Weekend Fun

Apr 7, 2014

Since Terri and Laren live right in the heart of Deep Ellum, Saturday Alan and I headed down to see them, grand dog Lola AND go to the Deep Ellum Arts Festival. Laren’s parents came down too so it was a super fun afternoon. First we walked over to Pepe’s & Mito’s to fill up on their awesome Mexican food. After we were all stuffed we started walking the streets. The festival had some great bands playing and we had a wonderful time walking, talking, laughing, dodging rain drops and seeing some amazing art. I was so busy looking at art that the only photo I took was of this band. I can’t even tell you who they were but they were good. All the photos of Lola were taken by Laren’s mom, Michelle. I was...

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Walk, Eat & Shop

Mar 5, 2014

To offset all the calories Alan and I have been consuming with just one meal a day Lola has been getting some nice walks when the sun decides to show its face. My gosh, Terri and Laren live near so many amazing places to eat.  Honestly, all we can eat is one meal and I can’t even finish my entire meal. The food in Deep Ellum is so incredible. For Lunch/Dinner Alan and I went to Allgood Cafe. He had their amazing Chicken Fried Steak and I had their OMGOSH lick your plate clean Truck Stop Hot Beef Sandwich. This sandwich was so darn incredible. Their mashed potatoes are absolutely to die for too. I could only eat half of my sandwich so Alan finished it off for me. I have no idea how...

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Watching the Grand~Dog

Mar 4, 2014

While these two cuties enjoy a little vacation in California Alan and I are taking care of our grand~dog Lola. Terri and Laren live in the coolest loft in the coolest spot in Deep Ellum. So basically Alan and I cater to Lola’s each and every whim (treats, snuggles, eat, potty, and repeat) while we work during the day and then go walk to dinner. Thankfully, Terri and Laren come home tomorrow or Alan and I would need to purchase larger pants. Saturday, we walked to dinner and ate at Pepe’s & Mito’s. It was super awesome. We ate outside and obviously this was before the cold front hit with sleet, ice and snow. I ate their Chicken Chipotle Enchiladas and Alan ate their Rib Eye En Salsa Ranchera. We cleaned our plates. Sunday,...

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Home For Christmas

Dec 27, 2013

This year, we seemed to celebrated Christmas a little bit at a time. We had a family get together with Terri and Laren at their loft on the 23rd then a small Christmas celebration at our house Christmas Eve.  Christmas morning, my nephew Brittain and I headed down to Beaumont to see family and celebrate Christmas with my parents. Alan and Ansley both had to work on the 26th so they couldn’t come along but when I return home they’ll have a small Christmas celebration with the gifts I bring back. We arrived at mom and dad’s house in the late afternoon and everyone was ready to exchange gifts. It’s always a flurry of excitement during Christmas at mom and dad’s. I’ve been very blessed to always have an amazing Christmas. Mom and Dad...

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Chicken and Rice

Aug 26, 2013

This Chicken and Rice recipe is so good I have to share it with you. My family loves it so much I’m going to need to start doubling the recipe. Ansley, Brittain and Alan are always sad there are never any leftovers.  ...

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Nominate a Kid

Jul 19, 2013

Tomorrow, Alan and I go to pick up our youngest niece Bellie. It’s her turn to come and visit us for a week of fun and spoiling. This means all next week it will be Kids Week 2, on my blog and I’ll be posting all the fun crafty & arty things Bellie and I do in my studio. I had a blast with Madelyn during Kids Week 1. As I was getting all the arts and crafts supplies ready for Bellie I thought it would be fun for my bloggers to nominate a child for a free “Kids Crafts” art box. If you know of a child between the ages of 6 and 10 that would love to receive a box of arts & crafts goodies in the mail please nominate him or...

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Carrot Cake Pancakes

Mar 14, 2013

Today for lunch Kristy, Christine and I had breakfast for lunch at First Watch. I decided to try their Carrot Cake pancakes because I LOVE a good carrot cake and had to try it in pancake form. Well let me just tell ya, these pancakes were AMAZING!!! The kind of amazing that you cannot stop thinking about them and could eat them until you got sick AMAZING!!! But then when I looked at the Nutritional Facts for one pancake the sick amazing quickly turned into sick amazing guilt! Ugh… why do things that taste so incredibly great have to be so incredibly not so great for you? Even with nutritional facts guilt looming over my shoulder I’m on a mission to find a super simple carrot cake pancake recipe that comes as close to the...

