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It’s In The Details | The Scrapbooking Journal Of Lisa M. Pace | Its in the Details - Page 4

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You are going to LOVE these…

Jan 23, 2011

I was asked to create a canvas for Ranger’s designer wall at CHA. Well the product we had to highlight was their Perfect Pearl Mists and their new Perfect Pearls colors.You are going to LOVE these. Check out Suze Weinberg’s blog to see the new colors and a few sneak peeks of her canvas… I cannot wait to see it in person. It was fun to create what ever I wanted with the only requirements being it had to be my style and I had to use the products sent my way. I used WAY MORE Ranger products on my canvas than what was required but one technique seemed to lead to another which meant using another product and so on… I think the Rock Candy Crackle Paint looks AWESOME on the frame… I...

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Paper Medallions…

Dec 7, 2010

Well since yesterday, I showed you my favorite Crepe Paper and Glitter artist, today, I decided to show you my favorite Paper Medallion Artist… who just so happens to love Crepe Paper too. Gosh how fun would it be to sit at a table with these two and create… I would LOVE that! Maybe someday… here is to wishing! Saturday, while co-teaching the snow globe project with Trisha, Ann-Denise Anderson of Whim & Fancy Designs was teaching in the next room. I’ve loved her work for such a long time. Ann-Denise has been featured in several issues of Somerset magazine and since the moment I laid eyes on her work I’ve hoped to meet her. Our paths just never seemed to cross at the same time so you can imagine my excitement when I...

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Working on something fun…

Nov 23, 2010

For the past few days in between last minute book stuff, packing projects for shipment, a Dr. visit for Ansley (poor girl is sick again) and everyday life I have been creating a simple “Countdown Banner”. This year, I am determined to keep it simple for the holidays and I am hoping this banner will remind me of this each day in December. This will be another cute project featured in my “Tips, Techniques & Tutorials” workshop. I will have the mini flashcard PDF for you to download as well as the supply list and tools needed. Now I am off to ship a box full of book projects to my sweet editor Jenni. I am truly blessed once again with a wonderful editor. F&W Media has the best staff ever… Managing Editor, Editors,...

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What a weekend…

Oct 3, 2010

Artistic Journey was AWESOME! I had so much fun meeting and creating with everyone and cannot wait to do this again… next year, right Caroline? Since I have so many photos to post I will not be too wordy and let the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy! Downtown Waxahachie and The Crafty Scrapper. Some of the attendees created tags prior to the event that were showcased in the storefront window… Laura was busy checking everyone in while Katie and Carolyn chatted with a few of the guests. Everyone got a goody bag filled with AWESOME products. Mary Lou and Kerri were always super busy at the register. Returning from having a group photo taken. Friday evening was filled with Make n Takes. Once everyone finished each station they had an adorable mini album to...

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Artistic Journey

Sep 30, 2010

I have been so excited for Artistic Journey to begin and can’t believe it is finally here. Tomorrow, I head down to Waxahachie to spend three days with a wonderful group of ladies at The Crafty Scrapper. These ladies are coming from all over ready to create, make new friends, shop and have fun. Friday night will be filled with make n takes and lots of laughter. Then Saturday and Sunday, I will be teaching my shadow box class along with Katie Watson and Aubrey Rives. Katie created an adorable recipe card holder and Aubrey created a super fun and whimsical mini album. I cannot wait to see these two as I only get to see them at CHA. Laura my online vintage buddy and CHA pal will be there too as well as...

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And finally we are done…

Aug 18, 2010

Oh I do not miss those stripes and stars for one second… not a tear was shed when they got covered by this gorgeous color by Valspar. It is called Prairie Brush and I love it. Now I walk into a room that looks like this… Every single product is in its place and every single drawer, box and nook and cranny has been cleaned out. It feels so good. I love that I finally have a spot for my Underwood typewriter… this poor thing has been all over the house.  I still need to hang a shelf over the one you see for items that I need but do not use all that often. And I want to dig around some thrift stores to find some vintage prints to hang on the wall....

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I spy…

Aug 6, 2010

a really messy bar and kitchen table. The bar is loaded with lots of fun things I purchased while in Maine and West Virginia and the kitchen table is filled with stuff I have been using this week. You too can have this mess if your scraproom is so out of control you need to ask your neighbor to help you come organize…. next week hopefully all that you see will fit into my scraproom. Pray for me that Jennifer does not leave the second she sees what I have done. You will spy with your little eyes vintage milk bottle caps (for my future Christmas online workshop), German glass glitter, bag full of vintage tinsel and aluminum garland (more items for an online workshop), old bottles to be cleaned and filled with vintage...

