Road Trip with Madelyn Day 3

Jul 4, 2014

Dr. Pepper Museum

What a great time we had tour­ing the Dr. Pep­per Muse­um in Waco. This three sto­ry muse­um is quaint but fun. Made­lyn absolute­ly loved look­ing at every square inch of this muse­um. They have a nice scav­enger hunt for kids that real­ly helps them learn about the exhibits shown on each lev­el of the muse­um. After the kids fill in all the blanks for the scav­enger hunt they return the sheet to the tick­et area and get a lit­tle gift which is a Dr. Pep­per bot­tle cap. As soon as we got back to Frisco, I turned her bot­tle cap into a charm for a sou­venir neck­lace.

Alan and I enjoyed watch­ing some of the old com­mer­cials and remem­bered sev­er­al we saw grow­ing up. We all had the jin­gle “I’m a Pep­per, He’s a Pep­per, She’s a Pep­per, We’re a Pep­per, Would­n’t you like to be a Pep­per too? Be a Pep­per, Drink Dr. Pep­per” stuck in our heads all day long.

Dr. Pepper Museum

Of course after the tour we had to go to the gift shop. This kid loves gift shops. Every sin­gle place we went to, if it had a gift shop this girl was in it look­ing at every sin­gle item. The gift shop is small but filled with t‑shirts, stick­ers, pens, mag­nets, bot­tled Dr. Pep­per, Rose Bowl Pins and oth­er small Dr. Pep­per logo items. Made­lyn got an old school style t‑shirt that says “I’m a Pep­per” and some Dr. Pep­per fla­vored jel­ly beans. Of course you can’t vis­it this place with­out going to the Soda Foun­tain Par­lor and get­ting Dr. Pep­per Floats in sou­venir cups.

This tour was a great end­ing to a won­der­ful mini road trip with Made­lyn. We had loads of fun, laughed a lot and made some great mem­o­ries. Although, when you live in Texas mini road trips are LONG. I drove a total of 1400 miles which includ­ed meet­ing half way to pick up and return her to my sis­ter.


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