Basic Bead Wire Wrapping Tutorial

Aug 11, 2014

Sev­eral of you have asked me to do a tuto­r­ial show­ing you how to wire wrap a bead. I tried to make this as sim­ple to fol­low as pos­si­ble by tak­ing a photo at every step. I hope this tuto­r­ial helps you out and doesn’t con­fuse you even more. At first you will feel like you are fum­bling your way through it as I know I cer­tainly did but once you do it over and over again you will be wire wrap­ping beads with­out giv­ing it a sec­ond thought.

Tools Needed: Round Nose Pli­ers, Chain Nose Pli­ers, Side Cut­ter Pliers

Sup­plies: Beads, Headpins

Step One

  • Thread head­pin through bead, place mid­way between your round nose pliers.

Step 2

  • Bend the head­pin towards you.

Step 3

  • Repo­si­tion round nose pli­ers as shown.

Step 4

  • Bend the head­pin upwards.

Step 5

  • Bend the head­pin over the round nose pliers.

Step 5 Side View

  • The head­pin should look like this photo.

Step 6

  • Repo­si­tion the round nose pli­ers to look like this.

Step 7

  • Pull the head­pin towards you so that the head­pin wraps around the round nose pli­ers midsection.

Step 8

  • Remove the bead from the round nose pli­ers. Now using the chain nose pli­ers hold the bead as shown. You want the long part of the head­pin to be par­al­lel with the chain nose pliers.

Step 9

  • Pull the head­pin back (away from you) and up

Step 10

  • Pull the head­pin towards you and down. This will wrap the head­pin around the sec­tion between the bead and the loop.

Step 11

  • Again, pull the head­pin back (away from you) and up. This will begin the sec­ond wire wrap.

Step 12

  • Again, pull the head­pin towards you and down. This will wrap the head­pin around the sec­tion between the bead and the loop for the sec­ond time.

Step 13

  • Pull the head­pin back (away from you) and up

Step 14

  • Using side cut­ter pli­ers, snip the excess head­pin off as close to the bead as possible.

Step 15

  • Using the chain nose pli­ers squeeze the cut end of the head­pin so it is not stick­ing out and is as flush with the wire wrapped base as possible.

Wire Wrapped Bead

And you did it… you have suc­cess­fully wire wrapped a bead. Remem­ber, it takes some prac­tice but once you get it, you won’t think a sec­ond about doing it, all the steps will come naturally.


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