ThermoMorph ~ Moldable Plastic

Jul 8, 2014


I was asked to try Ther­mo­Morph and give an hon­est review on what I thought and how I liked it. Ther­mo­Morph is made from poly­morph gran­ules. I know I was like what the what? I just skipped over the it’s made of this and went straight to play­ing. Well, Ther­mo­Morph is super cool and so easy to use. It does every­thing it states on the front of the con­tain­er.

  • Very Easy to Use
  • Reusable
  • No Tools Required
  • Strong When Set
  • Can be Mold­ed, Carved, Paint­ed, Dyed etc.
  • Appli­ca­tions Are End­less

You all know how I love vin­tage baubles so I made some molds out of vin­tage lock­ets using a sil­i­cone mold put­ty that I pur­chased at Hob­by Lob­by. Once the molds were set I heat­ed the Ther­mo­Morph as stat­ed in the direc­tions. Again, super easy.

  • Heat water to a boil in a tea ket­tle then pour it into a suit­able con­tain­er. Allow to cool just a bit to avoid any scald­ing.
  • Pour Ther­mo­Morph pel­lets into the hot water.
  • Wait about 2 min., until all the pel­lets are clear and form a clump.
  • Care­ful­ly remove the clump of pel­lets with tongs and wait until it is cool enough to mold with­out scald­ing your­self.
  • I then pulled off enough Ther­mo­Morph from the clump to fill each mold.
  • I allowed the Ther­mo­Morph to cool to room tem­per­a­ture and watched as it cre­at­ed a hard plas­tic.
  • I popped the hearts out of the mold and BAM instant embell­ish­ment just wait­ing to be altered. Sor­ry I don’t have a before alter­ing pho­to… got so excit­ed I for­got to take a pho­to.


You can see here how the back of the hearts are white like the pel­lets before heat­ing. After I took the hearts out of the molds I sand­ed the edges.  Once I had the edges like I want­ed I paint­ed sev­er­al coats of Dina Wak­ley’s Media Paint on top, once the paint was dry, using my fin­ger I applied a thin lay­er of Adiron­dack Metal­lic Gold Paint to the embossed areas of each heart. To pro­tect the paint­ed areas I applied a coat­ing of Dia­mond Glaze over the top of each heart. The glossy fin­ish real­ly com­pletes the hearts and gives them a more fin­ished look.


This prod­uct has so many pos­si­bil­i­ties and I will be play­ing around with it more for sure. Oh and a super cool thing, if the mold­ed piece does not come out the way you like it, just reheat it in hot water and start over. There is zero waste with this prod­uct. The remain­ing pieces I had from the clump I used is sit­ting inside the con­tain­er wait­ing for next time. That is cool!

I give this prod­uct two thumbs up, it’s easy to use, has zero mess and no waste. If you want to pur­chase a jar and give it a try your­self, you can find it on Ama­zon HERE.


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