Fun Getting To Know You Christmas Questions

Dec 19, 2014

Here are some fun get­ting to know you Christ­mas ques­tions you can share with friends and fam­i­ly at a fam­i­ly gath­er­ing or par­ty. I always find it inter­est­ing in how oth­ers cel­e­brate the hol­i­day sea­son. If you don’t cel­e­brate Christ­mas you can eas­i­ly change the ques­tions to fit your hol­i­day cel­e­bra­tion. My sis­ter and her fam­i­ly arrive late tonight and I can­not wait to have some fun with every­one. You know I’m on “best week­end ever” notice for Made­lyn and Isabel­la. I LOVE being their aunt. I have a week­end of fun all planned out that includes lots of hot choco­late, s’mores, cook­ie bak­ing, hol­i­day light look­ing and presents. It’s going to be a fab­u­lous week­end. 1. Wrap­ping paper or gift bags? This year it’s all about Gift Bags.  2. Real tree or arti­fi­cial? We...

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Countdown to Christmas Calendar

Nov 24, 2014

This hol­i­day sea­son I’m all about get­ting projects done in a day. This year, I can’t afford the take a week to com­plete a project, you all know I’m very capa­ble of cre­at­ing a mole hill kin­da project into a moun­tain kin­da project. So I thought and thought of how I could cre­ate a “Count­down to Christ­mas Cal­en­dar” with­out it tak­ing me days to com­plete. I love count­ing down to Christ­mas just as much as a kid and thought I would share with you what and how I made mine. This project should take 3  hours tops from start to fin­ish includ­ing dry­ing time for the paints. Prod­ucts Used: Maya Road Count­down Shad­ow­box, Adiron­dack Acrylic Paint Dab­ber Juniper & Metal­lic Gold, Cof­fee Archival Ink, Glue Stick, My Mind’s Eye ~ Joy­ous 6” x 6”...

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Studio Makeover ~ Part 2

Mar 27, 2013

I am so close to being fin­ished with my stu­dio makeover. I just need to hang the cur­tains over the shelv­ing unit to the left, find a small piece for addi­tion­al stor­age to put up on the shelves along the wall on the far left then hang some vin­tage pho­tos I have and bam… it’s done. I’m real­ly lov­ing the mix of all the things I love with my sup­plies. To me, per­son­al touch­es are what make a room warm and invit­ing.  So let me give you a close up tour and show you how I com­bined per­son­al trea­sures and vin­tage finds among my crafty prod­ucts. This is what I see when sit­ting at my work table. I’m using a berry bas­ket to hold my adhe­sives, a mini pie tin works per­fect­ly for my...

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Ornamental Christmas

Dec 5, 2012

Orna­men­tal Christ­mas is a PDF com­pi­la­tion of my 5 very pop­u­lar orna­ment projects: Joyeux Noel Star Joyeux Noel Snowflake Hap­py Christ­mas Gift Card Hold­er Santa’s Angel Baby Season’s Greet­ings Bird Orna­ments The com­plete sup­ply list is includ­ed, which lists all the items need­ed to recre­ate each orna­ment. You may also use sim­i­lar items you already have on hand in your craft­ing sup­plies. This way you can recre­ate these orna­ments to fit your hol­i­day theme and style. Step-by-step instruc­tions for each project are includ­ed, with col­or pho­tos of each orna­ment as well as PDF’s of scanned vin­tage papers I’ve col­lect­ed dur­ing my antique and thrift store shop­ping. You can fol­low this link to pur­chase an option­al Orna­men­tal Christ­mas Kit, which includes some of the sup­plies need­ed to recre­ate these orna­ments. Please Note: This tem­plate and...

