Key To My Heart Mini Album

Feb 18, 2015

The cov­er for this mini album is cre­at­ed from plas­ter cloth. If you have not worked with plas­ter cloth you real­ly should give it a try. It’s a fun medi­um. Once the plas­ter cloth dried I paint­ed both cov­ers. Then I antiqued the hearts with a col­or wash. You don’t need any­thing spe­cial to cre­ate a col­or wash. All you need to do is water down your acrylic paint to the desired shade and apply it to your project with a paint­brush. While the col­or wash is still wet, use a paper tow­el to dab ran­dom areas so some spots have more of a wash then oth­ers. Plas­ter is a great medi­um to add a col­or wash to because the wash runs deep into the crevices of the plas­ter. I plan to fill this mini album with pages cre­at­ed from...

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Merry and Bright

Nov 27, 2013

This shad­ow box is cre­at­ed from plas­ter then paint­ed and glazed with an antique wash to give it that per­fect aged look. It mea­sures approx­i­mate­ly 5.5″ W x 7″ H x 1″ D. The out­side edge of the shad­ow box is wrapped with vin­tage lace, red seam bind­ing and accent­ed with two vin­tage Christ­mas picks. The back­ground of the shad­ow box show­cas­es hand cut words “Mer­ry and Bright” from vin­tage sheet music from the ear­ly 1920’s and a glit­tery snowflake with an iri­des­cent rhine­stone cen­ter. I cre­at­ed the doll from plas­ter using a mold from a vin­tage doll in my col­lec­tion. She is hand paint­ed with acrylic paint and giv­en an antique wash. The dolls dress is cre­at­ed from antique doilies and she wears a crown made from a vin­tage book page sprin­kled with...

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New Handmade Holiday Ornaments

Nov 25, 2013

These are the lat­est hand­made orna­ments I cre­at­ed over the week­end. I love cold rainy days when I can just sit, lis­ten to music and cre­ate. These cute char­ac­ters are cre­at­ed from antique orna­ments that were made in Japan. I cre­at­ed a mold of each one then filled them with plas­ter, let them dry and start­ed paint­ing. I think each one is adorable. And since they are all hand paint­ed no two of the same char­ac­ter will ever be alike. Each orna­ment base is paint­ed, has vin­tage sheet music from the ear­ly 1920’s and is sprin­kled with glit­ter. Glit­ter and Christ­mas just go togeth­er and I feel makes every­thing so mag­i­cal.  San­ta’s Helper  San­ta Claus  Christ­mas Car­ol­er  Christ­mas Angel...

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Silent Night Ornament

Nov 19, 2013

I cre­at­ed this heart shaped shad­ow box from plas­ter sev­er­al months ago. I had an idea for it then changed my mind and well it’s been sit­ting on my work­table since. Well, over the week­end an idea came to me and I’m hap­py to say, it worked per­fect­ly. I love it when this hap­pens. I decid­ed to turn this lone­ly lit­tle plas­ter heart into a hol­i­day orna­ment. The sides of the heart are cov­ered in vin­tage sheet music from 1920 and the typed sen­ti­ment “Silent Night” is typed onto vin­tage note paper using my awe­some antique Under­wood type­writer. Then the entire pieces is cov­ered in glit­ter. There is some­thing so beau­ti­ful about the rough­ness of plas­ter being cov­ered in glit­ter, it’s mag­i­cal. When look­ing into this orna­ment I imag­ine a beau­ti­ful snowy win­ter night, where...

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Sweet Little Baby of Mine ~ Shadow Box

Nov 14, 2013

Last night, I fin­ished my first ful­ly con­struct­ed shad­ow box. The shad­ow box, mini can­vas and baby are all con­struct­ed of plas­ter, then paint­ed with acrylic paint and aged with an acrylic glaze. The inside of the shad­ow box is accent­ed with vin­tage cro­cheted doilies, ledger paper from the ear­ly 1900’s, flocked flow­ers, tulle trim, and a vin­tage per­fume bot­tle per­fect­ly sized to hold baby’s first curl. The space just below the baby can be per­son­al­ized with a child’s name if desired. The name will be typed onto vin­tage note­book paper that has been per­fect­ly aged using my vin­tage Under­wood type­writer. The vin­tage per­fume bot­tle is not attached to the shad­ow box. It sits sweet­ly inside just wait­ing to hold baby’s first curl and there is still space left to place oth­er trea­sured memen­tos, next...