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EnviroTex Resin Key Chain

Jan 2, 2013

I created this key chain for my sister, Belinda. It was created in memory of my brother, Richard who passed away from alcoholism, March 28, 2004. He loved the water and worked on a boat off the Gulf of Mexico. I found this image of the anchor by doing a google search and the quote from Quote Garden. I had Alan resize the image for me to fit inside the bezel then printed it out on my laser printer. Next, I applied Nunn Design Glue on the bezel and placed the image on top, pressing the bubbles out from underneath the image as best I could using my finger and paint brush for the corners. Once I felt I got all the bubbles out, using a paint brush I applied a layer of Nunn...

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Christmas Cookies

Dec 17, 2012

Over the weekend I baked several of our favorite Christmas cookies. I doubled up on each cookie as one batch was for us and our local friends then made another batch for family in Beaumont. Needless to say our house smelled great all weekend. In case you want to try some or all of our favorite holiday cookies I thought I’d share the recipes. This is a new cookie I created this year. Alan and I love them but Ansley not so much. They are a spice cake type cookie with white chocolate morsels mixed inside and are kinda more like a brownie textured cookie. I love spice cake as it brings back wonderful memories of my grandmother, so I thought I would try to honor her at Christmas with a spice cookie. Grammy...

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Maya Road Linen Album

Jul 12, 2012

So happy to finally be able to share the Maya Road Catalog for CHA-Summer. They have some awesome products coming out this release and one of my favorite’s is their new 4″ Binder Linen Album that has 3 linen pages and 3 chipboard pages. I finished my mini album using this album just in the knick of time too… I leave bright and early… no, wait it wont even be bright when I head to the airport Saturday morning, just early… ugh. I’m so not a morning person… I just hope while I’m passed out in my seat on the plane I don’t drool. Okay enough of my traveling and on to my mini album… I had fun altering this album with lots of amazing new product. Notice the key in the center, it’s...

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Felted Flower

Apr 4, 2012

I have been having so much fun needle felting. Pretty much each night while Alan and I are watching a movie or TV show I’m felting. I find it very relaxing. The flower shown in the photo above is going to be placed onto a tote bag I think. I posted a step by step tutorial to recreate the flower in my Tips, Techniques and Tutorials online workshop. If you are registered for this workshop make sure you check it out. If you are not registered for this online workshop it is never too late. You can register anytime and have access to all the tutorials I’ve posted over the past several years.  You can read more about this online workshop HERE. To me it is so fun to take a piece of wool...

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Felting Bunnies

Mar 1, 2012

Lately, I have really been interested in the art of felting. So the other night while I was sitting with Alan watching American Idol a few nights ago I  tried making a bunny. I cannot just sit and do nothing when watching TV, it makes me a nervous wreck, so felting is something that works perfectly for me.  THIS picture TUTORIAL is what I used to make the bunny shown above. I thought instead of using yarn to make the head and body and felt to create the ears I could make them using wool roving. This is an easy way to learn how to make adorable little bunnies. Mine stands a little less than 3″ tall.   Last night, while watching American Idol once again, I started another bunny, but this time I’m going to...

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Memories made

Dec 27, 2011

The day I became an aunt was such an amazing day. My sweet niece Amanda was the first to come along and make me an aunt. She would come and stay with me and Alan for two weeks, each summer. I would sit outside on the patio and watch her as she poured water from a little pitcher to a cup for HOURS straight or watch her play dress up, then as she got older show her how to put on make up and surprise her at a football game when she was cheering as well as many other special moments. Each time we were together we watched or talked about the movie Cinderella. We’ve watched it so many times I can honestly say, I lost count. But since it is my favorite movie...

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The Garden Fairy

Oct 13, 2011

This little album is one that can be found in my book Delight In The Details. The inside of the album was not able to be shown so I thought I would share it with you. The photos used are ones I took of my niece Madelyn when she and her family were staying with me and Alan during hurricane Rita, several years ago. Madelyn was having so much fun running around the backyard dressed up as a fairy. I just let her play while I snapped away catching her each and every move. I printed each of the photos in black and white onto a transparency then used a sewing machine set to a straight stitch to attach each photo to the patterned paper. You need to really pay attention to where you...

