DART Rail & The Dallas World Aquarium

Jul 31, 2014

Tuesday, Ansley and I rode the DART rail into Dallas to take Bellie to visit the Dallas World Aquarium. The ride into Dallas was made super fun because we sat in our seat so that we were going backwards. When your 7 that’s awesome. Once we arrived it was absolute amazement. I’m a firm believer that if you really want to enjoy something like this completely take a child. Their wonder and excitement is priceless. We got to the sloth exhibit at the perfect time as it was climbing up and down the trees ever so slowly. This is my third time to visit the aquarium and the first time to ever see the sloth move. Usually, it’s sleeping and not moving a muscle. I thought Bellie’s eyes were going to pop right out...

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Bellie’s Here For A Visit

Jul 30, 2014

This past Saturday, Isabella (a.k.a. Bellie) my 7 year old niece came for her week of everyday fun. We have had a blast doing one paint project after the next. This girl LOVES to PAINT! She wants to paint over going to see a movie, getting a makeover at Sweet & Sassy, eating breakfast at IHOP etc. I suggest something fun to do for the day and all she says is can I just paint. So paint is what we have done all week. I asked her Sunday what she wanted to paint and she said a horse. At first I panicked because this auntie does not draw especially horses. So I found some coloring pages of My Little Pony online, printed some out, let her pick which one she wanted to paint then...

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Handmade Gifts are Best

Jul 25, 2014

I truly believe a handmade gift is one of the best gifts one can receive. I know I love to receive anything handmade. The thought that someone took the time to make something special just for me, means more than I can describe. If you are just starting out in hand stamping jewelry charms or are thinking about starting this charm is something you can create fast and easily. One tip I have for beginners is to start out with ImpressArt Soft Strike Metal Stamping Blanks. These are amazing!!! The stamping blank used in my example is the Pewter, Square, 15/16″ Item # IAD13102. I secured the blank onto a stamping block using stamp straight tape. Don’t even try to stamp your metal without using this awesome tape. I promise you stamp straight tape saves you loads...

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Owl Pendant

Jul 24, 2014

This little cutie is a one of a kind original pendant that I crafted from vintage items. The tin is all hand cut using a template I designed. I can promise you there will never be another pendant like this owl, it’s truly a one and only. The Owl measures approximately 2″ in length and 2″ in width. It comes with either an 18″ or 24″ Sil­ver Ball Chain. If you wish to purchase this unique pendant I have it up for auction HERE, bidding ends...

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New Designs and A Giveaway

Jul 23, 2014

Here are some of the latest jewelry pieces I have created. If you want to stay up to date on all the new items crafted as I make them please go to my Facebook Page “Antiquated Collection by Lisa M. Pace and “Like” my page. Make sure you also click on “Get Notifications” so you can view the items right then. Some pieces sell within minutes of posting and since no two pieces are ever exact as I craft each piece by hand, once it’s gone it’s gone. I can always create a similar piece but since all the supplies used are vintage I can’t recreate an exact piece. I also have a drawing you can enter for a chance to win a $10.00 gift card to my Etsy Shop. The information is posted on...

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Delightful Arty Crush ~ Sarah Weyman

Jul 21, 2014

“Delightful Arty Crush” is a feature I have on my blog which showcases artists who’s work I admire and find inspiring. It features a wide range of artists from collage, textile, encaustic and lots of other amazing mediums. I’m sure you will find each artists work just as inspiring as I do and I hope you will visit their blogs and other links included in their feature. The images I share with you are just the tip of the iceberg in regards to their awesomeness. Today, my “Delightful Arty Crush” featured artist is, Sarah Weyman. I discovered Sarah and her amazing watercolor art on Facebook. I instantly fell in love with her very unique style and I’m certain you will too. I’ve not come across another artist that paints wildlife or portraits quite like her. Sarah Weyman ~ Sells her art on...

