Paper Clay Beads

Jun 10, 2014

Paper Clay Beads

These paper clay bird beads are a fun and unique way to cre­ate your own hand­made sum­mer neck­lace, bracelet or ear­rings. All you need to have on hand is Paper Clay, Acrylic Paint, Paint Brush­es (Medi­um & Fine Tips), Mul­ti Medi­um,  20 Gauge Wire, Jew­el­ry Tools and a Sty­lus.

Mold the paper clay into the size bird you need for your project. Mine range in sizes from 1″ to 1.75″. The­ses mea­sure­ments are from the tip of the beak to the tip of the tail. The width mea­sures .5″ and a bit small­er. This mea­sure­ment is from the top mid­dle of the back to the bot­tom mid­dle of the bel­ly. Using a Sty­lus poke a ver­ti­cal hole all the way through the bird from the bel­ly to the top mid­dle of it’s back. You can also poke a hole hor­i­zon­tal­ly if you wish, that starts at the mid­dle of the chest and goes all the way under the tail.

Once you have the paper clay birds sculpt­ed let each one dry overnight. Using acrylic paint, paint each bird a sol­id col­or. Let dry, then using a very fine tipped paint brush paint ran­dom designs on the bird. NOTE: using the small­est end on my Sty­lus is how I paint­ed all the super small white dots. Once the acrylic paint is dry apply sev­er­al coats of a mul­ti medi­um to seal the paint. Let dry.

Now you are ready to cre­ate your bead by wire wrap­ping 20 gauge sil­ver wire as shown in the pho­to below. If you are new to wire wrap­ping you can find lots of video tuto­ri­als online, just Google Search Wire Wrap­ping.

Paper Clay Bird Bead

If this cre­ative play is new to you, give it a try. It’s fun!


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