Baby Shower ~ Baby Shoe Decor

Mar 10, 2014

Baby Shoe

Need a baby show­er decor piece? This project is per­fect for a baby show­er and was cre­at­ed from lots of Eileen Hul­l’s amaz­ing dies. It’s no secret that I love Eileen’s dies as I have fea­tured sev­er­al projects using them but this one has the most dies used in one project. Just goes to show you how easy it is to incor­po­rate so many in one project.

After assem­bling the baby shoe I cov­ered it com­plete­ly in plas­ter. I let it dry overnight then decoupaged a dec­o­ra­tive nap­kin over the entire baby shoe. When I decoupage nap­kins onto a project I peel the dec­o­ra­tive top lay­er from the nap­kin. This gives you a thin lay­er to decoupage and elim­i­nates the chance of get­ting wrin­kles from the under lay­ers of the nap­kin.

Maya Road Trin­ket Pins make great cen­ters for paper flow­ers and makes them super easy to attach to the baby shoe. I placed some Sty­ro­foam inside the shoe and cov­ered it with a piece of scrap mate­r­i­al from my stash. This allowed me to eas­i­ly attach the flow­ers to the shoe and stag­ger the flow­ers at dif­fer­ent lev­els.

Eileen Hull Dies Used: Sizzix XL Die Shoe, Sizzix Bigz Die Doily Lace Medal­lion, Sizzix Bigz Die Flower Lay­ers with Heart Petals, Sizzix Bigz Die Bor­ders & Hydrangeas (flow­ers), Sizzix XL Die Block, Cube Bank (let­ter B), Sizzix XL Die Block, Cubes (heart)


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