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Dress Necklaces

Jul 18, 2014

These dress necklaces accented with wire wrapped vintage beads are the latest designs added to my collection of handmade vintage boho chic jewelry. I think what I love most about my jewelry line is no two pieces will ever be duplicated. They are all one of a kind pieces and I LOVE it. I am always looking for items that are unique to wear and this line is perfect. FYI… If you see a heart, dress, cross or rectangle necklace in one pattern but wish it was in another pattern, please feel free to contact me as I might be able to customize a necklace for you and the cost will stay the same. I don’t charge more for this kind of customization. As you can see my new jewelry line combines my love of vintage with my love of casual...

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One Of A Kind Tin Bracelets

Jul 17, 2014

I’ve really been enjoying the creative process of jewelry making. Each piece of jewelry I create is one of a kind and has been created from items I’ve collected from all over the country during my travels. Most of the items used are unwanted, broken and rusted treasures that I bring to life in a new fashion. I’ve lovingly taken the time to clean and combine these items into something you will want to wear proudly. These bracelets are the newest items listed in my Etsy shop and will make perfect gifts for any lady in your family....

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Cross Necklace

Jul 16, 2014

This simply stated cross is a reminder that we are all slightly flawed yet still beautiful. I love the red, aqua and yellow colors as they scream RETRO and go with any summer attire. The tin has a few slight scratches here and there but I feel it only adds to the beauty of the cross. I wire wrapped a vintage clear iridescent bead that dangles from two jump rings. The cross measures approximately 2.25″ in length and hangs from a 24″ ball chain necklace. It is listed in my Etsy Shop. This matching bracelet measures approximately 7.5″ in length. If needed, I can custom size the bracelet for you. I attached vintage wire wrapped pearl beads to jump rings which dangle all along the bracelet.  This piece can be found in my Etsy Shop too. I...

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Tin Necklaces

Jul 15, 2014

Not only have I been making cuff style bracelets but I’ve also been making some cute simply stated 24″ necklaces. This necklace is what I call a dressed up version of a dog tag. Since I like my items to have a distressed feel before stamping my word I gave the metal tag several whacks with my brass hammer. Once I the silver metal tag was banged up a bit I metal stamped the word smile onto the silver metal tag using what is now my favorite letter stamp set 3mm Newsprint lowercase by ImpressArt.  I applied some Mustard Seed Distress Paint with my finger into the stamped letters then instantly wiped away the excess with a paper towel. Next I wire wrapped some beads to create a charm and BAM just like that I was done....

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Leather Cuff with Vintage Tin & One Little Word

Jul 14, 2014

This weekend, I was busy creating one of a kind bracelets. This bracelet is mixed with all sorts of fun stuff. The base of the cuff is leather and is accented with tin that I hand cut from a vintage tin. The tin is attached to the leather with crystal rivets that I LOVE. The rivets are by ImpressArt and I need buckets of these in every color. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them so much. Each end of the leather is covered with a strip of vintage tin and is also attached with crystal rivets. I metal stamped the word True using the letter stamp set Newsprint 3mm lowercase also by ImpressArt. Since this bracelet has a boho chic feel to it I didn’t want the letters stamped straight onto the metal if I had I would have used some stamp...

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Assemblage Makes Me Happy

Jul 10, 2014

I love taking discarded items found in thrift stores or flea markets, putting them together and creating something wonderful. It gives me absolute pure joy and is just what I did to create this bracelet. I used opaque white beads from a broken rosary, clear iridescent beads from a broken necklace, metal chain, wire wrapped some clear and pearl beads taken from a broken bracelet and cut a piece of tin from a beat up old vintage tin. When assembled together these discarded items create a beautiful piece. This bracelet is available for purchase at $34.95 plus Flat Rate Shipping of $5.80. This bracelet is created from hand cut pieces of vintage tin and assembled along with two vintage iridescent beads. This bracelet is available for purchase at $24.95 plus Flat Rate Shipping at $5.80. These earrings are assembled using...

