Need a crown, of course you do!!!

Mar 18, 2015

Saturday, I was at The Crafty Scrapper attending a birthday crop for my super sweet & awesome friend Trisha Perkins. At her party, she had Cheryl Darrow of Ten Seconds Studio come and instruct everyone on how to make leather crowns. This was WAY WAY WAY out of my comfort zone as I’m a vintage paper kinda girl and there was zero vintage paper to be found here, but let me tell you I now have a new addiction. Working with emboss-able leather is so fun and if you ever have the chance to take one of Cheryl’s crown classes do it, you will LOVE it! Cheryl brought her tools  and molds for the non-doodle calligraphy girls in the class, which as you can see I was one of those girls. Once everyone had their leather pieces embossed...

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It is Love ~ Scribbly Bird Tag

Feb 3, 2015

Since the birds are pretty happy Spring is coming and have been chirping non-stop outside my window and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner I decided to create this tag using Dina Wakley’s Scribbly Birds and Collage Hearts stamp sets. I think her stamp sets are some of the most unique on the market as all are created from images she has drawn in her art journals. This tag is layered with a Jenni Bowlin Stencil, Ranger Texture Paste, Dina Wakley Media Paints, Platinum Stickles, Book Pages, Washi Tape and of course stamped images using Manila Cardstock, Jet Black Archival Ink and Dina’s...

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New Year and New Goals

Jan 6, 2015

I’ve had some ideas for canvas art swirling around my head for quite some time and this year my goal is to act on these ideas. So I’m starting out the year painting this canvas, “She is the keeper of their dreams”. As you can see this is still a work in progress. Painting is teaching me some patience as every little detail takes time. I plan to eventually have prints available of the completed piece as well as note cards. But I’m not sure when they will be available as I first need to finish the painting. One thing I did figure out is I cannot paint in vintage tones I have to paint in bright colors which I find rather odd. I’m also still de-stashing my studio. If you would like some...

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Needle Felted Santa Ornament

Oct 2, 2014

Yesterday, I thought I would try and needle felt a Santa ornament. Today, I’m going to try to make him a pair of glasses. I love trying and discovering new art forms. One never knows if they can until they try. I will always try. I hope I inspire you to do the...

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Bellie’s Here For A Visit

Jul 30, 2014

This past Saturday, Isabella (a.k.a. Bellie) my 7 year old niece came for her week of everyday fun. We have had a blast doing one paint project after the next. This girl LOVES to PAINT! She wants to paint over going to see a movie, getting a makeover at Sweet & Sassy, eating breakfast at IHOP etc. I suggest something fun to do for the day and all she says is can I just paint. So paint is what we have done all week. I asked her Sunday what she wanted to paint and she said a horse. At first I panicked because this auntie does not draw especially horses. So I found some coloring pages of My Little Pony online, printed some out, let her pick which one she wanted to paint then...

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Sing Your Own Song

Jun 3, 2014

I wasn’t kidding when I said I LOVED Dina Wakley’s Scribbly Birds stamp set. Here is another piece I made over the weekend. Using Jet Black Archival Ink I stamped the bird image onto a 6″ piece of watercolor paper, then filled it in with acrylic paints. I painted the entire background with teal acrylic paint. I used the Kaleidoscope stencil by Ronda Palazzari and some of Wendy Vecchi’s Crackle Texture Paste to add texture to the piece. Once the paste was dry and did it’s magic I inked it with Archival Inks and Vintage Photo Distress Ink. Using Multi Medium I attached some vintage sheet music and an image from a book. Next I covered the stenciled areas and the branch image with bits and pieces of a dress pattern. Once the multi  medium dried I...

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Wire Wrapping

Jan 22, 2014

As I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been having a bit of fun creating unique pendants and decided I needed to learn how to wire wrap some vintage pearls and beads. Well, I’m not sure why this is so hard for me to accomplish but I’m trying my best. Suze Weinburg gave me a quick lesson and I remember thinking that is it? Suze makes it look so easy and really it is but for some reason I’m making a mountain out of this mole hill. I think I’m so worried about perfection it’s causing me difficulties. I really need to learn to let some of this type A personality go. Once I master this task I’ll take step by step photos to share. Until then, I’m going to continue to remind myself “An Artist Cannot...

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On My Table…

Jan 17, 2014

I’ve been playing around in my studio, this week and have really enjoyed working on a few soldering projects. Soldering is something I kinda put on the back burner for a bit while creating my last two books. I get so much satisfaction from creating items I have visualized in my head. I’m a true assemblage girl at heart. The house above has an adorable vintage Valentine image inside and is covered with a layer of resin. The vintage flocked flowers are a beautiful shade of pale pink and one is accented with the words “Love is”. I added two small rhinestones from a vintage necklace to the key. So I’m sure you figured it out that the title of this pendant will be “Love is Key”. I’m going to drill a hole in...

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Steampunk Bird Pendant

Jan 15, 2014

Yesterday, I decided to pull out my soldering tools and have a little creative play. I created a bird from copper and started soldering. Once I had the bird base I just kinda sat there for a bit thinking, now what? Then it hit me, I’ve been taking apart some old watches my dad gave me and thought I’ll make an attempt at “Steampunk”. I feel Candy Rosenberg is the “Queen” of Steampunk so I was a bit intimidated at even getting started. Then I remembered what I tell everyone, “An Artists Cannot Fail“. Really, if YOU create it and YOU love it then as I see it, it’s a double win situation. I can’t decide how to finish my Steampunk Bird, do I place it on a mini canvas or turn it into a...

