Drying Flowers

May 6, 2014


Sad­ly, my vio­las are get­ting to the end of their peak bloom­ing sea­son. I love vio­las and these have brought me great joy all win­ter. I can’t stand the thought of toss­ing them out so I decid­ed to snip off all the blooms and dry them for future art and jew­el­ry projects.


Press­ing and dry­ing these tiny flow­ers is so easy to do. All you need are sev­er­al sheets of wax paper, some heavy books and 7 days of patience. Since vio­las are so small 7 days is all you need to wait. If you are press­ing larg­er flow­ers depend­ing on the size it can take up to 4 weeks.

pressing my violas

To press/dry my vio­las I lined them on a sheet of wax paper then cov­ered them with anoth­er piece of wax paper and placed some heavy books on top. So sim­ple! This is how they look with just 24 hours of press­ing. I can­not wait to cov­er these with resin and or bees wax. They are going to look amaz­ing in jew­el­ry and on can­vas art pieces.


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