Her “Happily Ever After”

Mar 9, 2015

Early Saturday, morning we all piled into the car and drove to Houston for my niece Amanda’s wedding. Saturday, was certainly a day filled with lots of love, happiness and a few tears. It’s amazing how fast time does fly. Amanda was a beautiful bride and married the best guy. We are all so happy to have Steve join our family. He and Amanda are a wonderful couple and we all wish them the very best. The Chapel of the Church of Saint John the Divine ~ Houston, Texas Mr. & Mrs. Steven King Newton Congratulations, Amanda and Steve. I love you....

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Cyber Monday Etsy Sale

Dec 2, 2013

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I have a few added pounds from mom’s awesome turkey, stuffing and desserts. After dinner everyone was stuffed and all us adults needed naps except Madelyn and Bellie, they were running around like the energizer bunny and were glued to Ansley’s hip. Madelyn and Bellie LOVE Ansley. After 50 years, mom and dad finally have a table to sit the entire family. This has been one of mom’s wishes for years and I’m so glad it finally came true. Thanksgiving dinner was a wonderful way to break it in too.  From left to right are Mom, Laren (son-in-law), Terri (daughter), Amanda (niece), Steve (Amanda’s boyfriend), Dad (Santa), Brittain (nephew), Bellie (niece), Ansley (daughter), Me and Madelyn (niece). Today, through Dec. 16th I’m...

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Delight In The Art of Collage ~ Preview

Nov 18, 2013

Friday, was an amazing mail day. I received a copy of my latest book “Delight In The Art of Collage“. So for the moment please just humor me and take a look at how gorgeous each chapter looks. I worked so hard on this book and it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced crafter there is a little bit of everything for everyone. And of course it has that vintage feel I love so much. I’m so proud of this book I can hardly stand the wait for you all to see it for yourselves. It will be released in January and is currently available through pre-order on Amazon. I love how the designer Amanda Kleiman created a collage of my projects for the Introduction and each chapter. The photographers, Christine...

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My Life In A Dinghy ~ Richele Christensen

Sep 30, 2013

“My Life In A Dinghy”, featured artist, Richele Christensen. Richele is a California girl and currently lives in the Sacramento area. She has a very supportive husband, Del of 33 years. They have two wonderful children, which are both married and live close by. Richele’s son KC and his wife Amanda have three amazing kids and that makes Richele a Grandma. It’s the best! They have two boys “J” is 7, “Ty” is 5 and Kayla is her little princess, she’s 6. Richele’s daughter Ashley and her husband Kirk are busy in their careers. Del and Richele have owned a building contracting company since 2008 and she’s the bookkeeper by default. Ever since Richele was a little girl she’s had a love for art, sewing, quilting, and crafting. Working in the paper craft industry...

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Funky Little Canvas

Jan 3, 2013

This is the funky little canvas I made for my niece Amanda, for Christmas. It is of her and her boyfriend Steve after a TCU game. They are the most adorable couple and I really do hope he ends up being my nephew. Steve is sweet, smart and cute! Ok enough of that because I can hear Amanda saying, “BEASIE” all the way from Houston. Not sure why she named me Beasie when she was a baby but she did and it stuck, so I’m Beasie. Anyway, enough of all that and on to the canvas. I did a photo transfer of their photo onto a 4 x 4 canvas, then using Claudine Hellmuth Studio paints and stamps I accented the sides of the canvas. I protected the image transfer with a coating of...

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Surprises are so FUN!

Mar 26, 2012

Terri and I headed down to Beaumont, Wednesday to surprise my mom and dad. This surprise has been in the making for over a month and if you know me well, you know it is a miracle that I kept the surprise. The photo above was taken on our way home because on the way down it was pitch black. We decided to leave at 8 o’clock in the evening instead of bright and early, Thursday morning. This means we arrived at mom and dad’s at 1:30 in the morning. There is nothing more fun than surprising your parents with an unexpected visit and of course hearing your mother come out of a sound sleep saying, “What in the hell is going on” (still makes me giggle) as Terri, Amanda (my niece) and I...