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Santa’s Angel Baby ~ Ornament Kit

Nov 11, 2012

This mini kit includes the fol­low­ing prod­ucts: 1 —  Sil­ver Glit­tered Snowflake, 1 — Maya Road Dress Form Mini Album Page, Scanned Ledger, Book and Sheet Music from vin­tage papers I’ve col­lect­ed, 1 — Pine Stem, 1 — Sil­ver Jin­gle Bell, 1 — Vin­tage But­ton, 17 — Glit­tered Beads,  Red & White Bak­er’s Twine, Col­or Pho­to with Instruc­tions. Items NOT includ­ed: Crys­tal Coarse Glit­ter, Vin­tage Pho­to Dis­tress Ink,  Fes­tive Berries Dis­tress Ink (Option­al Plat­inum & Dia­mond Stick­les) Please note… I have a very lim­it­ed sup­ply of San­ta’s Angel Baby ~ Orna­ment kits. Once they’re sold out there will be no more. I just found 3 Joyeux Noel ~ Snowflake ~ Orna­ment Kits left over from The Crafty Scrap­per “Hol­i­day Mag­ic” event. This mini kit includes the fol­low­ing items: 1 — Iri­des­cent Snowflake, 1 — Vin­tage Light Reflec­tor, 1 —...

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Sugar Cookies and a Glittered Bow

Dec 19, 2010

Okay well not the actu­al sug­ar cook­ies but I want­ed to share with you the kind I used to look for­ward to mak­ing each Christ­mas with my Mom. I knew San­ta had to have loved mine the best as he nev­er left a crumb on his plate. I think the rein­deer helped in lick­ing the plate clean. The week before Christ­mas mom and I always head­ed to the store to get the rolled Pills­bury Sug­ar Cook­ie dough. Click here for a coupon. I loved mak­ing these San­ta and Angel cook­ies so much. Each one always looked a lit­tle bit dif­fer­ent after bak­ing but they all were dec­o­rat­ed the same… such a type A per­son­al­i­ty even back then. San­ta had a red hat, white pom pom and trim on his hat, white mus­tache, red hot...

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12 Day Advent Pocket Calendar #8

Dec 10, 2009

Well we did it… all 12 pock­ets are com­plet­ed. Now to arrange them and onto my can­vas and alter that up a bit. Will get to work on it and show you the fin­ished project soon. This is going to be a fun thing to do with Ans­ley dur­ing her Christ­mas break. There’s noth­ing like hav­ing a lit­tle some­thing fun to do each day. Stamp image onto heavy weight white card­stock, ink on top of stamped image using Dis­tress Ink, light­ly col­or image using jew­el tone chalks. Place glossy accents onto the back of a Frag­ments Charm and attach to stamped image. Using Alco­hol Ink, ink the top of the Frag­ments Charm, accent the Frag­ments Charm with Dis­tress Stick­les, let dry. Once the Dis­tress Stick­les is dry apply a clear dry­ing adhe­sive to the...

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Digging, digging and digging…

Oct 13, 2009

My good­ness is it ever so obvi­ous when you look at my vin­tage stash just how much I love vin­tage Christ­mas items. But since my dad is San­ta I guess this is to be expect­ed. I have been pulling items out like a mad woman as I pre­pare for my next online work­shop… the CHRISTMAS work­shop. Oh how I love to cre­ate Christ­mas projects. I have a list of things to cre­ate that I think are going to make a charm­ing hol­i­day work­shop. The name is still yet to be deter­mined so I had a thought… leave a title idea in the com­ments sec­tion of this post. If your title is picked you will win a free access pass to the work­shop. If no title is picked I will have Ans­ley pick one per­son...

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Sprucin’ up the place…

Jul 5, 2008

The but­tons run all the way down the front of her skirt and look so pret­ty when the light hits them. I think the lit­tle bird rest­ing on some moth­er of pearl but­tons looks as though she is telling a few of our fam­i­ly secrets.

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A few “Getting to know you” Christmas Questions…

Dec 6, 2007

Here is a fun “Get­ting to know you” Christ­mas ques­tion­naire. When the girls were lit­tle we opened one on Christ­mas eve and the rest Christ­mas morn­ing, now we cel­e­brate on Christ­mas Eve. I love the room dark with just the glow from our tree and a few years ago it actu­al­ly snowed here on Christ­mas Eve.

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