered with paint, some Maya Road Paper Posies, an Altered Maya Road Wood­en But­ton and a punched but­ter­fly accent­ed with a Maya Road Rhine­stone Trim piece. I cut a piece of Wendy Vec­chi Stu­dio 490 Clear­ly For Art Mod­el­ing Film and cov­ered the shad­ow box front to keep every­thing in place, just anoth­er awe­some use for this fun prod­uct. The pat­terned papers used are by Pink Paislee. Yes I do hoard this paper line. I love every­thing Rebec­ca designs. This shad­ow box hangs by beau­ti­ful rosary type beads and has...

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Trash to Treasure Shrine Pendant

Jan 20, 2014

I had a lit­tle mishap with a vin­tage salt shak­er and had to keep it because of the way the front sec­tion broke. I was think­ing it would cre­ate a super cute shad­ow box type project so I hung on to it. Well, the oth­er day as I was look­ing at it I thought it looked like a shrine. This is when I had a light bulb moment… cre­ate a big funky shrine pen­dant. The first thing I need­ed to do was smooth out the sharp edges. I applied sol­der­ing tape all along the bro­ken edges and start­ed sol­der­ing. Once I had the this as I liked I start­ed dig­ging in my vin­tage jew­el­ry pieces for per­fect rhine­stone accents. When at flea mar­kets, antique shops or thrift stores I love look­ing for bro­ken jew­el­ry...

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3 Wishes ~ For Sale

Oct 28, 2013

I’ve decid­ed to start mak­ing art to sell. I have lots of ideas in my head and hope my style of art inspires you to cre­ate your own piece or pur­chase mine. I’ve list­ed this 8″ x 8″ can­vas titled “3 Wish­es” in my Etsy store. This piece is one of a kind and includes vin­tage items such as hand­made doilies, hand­writ­ten ledger paper, sheet music and book pages. The vin­tage spoon rests upon a stack of vin­tage but­tons and the Frozen Char­lotte Dolls I cre­at­ed from plas­ter using molds made from dolls in my col­lec­tion. The papers are cov­ered in lay­ers of bees wax and accent­ed with crys­tal rhine­stones. The price for this piece is $125.00 and includes ship­ping. Here’s to a cre­ative day filled with loads of inspi­ra­tion. If you fol­low me on...

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Online Store SALE

Aug 1, 2013

Now until August 31st, every­thing in my online store is on sale. This mean you get 25% off your entire order. You will find Delight In The Art of Col­lage Kits, Vin­tage But­tons, Feed Sack But­tons, Hand­made Frozen Char­lotte Dolls and more. I can com­bine some mul­ti­ple pur­chas­es, so please email me if you have any ques­tions regard­ing ship­ping. Hap­py Shop­ping....

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Plaster, Plaster, Plaster

Jun 24, 2013

This is all that is on my mind at the moment. I tell ya I do believe I found a new love. I look at EVERYTHING and think man that would look awe­some cov­ered in plas­ter. This reminds me of my mom when I was younger. If that woman had a can of spray paint and it did­n’t move it got paint­ed… that women would spray paint any­thing and every­thing until the can was emp­ty. I love the tex­ture you can cre­ate with plas­ter and the smooth­ness you can get when cre­at­ing items from molds. It’s just the most amaz­ing stuff. You can carve on it, paint it, ink it, stamp it and of course cov­er it in bees wax and here are just a few of the projects I have in the works. I...

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Creative Play

Jun 11, 2013

I have a seri­ous love for frozen Char­lotte dolls and was so excit­ed when I found a small bisque bust of one at a flea mar­ket. Well last night, I decid­ed to make a mold of that bust and then one idea turned into anoth­er, then anoth­er and I end­ed up with her. She still needs a per­ma­nent spot in an art piece and maybe tonight one idea will turn into anoth­er, then anoth­er and I will have a fin­ished can­vas to show you tomor­row. I find late night cre­ative play to be the best. There are no phone calls to answer, no emails to write, no errands to run it’s just you and your art....

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Altered Frozen Charlotte Dolls

Jun 6, 2013

I have to show you how Julie Smith Camp­bell alters some of my Hand­made Frozen Char­lotte Dolls as I think you just might be inspired by her cre­ations. I know I cer­tain­ly am. I think this Spring piece is so love­ly and  unique. I love how she incor­po­rat­ed the bro­ken egg shell for the base of this piece. And look how Julie altered these spoons. How can you not love any­thing that includes vin­tage spoons, Frozen Char­lotte Heads, rhine­stone trim, pearls, sil­ver glass glit­ter and oth­er awe­some vin­tage items. And just look at this adorable altered project. These are not my Frozen Char­lotte Dolls but these cer­tain­ly do inspire me to cre­ate some tiny bal­leri­na’s with mine. So cute! I think Julie and I could do some seri­ous dam­age at a flea mar­ket togeth­er....

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Altered Frozen Charlotte Dolls

Feb 18, 2013

It is so nice see­ing how oth­ers use my “Hand­made Frozen Char­lotte Dolls”. Some leave them as is when plac­ing them in their projects and some alter them with paint or alco­hol ink. I thought I would share with you two artists who have cre­at­ed some pret­ty unique items with their Frozen Char­lotte Dolls. First up is Julie Smith Camp­bell, her blog A Vin­tage Chic is filled with loads of cre­ative vin­tage eye can­dy. While on Pin­ter­est, I stum­bled upon Julie’s adorable altered lock­et, shown below, using one of the heads of my hand­made Frozen Char­lotte Dolls. You can read about her Sweet Char­lottes and view some of her oth­er beau­ti­ful cre­ations on her web site here. Next are two pieces cre­at­ed by Sonia Her­nan­dez Doneghue. Sonia has a real­ly unique style that I always find so...

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The Vine App

Jan 31, 2013

Have you heard about this app called Vine? Talk about a fun app for iphone users. I will be play­ing around with this one quite a bit. If you have the Vine app and want to fol­low me just search Lisa Pace. I will post mini tuto­ri­als and I mean mini since the video can only be 6 sec­onds or less as well as my every­day and stu­dio life. It’s fun and I hope you join me. Below you can click on the links to view the four I’ve already post­ed. And don’t wor­ry if you don’t have an iphone I will post the mini videos off and on right here on my blog so you wont miss out on the fun. Alter­ing Hand­made Frozen Char­lotte Dolls ~ This video shows you how I alter...

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It’s a Templeton Post Kinda Day…

Nov 7, 2012

I love “Char­lot­te’s Web” and Tem­ple­ton is one of my favorite char­ac­ters. So today I believe I’m hon­or­ing him with this “Shmor­gish­borg” of a post. I cre­at­ed a  new style of Hand­made Frozen Char­lotte ~ Pro­file Dolls. These come 4 pieces to a pack and are $6.00 + Ship­ping. If you recent­ly pur­chased a set of my orig­i­nal Hand­made Frozen Char­lotte Dolls and would like these as well, please email me and I will send you a pay­pal invoice minus the ship­ping fee as I will glad­ly com­bine your two orders to save on ship­ping. I have just a few of these mini Joyeux Noel ~ Star ~ Hol­i­day Orna­ments left over from Car­olyn’s awe­some “Hol­i­day Mag­ic” event, this past week­end at The Crafty Scrap­per. Each kit is only $10.00 + Ship­ping. This mini...

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