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Year In Review ~ Jewelry

Jan 5, 2012

I had lots of fun creating necklaces and bracelets using broken pieces of jewelry found at flea markets or thrift stores. One of my favorite things to make are bracelets using vintage earrings. The hardest part is finding earrings at a reasonable price. It is always so fun when I stumble upon a pair during my travels and thrifting. For Christmas I made my niece Amanda and me matching bracelets. She purchased three pairs the two blue ones and the rhinestone shell looking one in the center. Then I scoured antique stores from Texas to West Virginia as well as Flea Markets in McKinney and Winnie, Texas to Antique stores in Frisco, Beaumont, Lumberton and Sour Lake, Texas. Finally, I gathered enough for us to have matching bracelets. I stamped XOXO on a small...

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Memories made

Dec 27, 2011

The day I became an aunt was such an amazing day. My sweet niece Amanda was the first to come along and make me an aunt. She would come and stay with me and Alan for two weeks, each summer. I would sit outside on the patio and watch her as she poured water from a little pitcher to a cup for HOURS straight or watch her play dress up, then as she got older show her how to put on make up and surprise her at a football game when she was cheering as well as many other special moments. Each time we were together we watched or talked about the movie Cinderella. We’ve watched it so many times I can honestly say, I lost count. But since it is my favorite movie...

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Of all the albums…

Oct 14, 2011

I have created I do believe this one has been photographed and looked over more than any other. The cover of this album can be seen in my book “Delight In The Details” but due to space limitations the inside was not able to be featured. So as with The Garden Fairy mini album I posted yesterday, I thought I would share the inside of this album with you too. This album has photos of my great great aunts Minnie and Amanda and uncles Albert and Stephen along with their parents, my great great grandmother Rebecca Hinkle, grandfather Enoch Childers and his brother Jesse. Oh and these are the family members who lived in the old house I love going into on my aunt’s property in Buckhannon, WV. The swing Albert Childers is sitting...

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What a great day…

Jul 3, 2009

Yesterday my niece Amanda arrived. I picked her up from the airport at 10 a.m and we did not stop until 10 p.m. She will be going to college in the fall so the  first stop was IKEA… lots of great fun there. Then she wanted to hit Marshalls as this girl can never have too many shoes. Then we ate lunch and headed over to Target. Once we finished there we came home and made this…. well it was more like Amanda not me… I just grabbed stuff for her to use. I think she created the cutest doll. Now to find a little glass plate for her to sit on. I have been wanting to make one of these dolls since I saw them online here… actually, I still want to make...

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Class of 2009

Jun 8, 2009

This weekend was a proud family weekend. My niece Amanda graduated High School (National Honor Society, Cum Laude, Texas Scholar). We are all very proud of her accomplishments. Congratulations Amanda! We love...

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Another this and that post…

Jun 5, 2009

If you love vintage items then you need to check out the etsy store Paper Tales. They were lucky enough to get to dig in an old warehouse full of vintage items. Each day it seems Cass and Laura add new items to their store that I want and I’m sure you will too. If you tell them Lisa sent you they will add a little surprise with your order. I also discovered Scrap-Diner has two new paper lines that I love and think are adorable. Cosmo Cricket Early Bird and October Afternoon Cherry Hill. It is going to be a great mail day for me pretty soon. I can’t wait to play with these two lines. Remember my votive tutorial? FaveCrafts created a DIY Wedding eBook that includes my altered votive candle holder tutorial and LOTS...

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I’m back home…

Sep 19, 2007

Here is a photo of I took of him just a little over a week and a half after his surgery. Amanda had her braces taken off, got her drivers license and started her first job.

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Having a niece that loves to bake…

Aug 5, 2007

is GREAT! Amanda loves to cook and last night this is what she made! Needless to say these are NOT for those on a diet…. she used 3 sticks of butter.

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