NEW Handmade Penny Candy Dolls

Jan 29, 2015

I’ve added two new doll designs to my Etsy Shop. These Hand­made Penny Candy Dolls are cre­ated by me from vin­tage dolls in my...

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Leather & Vintage Tin Bracelet

Jul 9, 2014

It makes this momma so proud when one of my daugh­ters sees a jew­elry project on my work­table, picks it up and says, “I’d wear...

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Good Junkin Spots

May 28, 2014

Last week, while head­ing down to mom and dad’s place I stopped at one of my favorite junkin spots near New Waverly. This place is...

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It was a Junkin Mother’s Day Weekend

May 15, 2013

This past Mother’s Day week­end, I went to Beau­mont and had a won­der­ful visit with my par­ents. One thing mom, dad and I love to...

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Thrift Store Finds ~ Storage & Photo Props

Apr 26, 2013

It’s no secret how much I love thrift store finds and the thrill of the hunt, I wish I could bot­tle up that feel­ing.  When...

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Apr 10, 2012

I always get asked “What are you going to do with these”? when I’m dig­ging in flea mar­kets and such for lit­tle trea­sures to use...

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