Garden of The Gods ~ Colorado Springs, Colorado

May 1, 2014

Garden of The Gods

Gar­den of the Gods was first called Red Rock Cor­ral. Then, in August 1859, two sur­vey­ors who helped to set up Col­orado City explored the site. One of the sur­vey­ors, M. S. Beach, sug­gest­ed that it would be a “cap­i­tal place for a beer gar­den.” His com­pan­ion, the young Rufus Cable, awestruck by the impres­sive rock for­ma­tions, exclaimed, “Beer Gar­den! Why it is a fit place for the gods to assem­ble. We will call it the Gar­den of the Gods.

Mom and Me Garden of the Gods

Mom and Dad Row of Hogbacks Garden of The Gods

Kissing Camels

The row of hog­backs. The Kiss­ing Camels for­ma­tion is the near­est hog­back to the right of mom and dad. The camel’s heads are above a hole in the rock where the sky can be seen. It’s hard to see the hole in some of the pho­tos. But if you look close­ly you can see it in the pho­to above. The two pho­tos below show the kiss­ing camels. The hole is super small but it can be seen along the top 1/3rd of the the pho­to on the ridge on the left.

Kissing Camels Rock

Kissing Camels

Garden of The Gods

Gar­den of The Gods ~ Cathe­dral Val­ley ~ this pho­to cap­tures some of the unusu­al hog­back for­ma­tions.

Scoutsman Rock

Gar­den of The Gods ~ The Scots­man along The Scots­man Trail

Steamboat Rock and Balanced Rock

Gar­den of The Gods ~ Steam­boat Rock & Bal­anced Rock

Mom and Dad Garden of The Gods

My cute mom and dad enjoy­ing one of their favorite Col­orado spots.

Trading Post

Gar­den of the Gods Trad­ing Post. This place had some awe­some art from local artists. It was a true treat to go through it AND they had a Star­bucks inside…

Garden of The Gods Trading Post

I fell in love with these cac­tus sculp­tures. At first glance they look real but are actu­al­ly made of met­al.


Gar­den of the Gods is tru­ly amaz­ing. If you are ever near this beau­ti­ful place it is so worth it to make a vis­it. I can’t wait to go back.



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