Hammered Metal Flower Cuff Bracelet

Mar 21, 2014

Hammered Metal Flower

This ham­mered met­al flower start­ed out as a pen­dant but the more I looked at it the more I thought the flower would look real­ly cool as a focal point on a leather cuff. So with just a lit­tle alter­ation (punch­ing an addi­tion­al hole) I attached the flower to a leather strip, added some vin­tage rosary beads and cre­at­ed a clo­sure.

As you can see the rosary beads are lose when the bracelet is not worn but when you wear it the rosary beads fit snug against the leather as shown in the bot­tom pho­to. This bracelet is for sale and can be pur­chased in my Etsy shop along with oth­er hand­made jew­el­ry items.


Hammered Metal Flower Cuff/Bracelet

I’m real­ly enjoy­ing work­ing with met­al and thought I would share a lit­tle fun­ny from my sis­ter. A few days ago while talk­ing to Belin­da she told me I was the ADD poster child for crafti­ness. This all came about when she was asked by a friend what it was I did. She told her well, “she’s writ­ten 3 books for the craft indus­try she used to do more scrap­book­ing but now she’s cre­at­ing with plas­ter and wax, and she makes things from resin and clay and recent­ly just start­ed cre­at­ing jew­el­ry pieces with met­al. Real­ly I don’t know what to tell you she does except she makes stuff and sells it”. Belin­da said she felt like a kinder­gart­ner telling her teacher what it was her mom did for a liv­ing which made us both laugh.

She is right about the ADD and those that work with me close­ly will agree, espe­cial­ly Car­o­line Lau with Maya Road but I love to work with dif­fer­ent medi­ums and try/learn new tech­niques. It’s what makes me hap­pi­est.


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