Creative Weekend at Rocky Mountain Memories

May 1, 2013

Friday afternoon, I taught the Afternoon Tea class, which was loads of fun. Everyone created a mini album and cuff. The one thing I truly love about teaching is even though everyone has the same supplies and products, no two finished projects ever look the same. Each person incorporates their own little flare and style to their pieces. Teaching is one of my favorite things to do and being able to teach at such a wonderfully awesome store with super friendly people makes it even more fun. In the “Afternoon Tea” class everyone was hand stitching, stamping, stenciling, inking, painting, gluing and metal stamping. And in all the excitement I completely forgot to get photos of their finished projects. Such a bummer as each mini album and cuff were gorgeous and so unique. There...

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Hand Stitching

Aug 28, 2012

Most of you have heard about my “Traveling Apron” created by my aunt out of a feed sack that was my grandmother’s and a dress that was my great great aunt’s. While in West Virginia, I started a little sampler to keep in the pocket with all the states I’ve been to with my apron. This is something really fun to do while sitting in the car, waiting in the airport or on the plane. I plan on stitching pearls in between each state and adding small pieces of vintage trims here and there as well as doing a few decorative type stitches. If you are interested in hand stitching your own sampler and want to learn more embroidery stitches I discovered Sarah’s Hand Embroidery Tutorials on Pinterest and I LOVE everyone of her tutorials....

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New York City

Apr 27, 2012

Okay let me just start out saying the five years I’ve waited and wanted so badly to visit Tinsel Trading Company was so WORTH it!!! This store did not disappoint me one bit, every single square inch of this place is filled with amazing vintage and gorgeous gift items. The story of how the store came to be is a wonderful story and if you are as interested in knowing as I was chatting away with Marcia Ceppos… you can read all about it HERE. It’s a great story of how her grandfather got started. Once we left Tinsel Trading Company we headed out for a great sight seeing walking tour mapped out for us by Marcia. She basically had us walk one huge square that once finished had us right back to Penn...

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The Traveling Apron

Apr 25, 2012

The wonderful journey of my much loved apron has now begun. Saturday, it debuted at The Crafty Scrapper and now will travel to all the places this industry takes me. It’s next stop is New York City (LOL, typing New York City always makes me think of the Pace Picante Sauce commercials) then on to Ranger University in NJ. Carolyn and I leave tomorrow and we are beyond excited! Last year, my travels were haulted rather quickly due to terrible weather… all flights to NJ and surrounding areas were cancelled and I had to go home. I know there are worse things in life to have happen but I really was so sad and I’m super glad I was given the opportunity to attend this year. It’s going to be three days filled with nothing but...

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Everything Has A Story

Apr 5, 2012

When I see items in thrift stores, flea markets or antique shops I always wonder who owned the things I come across. I wonder things like how many people ate a meal with this fork or spoon, who stitched every single stitch by hand on this stained sampler, how many dishes did this tattered dish towel dry, or how many times were these rhinestone earrings worn to a dance or party, who are the people in these old photos and where are their family members today? I could go on and on and on with all the questions that run through my head. Every item I come across has a story and I wish I knew all their stories. You see for me it is the story that inspires my art. It is the...

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