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Show Day 3

Jul 30, 2010

This one is a day late but by the time we finished breaking down the booth and eating dinner it was late and I was pooped. As you can see my day started out as usual at the make-n-take booth. People loved learning how to make medallion flowers. They loved it so much so that I taught 100 people how to make them. That is a lot of making and taking in 5  hours. Right before the show started I went to another one of my favorite manufacturers… Crafty Secrets.  They have some adorable items coming out. You will notice several projects using my friend Vicki Chrisman’s 3D shadow box frame dies and they are super cute. Their booth is filled with loads of vintage goodness. Notice the 3D Shadow Box Frame above… I...

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It’s All About The Dress

Jun 23, 2010

Registration for my new online workshop “It’s All About The Dress” is now open. The cost for this workshop is $24.95. You will have instant access to the supply list once registration has been completed. The first workshop project will be posted to the private blog June 28th. You will have access to the private blog for 30 days starting the day of your registration.       In this online class you will alter a Maya Road Dress Form album using several different techniques. I will show you how to create delicate ruffles and rosettes from crepe paper an adorable boa created with flowers made from old book pages and beautiful cabbage roses created from felt. You will accent the dress forms with pearls, rhinestones, stick pins, scalloped trim, tulle and seam binding....

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A few new soldering projects

May 28, 2010

I was lucky to get Trisha Conlon to come to my house for a private soldering lesson this past Wednesday. She is so talented and has so many wonderful ideas. Trisha and I started brainstorming and came up with a super cool class idea that we are going to teach  together at The Crafty Scrapper. It will be down the road because first we have to get the idea out of our heads and to the table. All I can say is it will be an all day class that will incorporate both our styles and yes I have to say it again…. it is so super cool! Okay so on to what she taught me…. I love the shadow box type pendants and wanted to learn how to make them so badly. Well...

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Starting to feel some progress

May 27, 2010

well it is day 3 of resting the shoulder well honestly semi resting the shoulder and I am starting to feel some improvement. So I guess I really did need to rest the darn thing and since I have been only working on CHA samples I thought I would share some more of my favorite projects in my book. Oh but first… those of you on the waiting list for my “Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend” technique class that I will be teaching at The Crafty Scrapper next month we have added another day. Here is the schedule for Friday, June 11th Noon “Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend” 6:00 “Tuscany and Roses” then Saturday, June 12th Noon “Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend” (Sold Out) So if you are on the waiting...

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I love small houses…

May 11, 2010

I could create an entire village out of this old fashioned putz style house. Really, there are so many wonderful ways to decorate this sweet little house. I have other patterns in my head to create as well but I wanted something simple this go around. I like the simplicity of the black paint against the old book page. Also the accented star… it’s a Texas thing in gold German glass glitter really adds a nice pop of color to the front. Oh and don’t forget the crystal coarse glitter, it adds the perfect amount of sparkle. Tips, Techniques and Tutorials I have been super busy creating some new technique classes to teach at The Crafty Scrapper in Waxahachie. My “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” Technique Class will be taught June 12th at...

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To glitter or not to glitter…

Apr 26, 2010

Really should this even be a question but I think these little roses look pretty either way. As you can tell I cannot seem to get off this flower addiction. I think of ways to make flowers all the time now. Seriously, it is bad. But oh so fun… so the addiction remains. The tutorial to make these little roses will be posted on my Tips, Techniques and Tutorials paper crafting community soon. I have two flower tutorials posted there now. I think these tiny flowers would look so cute clustered on top of a gift box… hmm, might need to create a mini box template just for these roses. Enjoy your day… it is gorgeous here in...

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Registration is now open

Apr 19, 2010

Because I don’t think anyone is ever too old to play with dolls, here is a sneak peek of my upcoming workshop, “Say Say Old Playmate”. In this online workshop you’ll create a unique paper doll, alter three dresses and create cute items for her to hold. Your doll and her belongings will look adorable kept in an altered cigar box or hung on the wall attached to a vintage tray (magnets are involved with this project). Passers by can change her outfit or hand held embellishment any time they feel. Mine will certainly be hanging in my scraproom. The cost for this online workshop is $19.95. Once registered you will have access to the private blog where you can view the complete supply list. The Crafty Scrapper will be selling a few Say...

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Say Say Old Playmate

Apr 6, 2010

Here is a sneak peek of my upcoming workshop, Say Say Old Playmate. I feel one is never too old to play with dolls. In this workshop you will create one doll, alter three dresses and create adorable items for her to hold. Your doll and all her belongings would look adorable kept in an altered box or hung on the wall attached (magnets are involved with this project) to a vintage tray. This way those that pass by can change her outfit or hand held embellishment. I will certainly be hanging mine in my scraproom. The cost for this online workshop is $19.95. Once registered you will have access to the private blog where you can view the complete supply list. The Crafty Scrapper will be putting together and selling a few kits....