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Leather & Vintage Tin Bracelet

Jul 9, 2014

It makes this momma so proud when one of my daughters sees a jewelry project on my worktable, picks it up and says, “I’d wear this, this is cool.” Lately, I’ve been playing around with vintage tins cutting them into simple shapes to create accents for bracelets and earrings. I love old tins and think up-cycling them into jewelry is fun. The leather lace used on this bracelet is fabulous and is my favorite. It’s 15mm Deerskin lace and is “SUPER SOFT”. You can find it at Endlessleather.com. The color I used to make this bracelet is called cognac. If you want to see more vintage tin jewelry I’ve created please check out my Etsy shop. It’s filled with earrings, bracelets and rings all reasonably priced for handmade jewelry. I’ve done all the leg work of...

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ThermoMorph ~ Moldable Plastic

Jul 8, 2014

I was asked to try ThermoMorph and give an honest review on what I thought and how I liked it. ThermoMorph is made from polymorph granules. I know I was like what the what? I just skipped over the it’s made of this and went straight to playing. Well, ThermoMorph is super cool and so easy to use. It does everything it states on the front of the container. Very Easy to Use Reusable No Tools Required Strong When Set Can be Molded, Carved, Painted, Dyed etc. Applications Are Endless You all know how I love vintage baubles so I made some molds out of vintage lockets using a silicone mold putty that I purchased at Hobby Lobby. Once the molds were set I heated the ThermoMorph as stated in the directions. Again, super easy. Heat water...

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Road Trip with Madelyn Day 3

Jul 4, 2014

What a great time we had touring the Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco. This three story museum is quaint but fun. Madelyn absolutely loved looking at every square inch of this museum. They have a nice scavenger hunt for kids that really helps them learn about the exhibits shown on each level of the museum. After the kids fill in all the blanks for the scavenger hunt they return the sheet to the ticket area and get a little gift which is a Dr. Pepper bottle cap. As soon as we got back to Frisco, I turned her bottle cap into a charm for a souvenir necklace. Alan and I enjoyed watching some of the old commercials and remembered several we saw growing up. We all had the jingle “I’m a Pepper, He’s a Pepper, She’s a Pepper, We’re a Pepper, Wouldn’t...

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Fun Holiday Deals

Jul 3, 2014

Vintage Ephemera Paper Pack only $14.95 includes shipping USA only. Each Pack Includes the following (Please Note: Items will be similar but not exact since they are vintage finds) Assorted Book Pages, Sheet Music, Foreign Language Book Pages, Bird Guide Book Pages, Children’s Book Pages, S&H Stamps or similar, Paperdoll Clothes, Wallpaper piece, View Finder Piece, Vintage Postcards, Playing Cards, Cigar Labels, Cancelled Postal Stamps from around the world, Square Dance Cards & old Prescriptions. This paper pack is great for papercrafting & collages. To purchase your own Vintage Ephemera Paper Pack please click HERE and it will take you to my Etsy Shop. This set of three fun and functional stamps are perfect to use for projects and display when not in use are on sale today! Get a set of camera stamps along...

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Road Trip with Madelyn Day 2

Jul 2, 2014

Wednesday morning, we got up early and headed down for a wonderful breakfast in the Crockett Hotel. As soon as Madelyn found out she was going on a road trip with us she started looking through the gallery of photos on the Crockett Hotel website. She stumbled upon a photo of a Texas shaped waffle and this waffle has been on her mind the entire month. Needless to say we hit the waffle maker first thing and it did not disappoint. She gave it a two thumbs up. While we were eating, San Antonio was having a much needed thunderstorm. We tried to wait out the storm to look around downtown a bit more but the forecast had rain predicted into the afternoon, so after breakfast we checked out of the hotel and headed for Austin. We saw everything...

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Road Trip with Madelyn Day 1

Jul 1, 2014

Last week, my niece Madelyn was visiting. Tuesday, started our insanely fun road trip. We left Frisco bright and early (7AM) to head to San Antonio. On our way we saw billboards for the Inner Space Cavern and decided that once we got to Georgetown we would stop and tour this cavern. We loved the tour and highly recommend it. It does get a bit humid and warm inside but we all felt it was worth the sweat. If you decide to take a tour make sure you are wearing running shoes. Flip flops would be a real challenge when walking into the cavern. You are walking at a slant for quite a bit, it is wet and in some areas a bit slippery. We were all glad we were wearing running shoes. Having some cold water bottles waiting for...

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