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Trying something new

Nov 13, 2013

Here’s a little peek at a project I have in the works. I’ve been busy making molds, pouring plaster and painting. Painting on plaster is something I’m finding quite enjoyable. Although after today’s paint session, I’ll be getting some teeny tiny paintbrushes because the tiniest one I have is still too big. The face of this doll measures about 3/4 inches which means the eyes and lips are super teeny tiny. So tiny, I had to put on my cheaters because without them I couldn’t even begin to see the mouth or eyes. Once finished I’ll be listing this project in my Etsy shop. Starting today through Sunday, when you enter coupon code: JUSTBECAUSE you will receive 15% off your entire order of $10.00 or...

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Enjoy The Creative Process

Oct 29, 2013

Today, I thought I would give you a little insight into my creative process. This could be scary so consider yourself warned. I have a really hard time slowing my brain down at night which means I’m always thinking of new things to try. Well several nights ago I had an idea of creating a 3 dimensional canvas using plaster with a collage background. That was really all that came to me as I had no idea what would be created from the plaster just that plaster was going to be used. The next morning, after a few cups of coffee I headed for my studio and started getting plastered and before you know it I had a beautiful girl created using plaster and attached to an 11″ x 14″ canvas. While the plaster...

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3 Wishes ~ For Sale

Oct 28, 2013

I’ve decided to start making art to sell. I have lots of ideas in my head and hope my style of art inspires you to create your own piece or purchase mine. I’ve listed this 8″ x 8″ canvas titled “3 Wishes” in my Etsy store. This piece is one of a kind and includes vintage items such as handmade doilies, handwritten ledger paper, sheet music and book pages. The vintage spoon rests upon a stack of vintage buttons and the Frozen Charlotte Dolls I created from plaster using molds made from dolls in my collection. The papers are covered in layers of bees wax and accented with crystal rhinestones. The price for this piece is $125.00 and includes shipping. Here’s to a creative day filled with loads of inspiration. If you follow me on...

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Custom Art Journal

May 7, 2012

While at Ranger U, Dyan Reaveley taught us some super fun techniques using her dyslusions ink spray and stamps. After we finished creating our technique tags she showed us her journals (which are AMAZING) and talked about doing what feels right for us and to make it our own. Well, art journaling scares me to death! Not sure why but my goodness it sends shivers down my spine just thinking about doing it. Really it shouldn’t freak me out so much because no one has to see what I create but it does… BUT I’m determined to do it my way with a little or a lot of inspiration from Dyan. Remember, “An Artist Cannot Fail.” So while doing a little thrifting I found this cute vintage hardback book from 1909. It measures 4″...

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What a day…

Apr 23, 2012

Carolyn with her finished canvas Saturday, I had a wonderful time with a great group of ladies at The Crafty Scrapper. These ladies were all finding courage to try new techniques. Some needed more courage than others but each jumped right in and embraced their creative journey. No names will be given but some had never done any type of mixed media class and let’s just say this class was pretty advanced and I was SO PROUD of her when her canvas was completed. Some feared the thought of freehand painting well maybe more than some actually, maybe quite a few but they ALL did it and they ALL looked amazing. And one in class I discovered did not like getting her hands dirty. LOL, as long as I have known this lovely person...

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In The Works

Apr 17, 2012

Yesterday, I played with wax and must admit Encaustic art makes my heart happy. This canvas piece is still in the works but I love how it is turning out. The soft white and hues of cream make me swoon. The tiny doily is made by my mom. It was just too perfect not to use in this piece.  I’m thinking this might be a fun class to teach at “The Crafty Scrapper”, in the near future. What are your thoughts? I love how different these two mini canvas pieces are yet the colors are the same. It was so much fun experimenting with different tools and embellishments… doilies, dried flowers and small feathers are perfect additions for encaustic work. This one is one is my favorite. The photo is of my grandmother and mom...

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An Artist Cannot Fail ~ Encaustic

Apr 16, 2012

I’ve been intrigued with encaustic art for a long time, so this week I pulled out my Heat Tool, Iron and Melting Pot along with some Bees Wax, Crayons, Balzer Designs Stencils and Antiquated Collection Stamp Sets. I hope you enjoy this weeks installment of my “An Artist Cannot Fail” blog series and give this fun medium a try. There is something so fun about melting crayons… maybe it’s the doing something you weren’t supposed to do as a child thing… the thought of striking a match or playing with a lighter to melt a crayon scared me to death. The only melted crayon I ever found was one my little sister might have dropped in the car. Texas summers are instant death for crayons. On the ATC above I first applied a layer of...

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Just Playing

Apr 12, 2012

I’ve found a new love… melting wax. The tag you see is a little sneak of what I will share with you Monday, for the second installment of my  “An Artist Cannot Fail” blog series. I’m really having fun experimenting with different mediums that I’ve wanted to try for so long. I have lots of papercrafting responsibilities so it’s hard to take time to just play and experiment with different mediums and techniques. I love encaustic art and have a strong desire to learn and experiment more in this area. I can see a new addiction coming to my studio real soon. So what are you waiting for… experiment....

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An Artist Cannot Fail…

Apr 9, 2012

While kitting for my class “Art Requires Courage” I was thinking how true these words are, especially to me. Stepping out of my comfort zone of all things vintage like buttons, pearls, old papers and trims and into the world of stencils, mists, paints and ink takes courage. I know I can do all things vintage. This style is as comfortable as wearing a pair of TOMS but breaking out of the creative box is hard and scary. I’m determined to give it a go because I have ideas and I’m determined. Even if breaking out of the box does not feel natural or I make so many mistakes I fill up a trash can, I’m determined. So, this being said, each Monday I am going to post an “Art Requires Courage” project. This...

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