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Aug 21, 2014

I real­ly love see­ing all the amaz­ing art jour­nal­ing that lots of my friends do but I have issues, like seri­ous issues when it comes to the jour­nals. I love dimen­sion­al col­lage which means, I like to stick LOTS of bulky things in my art. Well, this does not work well with a lot of art jour­nals due to the type of bind­ing most have so the prob­lem was solved this week by cre­at­ing my own art jour­nal. Now I can add all the bulky items I want and the art jour­nal will still close. The thick­er my art jour­nal gets is no big­gie because all I need to do is use larg­er binder rings.

Even though I’ve used vin­tage items that you might not have on had to cre­ate my art jour­nal my ideas might spark inspi­ra­tion for items you have on had that you might not have thought of using so make your art jour­nal your own. I’d love for you to fol­low along with me and cre­ate your art jour­nal as well as share your cre­ations.

Art Journal Cover

I first had to decide what size art jour­nal I want­ed, this means I went through all my old books to find the size that I felt was the best size for me to work in. I was kin­da feel­ing like Goldilocks, this book is too small, this book is too big this book is just right… My book cov­ers mea­sure 6.75″ x 9″.

To cre­ate the front and back cov­ers of my art jour­nal I sim­ply cut the front and back cov­ers from the spine of the book then removed all the inside pages. These pages will be used in col­lage art inside this jour­nal and oth­er projects. Using a Crop a Dile I punched three holes on the left side of the book cov­ers and attached them togeth­er with binder rings.

Watercolor Pages

The main inside pages of my art jour­nal are cut pieces of 140 pound water­col­or paper I cut six sheets to 6″ x 9″ giv­ing me 12 art jour­nal pages. You can pur­chase a pad of water­col­or paper that is 9″ x 12″ so basi­cal­ly all I did was cut the paper in half. So sim­ple.


Vintage Postcards

I attached three vin­tage hor­i­zon­tal post­cards togeth­er to cre­ate one long art jour­nal page. I will stitch a zigzag stitch between each post­card as well as a sim­ple straight stitch along the edges. I will be able to add inspi­ra­tional quotes to the post card fronts. I liked the first one so much I decid­ed to cre­ate two post­card pages. Each post­card page mea­sures 5.25″ x 9″.

Vintage Postcard Backs

This what the backs of the post­cards look like and will be per­fect to alter. With the added stitch­ing these are going to look awe­some. I’m real­ly excit­ed about alter­ing these.

Cabinet Card Photo

I was even lucky enough to find a vin­tage cab­i­net card pho­to I had in my stash that fit per­fect­ly in my art jour­nal. I will be able to alter this as well as the back. This cab­i­net card pho­to mea­sures 6″ x 9″.

Sneak Peek

And this is a sneak peek of the first page in my art jour­nal. I’ll share the full image tomor­row as I’m not quite fin­ished with it. But I’m a big believ­er in using what you have so these are all items I’ve had sit­ting in my stu­dio just wait­ing to be used. The quote you see is cut from the insu­la­tor of my Star­bucks cof­fee I drank yes­ter­day. I just applied some Dia­mond Glaze on top to give it a lit­tle extra some­thing.


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