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Vintage Finds for Classes…

Sep 13, 2011

While Alan and I were down surprising my nephew this past weekend, I did some junking and antiquing with mom and dad. I found some awesome items to incorporate in my classes such as aluminum jello molds, milk bottle caps, sheet music, milk glass, vintage trims, lace, doilies and the best find of the day were these adorable vintage ceramic angels. They were made in Japan and are numbered. I cannot wait to get home from ScrapFest next week and begin working on some class samples to teach at The Crafty Scrapper. I was able to purchase 24 of these little cuties in pink and blue so the class will be limited. If you are interested you best sign up as soon as sign ups are available because there will not be another class...

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Friday Night Lights

Sep 12, 2011

Thursday afternoon, Alan and I headed down to Beaumont to surprise my nephew Brittain at his Homecoming game, Friday night. I love trying to surprise my niece’s and nephew although the older they get the harder it gets. But I did it this time and it was so fun. Seeing a surprised smiling face looking back at you while you hold a sign saying, I♥ #22, is the best feeling in the world. Warning: This post is heavy on Friday Night Lights photos. Brittain was part of the Homecoming Court and before the game they performed all the Homecoming festivities. Mom and Bellie waiting for the game to start. As you can see Bellie was ready to see some action. She had not warmed up to me quite yet. But once she did she...

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Back to Reality…

Aug 22, 2011

Today, summer is over as Ansley started back to school as a senior. My goodness did these years pass by fast. I still cannot believe this is her last year in high school. I best enjoy her as much as possible this year as I know she will be ready to fly the coup soon. Which brings me to ask this question… What in the world will Alan and I do with just the two of us at home? We have always had a child in the house as I married Alan when Terri was 2 years old. I’m just going to put all this way deep in the back of my mind for now and share with you some photo collages from my trip to Buckhannon, WV. It was an awesome visit with...

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New things in the works…

Jun 20, 2011

This weekend, Alan and I worked on creating a new business card, logo and website. I’m loving my business card! It really does represent my style and love of all things vintage. What do you think? My logo will look similar to the business card and are you ready for this… my new website is going to be black and white… I’m going with a crisp, simple, elegant look. It’s almost ready so don’t be surprised when you come visit me one day soon and it looks totally different. It’s going to be easy to navigate and you’re going to love it. I’ll certainly have a “debut” giveaway ready for some lucky winner when it launches. Alan is even including a forum. So PLEASE, please, please participate with me. I plan on posting lots...

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Goofiest Dog Ever..

May 25, 2011

Chief is such a fun dog to have around. Alan and I have always been huge golden retriever fans… love, love, love this breed. Well, Chief came to us unexpectedly and at first we just were not sure we wanted another great big dog that was not a golden. Well, after one day with this big boy we fell in love with him and all his goofy ways. He is a huge softy and has the best personality. So needless to say, he never left our home. You would think all this dog does, as well as my husband Alan, is sleep on the couch. Honestly, Alan works all the time and Chiefie just loves to be the hard working supervisor as you can see from these photos. When he is not supervising Alan...

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Cherry Soda

May 19, 2011

Yesterday, felt like a play day… no work just play. I started creating a project using the June Kit ~ Cherry Soda by Cocoa Daisy. This kit and the add ons are so bright and fun I can’t put it down. As you know most of my work is done with lots of cream colors from old book pages and other ephemera so this is quite a change. And a change I guess I needed at the moment. I’m having so much fun that I thought I’d share a tiny sneak peek with you. Just love the loads of summer color. If you’re a Cocoa Daisy subscriber you can purchase the main kit and add ons starting, May 28th. Those that are not subscribers can make purchases, June 1st. But… this means you take...

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Another fun Blog Bounce

Mar 8, 2011

If you are coming here from Francine Clouden’s blog glad you’re here! If not, make sure you check out all those participating in this months blog bounce as it is so fun to see how everyone interpreted the theme “Favorite Treat”. And since spring is just around the corner I thought I would share with you one of our families favorite spring treats. I’ve been making these “Bird Nest” cupcakes since I was a little girl with my Mom. To me it just does not seem like spring if I don’t make them. I’ve made these with my girls each Easter and will most likely make them every Easter even when the girls no longer live at home. They are just a part of my childhood I like to reflect on each year. Below is...

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