Hammered Metal Flower Cuff Bracelet

Mar 21, 2014

This hammered metal flower started out as a pendant but the more I looked at it the more I thought the flower would look really cool as a focal point on a leather cuff. So with just a little alteration (punching an additional hole) I attached the flower to a leather strip, added some vintage rosary beads and created a closure. As you can see the rosary beads are lose when the bracelet is not worn but when you wear it the rosary beads fit snug against the leather as shown in the bottom photo. This bracelet is for sale and can be purchased in my Etsy shop along with other handmade jewelry items. I’m really enjoying working with metal and thought I would share a little funny from my sister. A few days...

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DIY Spring Necklaces

Mar 20, 2014

Since today is the first day of Spring I’m going to share how to recreate two necklaces that will compliment any of your spring outfits. These are quick and easy to make. I created this necklace for Ansley, she loves lots of color and the NEO cut chains are perfect for her style. To recreate this necklace you will need NEO cut chains in Purple 5 x 3mm, Lime Green 5 x 3mm, Turquoise 3.5 x 2mm,  NEO Findings 6.5mm Purple Jump Rings as well as pliers and wire cutters. Using wire cutters, cut the following NEO chains to these lengths… Purple 18″, 14.5″ and 8.5″, Lime Green 10.5″ and Turquoise 2 pieces cut to 12.5″. Please note this is a long necklace if you want your necklace shorter just cut to your desired lengths....

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DIY Leather & Rhinestone Bracelet

Mar 19, 2014

This sparkly spring bracelet is made using a strip of Metal Complex Flat Leather, Metal Complex Toggle Flat in Gold, Hemp by Dazzle-It and Maya Road Iridescent Rhinestone Trim. The Flat Leather is pre-packaged in strips that measure 10 x 2mm and come in a wide assortment of color groups. The one featured today is the Yellow from the Yellow & Steel Grey Metallic group. The other group colors are Black & White, Dark Brown & Turquoise, White & Metallic Gold, Metallic Purple & Pink, Green & Metallic Purple, Navy Blue & Metallic Navy Blue, Metallic Gold & Silver and Navy, Turquoise & Metallic Navy. I think they pretty much have everyone covered here and if you like snake skin designs they even have faux leather in this style in white, purple, brown and green...

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The Newfangled Neo Chain Blog Hop

Mar 18, 2014

It goes without saying that there are so many different types of chain to choose from for stringing and sewing projects. Dazzle-it NEO is a new collection of chain and findings featuring classic colors with a new age twist! The vivid colors are quite eye catching and make a great accent to your jewelry designs. Mix these colors together for an extravagant look or simply add them together with black or white beads to pop the individual colors. The possibilities are endless. For this fun blog hop I was sent the black and white chain and findings to use to create what ever items I wanted. I decided on creating a matching necklace, bracelet and earring set. The NEO chain glitters because the cut in the chain exposes the brass beneath, which worked perfectly...

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Leather Bracelets

Mar 17, 2014

To create these three bracelets I used a fun product called Metal Complex Flat Leather. They are pre-packaged leather strips that measure 10 x 2mm and come in a wide assortment of color groups. The color group shown here is the Yellow/Steel Grey Metallic group. Metal Complex also has available 5mm spools in 20 different colors as well as 3mm spools of colored faux snake leather. What I love about this product is you can leave the leather strips as is like I did with the top bracelet. This is just how the leather strip looks when taken out of the packaging. For the middle bracelet, I decided to see if I could emboss the leather strip using my Sizzix Big Shot and an embossing folder. It worked beautifully and the embossing was perfect....

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Got Dapping Tools?

Mar 12, 2014

If you have a set of “Dapping Tools” you too can make this bracelet. I’m pretty raw at jewelry making but I like to wear unique pieces and figured I’d have a try at creating my own. Practice makes perfect, right? So far, I’ve found this style is pretty easy, fun and a great stress reliever when hammering away on metal. After I finished the bracelet I created this pendant. Next up, is making a big funky ring. I’ll share some photos once the ring is completed....

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Doggie Name Tag

Mar 11, 2014

After caring for our grand dog Lola last week, I decided she needed a girly name tag and collar. She gets called a HE way too many times. The hardest part of the entire creative process was hammering out the dime I used for the name tag. If you want to make one for your dog here is a quick tutorial. If you  missed my “Stamped Penny Charm” tutorial you might want to check this tutorial out as well. It’s a fun one. Supplies & Tools Needed: ImpressArt Bench Block ~ Brass Hammer ~ 2 Hole Screw Down Punch ~ Metal Letter Stamps ~ Stamp Straight Tape ~ Half Round Pliers, Dime, Jump Ring, Maya Road Pearl Bead Chain, Maya Road Iridescent Rhinestone Trim Instructions: Place dime on bench block and hammer until flattened. Metal Stamp your dogs name onto your disk. ImpressArt has...