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Altered Paper Mache Box

Mar 28, 2010

I tell ya cleaning out my scraproom has allowed me to find some things I had forgotten all about having. This paper mache butterfly box was stashed away deep down in a drawer and these bunny picks where hanging in a bag that had been pushed way back in the closet. Putting the two together sure did make for a super cute altered box. I’m so glad I found them. This is what the Rabbit looked like originally. I found these in the Easter section at JoAnns. Supplies Used: Butterfly Shaped Paper Mache Box, Book Pages, Stamens, Creamy Brown Ink, Rabbit Pick, Krylon Silver Leafing Pen, Strong Liquid Adhesive, Glue Stick, Craft Knife, Craft Mat, Collage Pauge Instant Decoupage – Glossy, Martha Stewart Crystal Coarse Glitter, MM Manila Acrylic Paint Tools Needed: Paintbrush, Scissors...

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Altered Paper Mache Box

Mar 24, 2010

How sweet will this be filled with a little Easter surprise? I love surprises and think this altered egg shaped paper mache box is perfect to hold that special Easter something. Supplies Needed: Small Egg Shaped Paper Mache Box, Vintage Easter Postcard Image, Folk Art 526 Soft Apple Acrylic Paint, Collage Pauge Instant Decoupage – Glossy, Martha Stewart Crafts Crystal Coarse Glitter, ColorBox Fluid Chalk Ink – Creamy Brown, Maya Road Vintage Crochet White Zig Zag Trim, Pale Pink Seam Binding, Fabri-Tac, Maya Road Clear Jewel Pins, Copic Ciao Markers RV13 Tender Pink & G21 Lime Green, 3mm Rhinestones, 5mm Self Adhesive Pearl Tools Used: Scissors, Pencil, Paintbrush Instructions: Using a paintbrush paint the entire paper mache box, let dry. Lightly ink the painted box using Creamy Brown ink. Note:  You just want a...

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Where is “Delight In The Details”?

Mar 13, 2010

I have a fun little thing I want to do and a wonderful RAK could be yours if you decide to participate. If you see my book “Delight In The Details” while you are out and about take a photo of yourself holding it. Include the name of the store, city and state then email me the photo. If you already purchased my book send me a photo of you holding it and include the city and state you reside. I will have Alan make a photo album that I can post all the photos into so you too can see all the different places it has landed. After you email the photo to me your name will be entered for a chance to win a wonderful RAK (Medium Flate Rate box filled full)...

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Countdown to Santa and Black Friday Special

Nov 26, 2009

Here is a sneak peek of my newest project download. It’s a Countdown to Santa Altered Frame. And I have a pre Black Friday special that lasts until Friday night on the last few remaining Grab Bag Style Boxes in my store. If you’ve been thinking about getting one now is your chance. Each box is filled with lots and lots of great products. Friday, I will be back to posting the 12 Days of Christmas pocket tutorials for the Advent Calendar I am working on. So those of you that are creating along with me… get your supplies...

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Grab Bag Style Boxes…

Nov 9, 2009

Last week I cleaned out my scraproom and Saturday, Terri and I randomly FILLED to the top 12 medium sized flat rate boxes. These boxes are grab bag style so you will not know what you get until you open the box. The minimum retail value of each box will easily exceed the purchase price plus shipping… several are valued at over $75. You will not receive every manufacturer listed below but you will receive a box FILLED with at least 10 of the manufacturers listed. Note: This does not mean only 10 items, remember I FILLED the boxes. This means 10 manufacturers. Each box is only $24.95 plus shipping. You can find them here in my store. Manufacturers: Daisyd’s, Maya Road, Scenic Route, Dream Street Designs, October Afternoon, Autumn Leaves Idea Books, Heidi...

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Book Page Flower Tutorial…

May 8, 2009

Okay those of you that love to make flowers here is another tutorial. I really hope you all show me what you created with these tutorials. I would love for you to share how you use these to embellish your projects, cards, tags or layouts. Next week will be another week of tutorials just not sure what the theme will be… certainly will be thinking about it over the weekend. Wishing you all the best. Enjoy! Supplies Needed: Sizzix Die (Flower Layers #3) 2 – Old Book Pages ColorBox Fluid Chalk Ink (Creamy Brown) Maya Mists (Iridescent Pearl, Silver Metallic) Platinum Stickles 1 – Large Pearl Cabochon or Button Studio 490 Wendy Vecchi Funky Flower Art Leaf Stamp Cream Felt Embroidery Floss (DMC #543) Tools Needed: Sewing Needle Fabri-Tac Liquid Glue Martha Stewart Seal...

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