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Trying something new

Nov 13, 2013

Here’s a lit­tle peek at a project I have in the works. I’ve been busy mak­ing molds, pour­ing plas­ter and paint­ing. Paint­ing on plas­ter is some­thing I’m find­ing quite enjoy­able. Although after today’s paint ses­sion, I’ll be get­ting some tee­ny tiny paint­brush­es because the tini­est one I have is still too big. The face of this doll mea­sures about 3/4 inch­es which means the eyes and lips are super tee­ny tiny. So tiny, I had to put on my cheaters because with­out them I could­n’t even begin to see the mouth or eyes. Once fin­ished I’ll be list­ing this project in my Etsy shop. Start­ing today through Sun­day, when you enter coupon code: JUSTBECAUSE you will receive 15% off your entire order of $10.00 or...

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Enjoy The Creative Process

Oct 29, 2013

Today, I thought I would give you a lit­tle insight into my cre­ative process. This could be scary so con­sid­er your­self warned. I have a real­ly hard time slow­ing my brain down at night which means I’m always think­ing of new things to try. Well sev­er­al nights ago I had an idea of cre­at­ing a 3 dimen­sion­al can­vas using plas­ter with a col­lage back­ground. That was real­ly all that came to me as I had no idea what would be cre­at­ed from the plas­ter just that plas­ter was going to be used. The next morn­ing, after a few cups of cof­fee I head­ed for my stu­dio and start­ed get­ting plas­tered and before you know it I had a beau­ti­ful girl cre­at­ed using plas­ter and attached to an 11″ x 14″ can­vas. While the plas­ter...

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Birdcage Home Decor Accent

Aug 27, 2013

This prim­i­tive style bird­cage was cre­at­ed with wire and you guessed it.… plas­ter. I tru­ly love the cre­ative free­dom plas­ter gives me. I dis­cov­ered when cre­at­ing with plas­ter, per­fec­tion is acquired with it’s imper­fect result. This is a free­dom I’m shocked I’ve come to embrace as you know with my paper art I’m not this way at all. Every­thing has to be pre­cise. I find it real­ly inter­est­ing how I embrace these two medi­ums so dif­fer­ent­ly. I’m going to con­tin­ue adding vin­tage bits and baubles to the bird­cage as I find them as well as a few inspir­ing words on the bird’s tail feath­ers. I envi­sion the base of the bird cage hav­ing a poem or some kind of word­ing wrap around it but I’ve not found the per­fect say­ing quite yet. So this...

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Miniature Art ~ Affections

Aug 22, 2013

Today, I’m shar­ing a fun lit­tle (and I mean lit­tle as in 2″ x 2″  lit­tle) minia­ture can­vas. I want­ed the tex­ture of this can­vas to have that old stuc­co look and feel I came to love see­ing on so many build­ings while in Bel­la­go, Italy. To start I cov­ered the entire can­vas with plas­ter, once dry I applied a thin coat of a cream col­ored acrylic paint over the entire can­vas. Since I want­ed the plas­ter to resem­ble old stuc­co I applied a col­or wash over the dried cream paint using a watered down brown acrylic paint. While the wash was still wet I used a dry paper tow­el to wipe off the excess col­or wash. This tech­nique worked beau­ti­ful­ly and the plas­ter fin­ish looks just like the build­ings I remem­ber see­ing in...

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Plaster Posy

Aug 19, 2013

Before falling asleep one evening, I was think­ing about things to cre­ate with plas­ter and thought a flower would be fun. So the next morn­ing, I grabbed some wire and start­ed bend­ing and twist­ing it into shape cre­at­ing the base for a neat plas­ter posy. Once I had every­thing the way I liked it I applied plas­ter and got real­ly messy. I love the raw­ness of plas­ter and find it so inspir­ing. After the plas­ter was com­plete­ly dry I used bees wax to seal images onto the posy. Then to accent the edges of each petal and the leaf I paint­ed metal­lic gold paint all along the edges. I love how this lit­tle unas­sum­ing pop of gold looks. Paint­ing the edges of any project real­ly does help fin­ish off your piece. To com­plete the...

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