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Baby Shower ~ Baby Shoe Decor

Mar 10, 2014

Need a baby shower decor piece? This project is perfect for a baby shower and was created from lots of Eileen Hull’s amazing dies. It’s no secret that I love Eileen’s dies as I have featured several projects using them but this one has the most dies used in one project. Just goes to show you how easy it is to incorporate so many in one project. After assembling the baby shoe I covered it completely in plaster. I let it dry overnight then decoupaged a decorative napkin over the entire baby shoe. When I decoupage napkins onto a project I peel the decorative top layer from the napkin. This gives you a thin layer to decoupage and eliminates the chance of getting wrinkles from the under layers of the napkin. Maya Road Trinket...

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Leather Cuff

Mar 7, 2014

Did you know you can bend the Antique Plume Feathers by Maya Road? Well if you didn’t, you do now, which means you can turn them into really pretty bracelets. I gently bent the one shown above to rest perfectly on top of a piece of leather to create this eclectic leather cuff. I accented the quill end of the metal feather using a few Maya Road Iridescent Rhinestone Trim pieces and accented the edges of the vintage lace with Maya Road  Twine Cording Ginger Root Brown. I’m trying to think of a few words to place on top of the feather but so far I’ve got nothing… do you have any ideas? If so, please share your thoughts or ideas because I need...

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Artist Trading Block ~ Night Light

Feb 25, 2014

Have you heard of Eileen Hull’s “Artist Trading Blocks“? Artist trading blocks allow you to create on a multi-dimensional canvas. I decided to turn my ATB into a night light. Before creating my ATB using a pencil I drew a heart shape on one end of the die cut ATB. Please Note: this end will open and close so you can place a battery tea light inside so don’t seal it shut. Using a craft knife cut the traced heart out of mat board. Now you are ready to assemble the ATB per the manufacturers instructions. Attach patterned paper to the ATB then ink the edges using Chestnut Roan ink. Using a craft knife, cut the patterned paper that is now covering the heart to create a heart shaped window. Attach a piece of lace...

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Stamped Penny Charm

Feb 20, 2014

The other day, I was searching on Pinterest for a charm bracelet I saw months ago made from squished souvenir pennies. I have so many of these from places we took the girls when they were young as well as from my travels. I love charm bracelets so I am absolutely going to make this bracelet. I’m one of these crazy people who cannot pass up one of these penny machines. While searching for the charm bracelet I stumbled upon some charms made from hammered pennies with metal stamped words. After seeing these it got me to thinking about the cute “Coffee Break Ring” I saw on the Resin Crafts EnviroTex blog create by Carmi Cimicata and in no time I made this charm for my daughter, Ansley. She loves the story “Alice in...

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Mini Shadow Box

Feb 19, 2014

Here is another example of creating a faux soldered border using metal foil tape and zig zag decorative scissors. I think this type of edge really completes a project beautifully. The mini shadow box is filled with one of my handmade Frozen Charlotte dolls that I altered with paint, some Maya Road Paper Posies, an Altered Maya Road Wooden Button and a punched butterfly accented with a Maya Road Rhinestone Trim piece. I cut a piece of Wendy Vecchi Studio 490 Clearly For Art Modeling Film and covered the shadow box front to keep everything in place, just another awesome use for this fun product. The patterned papers used are by Pink Paislee. Yes I do hoard this paper line. I love everything Rebecca designs. This shadow box hangs by beautiful rosary type beads and has...

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JudiKins Mica Gloss ~ Metallic Pigment Inks

Feb 12, 2014

Are you familiar with Mica Gloss Metallic Pigment Inks? If not, Metallic Pigment Inks are rich metallic colors that add awesome color to all forms of artwork. You can apply these inks with a brayer, paint brush, or my favorite, your fingers. You can use Metallic Pigment Inks on paper, jewelry, shrink plastic, and rubber stamps. You can also heat set them on non-porous surfaces. These little bottles pack a big punch too, a little goes a long way with these inks. On the top photo I used a paint brush to apply the Mica Gloss Metallic Pigment Ink to the embellishments. Once I had the inks as I liked them and heat set them using a hand held heat tool I applied a coating of Fluxe Enameling Resin over the Metallic Pigment Inks....

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EnviroTex Jewelry Clay Mini Canvas

Feb 10, 2014

Jewelry clay is a medium that can be used in so many different ways. It’s a wonderful product and one I keep on hand in my studio. It’s super easy to use as it’s a two part putty. All you do is mix equal parts of putty A and putty B together for two minutes then you can get started on your project. You can embed items as I did in this butterfly shaped piece such as microbeads, buttons, pearl beads and resin accents. If you have areas of jewelry clay showing after you’ve added all the baubles you can apply a light coating of perfect pearls in the color of your choice to finish these spots. The step by step instructions to create the butterfly accent can be found in “Delight In The...

