Teeny Tiny Needle Felted Terrarium

Oct 20, 2014


I’ve been in Beau­mont help­ing mom and dad with a few of their aches and pains these past few weeks so while I’m sit­ting in the evenings I’ve been doing some nee­dle felt­ing. Over the week­end, I decid­ed to give it a go at mak­ing a tee­ny tiny ter­rar­i­um. The jar for this ter­rar­i­um is only 2″ x 2″. Which means the mush­rooms and gnome house are real­ly tiny. The tallest mush­room mea­sures 1″ and the gnome house is only .75″ and I LOVE the tee­ny tiny acorn cap used as the roof. Mom and dad have some super tiny acorns on their oak tree that are per­fect for these lit­tle hous­es. It’s a bat­tle between me and the squir­rel on who gets them first.

Mushrooms and Gnome House

Top view

I plan on mak­ing sev­er­al more of these tee­ny tiny nee­dle felt­ed ter­rar­i­ums because I think they are the cutest tee­ny tiny works of art. I will be work­ing on a tuto­r­i­al soon on how to cre­ate nee­dle felt­ed mush­rooms and gnome hous­es for a future blog post. So be watch­ing for it. Many of you want­ed to know how to make the San­ta with the fir tree I shared last week, that tuto­r­i­al will take some time to put togeth­er and it’s more of an advanced piece to cre­ate, so I’m start­ing with mush­rooms and gnome hous­es as these are sim­pler and more on a begin­ner lev­el.



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