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Felted Heart

Feb 7, 2014

Incorporating an assortment of textiles not only adds visual interest to your projects but it can also add unique textures too. The background of this canvas is layered with several different types of textiles and each layer adds beauty and texture. When I started this canvas I knew I wanted to create a somewhat monochromatic background as I wanted the felted heart embellishment to be the main feature. I decided on creating a soft cream background but knew I could not just go with one piece of fabric. I love to add texture and dimension to all my projects so I needed at least three textile layers. Once I had my game plan mostly figured out, using fabric adhesive I attached a piece of cream colored wool felt to the canvas. After the felt was...

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Embedded Objects in Beeswax

Feb 6, 2014

Embedding miscellaneous objects into beeswax is a technique that allows for some pretty amazing results with your mixed media projects. Some of my favorite items to embed are scanned copies of old photos, vintage ephemera, buttons, feathers and dried flowers. The look these items give to your projects are fabulous and as you can see, I embedded all my favorites into this Putz style house. The photo embedded on the front of the house is of my great grandmother on her wedding day and is one of my favorites I have of her. I prefer using natural beeswax pellets over white beeswax pellets and is only because of it’s off white color. The coloring of the natural beeswax goes perfectly with my vintage style. I also don’t have or use any high end encaustic...

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Hearts of Red, White & Pink

Feb 5, 2014

I LOVE tissue paper and creating tissue paper garland is one of my favorite things to do. Tissue paper is cheap and the garland is simple to make. You can make your garland as long as you wish or just a small amount that is perfect to accent a card as I did in the photo above. The center of the tissue paper heart is a calendar card by Jenni Bowlin. I accented the center of the calendar using brown ink and crackle paint. Creating texture and dimension is something else I love doing. Pretty much all my projects have some kind of texture and dimension. This embossed heart is an accent on a tag. The heart is embossed, painted and glittered and surprisingly does not take much time at all to create. The doily...

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Assemblage at Heart

Feb 4, 2014

I am always asked, “What are you going to do with this thing?” when I purchase odd items as I’m out and about junking. Honestly, sometimes I have not one clue but I’ve learned from experience if I see something that really intrigues me or something that I’m on the fence about I make the purchase. My dad has a saying, “You only regret the things you don’t buy.” and he’s right! Today, I thought I would show you what I did with lots of random items that helped me create this assemblage style doll. Now I know this might not be for everyone but I just love her and have her sitting on my shelf in my studio. As you can see she is made from lots of different flea market and non-flea...

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Jewelry Clay, Resin & Baubles

Jan 30, 2014

If you have not tried EnviroTex Jewelry Clay and Jewelry Resin I highly recommend you do. These products are super easy to use and have endless possibilities. I’m really having a lot of fun creating unique charms and pendants incorporating both products. The hardest part for me is being patient enough to allow the clay and resin to cure. My little secret is to let the clay and resin cure overnight to cut down on my needing to be patient for too long. It works like a charm. One thing to remember is resin does not like cold weather at all. To fix this issue I let my projects cure overnight with a desk lamp on aiming directly over the items. The heat from the lamp is just warm enough to allow my resin...

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Handmade Eclectic Jewelry

Jan 29, 2014

Lately, I’ve been creating unique pieces of jewelry in my studio using bits & pieces of vintage jewelry I’ve been collecting. The heart shaped pendant in the photo above is one I cut from copper sheeting, soldered and accented with a vintage postcard image, red rhinestone trim and German silver glass glitter. The front and back of this pendant is covered with a layer of clear resin. Then I created the necklace from pearl, iridescent pink and red beads. This bracelet is created from a vintage earring that I could not pass up at a flea market. I LOVE the coral color and all the detail. The scallop lace around the outer edge and flower center is so intricate. The earring is attached to a bracelet that has a spring type hinge. This type...

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Optical Lens Pendant

Jan 27, 2014

When thrifty finds come together like this it makes me want to jump in my car and go junking even more. I found the optical lens, vintage lace, broken rhinestone necklace piece and book page words while looking around flea markets, thrift shops and antique stores. These items were purchased for little of nothing but when combined together these little bits of discarded items turned into something fabulous.  A beautiful optical lens inspirational pendant. I really like how the lace, words and rhinestones look encased in resin on this pendant. Being able to still see through the lens by using lace creates a beautiful effect. I attached lace pieces to the front and back of the optical lens. When creating this pendant, first I attached the rhinestone necklace piece around the optical lens using...

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