A Simple Quote for a Monday

Mar 31, 2014

This is a great quote to start the week. Although the words are simple I find the actual act of waking up, doing my best and sleeping very hard to accomplish all in the same day. Some mornings it takes me hours and several cups of coffee to fully wake up due to a night of not sleeping and instead just tossing and turning. Some nights, I cannot turn my brain off and I will think of all the things I did that day that I can improve on (gotta love having a type A personality) or I will think of all the things I need to do the following day. I know I can’t be the only one that does this, so here’s to a week of waking up, doing our best and...

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10 Years

Mar 28, 2014

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of my brother’s death. Ten years is a long time yet it still feels like yesterday, I was enjoying a fabulous morning sunrise training my golden retriever, Sonny in the field. I went to my car to get us some water and noticed I had a bazillion missed calls on my phone. I called home asking what was up and I will never forget Alan’s words,” Its Richard.” He didn’t have to say another word, I knew he was gone. I could hear it in his voice and I felt it deep in my soul, my little brother was gone. At that moment, my life and the lives of my family changed forever. Mom and Dad lost a son, my sister and I lost a brother, my daughter’s,...

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Delight In The Art of Collage ~ Book Review & Giveaway

Mar 27, 2014

Reviewed by Melissa Conner, Editor of FaveCrafts.com There’s something so artistically amazing about mixed media. To see items like broken spoons, beeswax, fabric scraps, and bottle caps come together to create something truly inspirational is a sight to behold. The beauty and artistry behind collage and joining unlike pieces together is a skill many have mastered…but few can create such incredible and innovative designs as artist, Lisa M. Pace. In her new book, Delight in the Art of Collage, author Lisa M. Pace shows us how to take everyday materials and morph them into these breathtaking designs that literally explode off the canvas. By combining different mediums and textures, the projects in this book engage the senses and are sure to inspire you to dive into your junk drawer and see what kinds of...

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Delightful Arty Crush ~ Carmi Cimicata

Mar 26, 2014

“Delightful Arty Crush” is a feature I have on my blog which showcases artists who’s work I admire and find inspiring. It features a wide range of artists from collage, textile, encaustic and lots of other amazing mediums. I’m sure you will find each artists work just as inspiring as I do and I hope you will visit their blogs and other links included in their feature. The images I share with you are just the tip of the iceberg in regards to their awesomeness. Today, my “Delightful Arty Crush” featured artist is, Carmi Cimicata. I first discovered Carmi on Pinterest while looking at resin jewelry and kept seeing her work. I soon fell in love with her quirky, funky and amazing resin jewelry. She has a style all her own and I find...

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Handmade Leather Cuffs & Bracelets

Mar 25, 2014

I’ve been busy having loads of fun creating (and selling and shipping, thank you so much) handmade wrap bracelets and leather cuffs. Believe me, I do not need another media to create with since my studio is already about to burst, but really how much space can a few beads take up? HA HA HA that was the laugh heard around the world. Beads are so ADDICTIVE especially when you love sparkly like me, OMGoodness are there some amazing beads on the market. But this fun art form was just screaming to emerge so I had to do it. I’ve been wrapping, hammering, attaching, hole punching and listing like a crazy woman. I’ve even found ways to incorporate my love for vintage finds into some of my bracelets. The wrap bracelet shown in the...

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Bracelet to Necklace

Mar 24, 2014

Remember this bracelet featured in my Newfangled NEO Chain blog hop post? Well I got to thinking it would look really cool as a necklace too. So with just one quick clasp removal and added black Neo chain I now have a gorgeous necklace loaded with awesome baubles. How cool is this? Now I’m looking at all my other bracelets and thinking about wearing them as necklaces, it’s an awesome two for one...

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Hammered Metal Flower Cuff Bracelet

Mar 21, 2014

This hammered metal flower started out as a pendant but the more I looked at it the more I thought the flower would look really cool as a focal point on a leather cuff. So with just a little alteration (punching an additional hole) I attached the flower to a leather strip, added some vintage rosary beads and created a closure. As you can see the rosary beads are lose when the bracelet is not worn but when you wear it the rosary beads fit snug against the leather as shown in the bottom photo. This bracelet is for sale and can be purchased in my Etsy shop along with other handmade jewelry items. I’m really enjoying working with metal and thought I would share a little funny from my sister. A few days...

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DIY Spring Necklaces

Mar 20, 2014

Since today is the first day of Spring I’m going to share how to recreate two necklaces that will compliment any of your spring outfits. These are quick and easy to make. I created this necklace for Ansley, she loves lots of color and the NEO cut chains are perfect for her style. To recreate this necklace you will need NEO cut chains in Purple 5 x 3mm, Lime Green 5 x 3mm, Turquoise 3.5 x 2mm,  NEO Findings 6.5mm Purple Jump Rings as well as pliers and wire cutters. Using wire cutters, cut the following NEO chains to these lengths… Purple 18″, 14.5″ and 8.5″, Lime Green 10.5″ and Turquoise 2 pieces cut to 12.5″. Please note this is a long necklace if you want your necklace shorter just cut to your desired lengths....

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DIY Leather & Rhinestone Bracelet

Mar 19, 2014

This sparkly spring bracelet is made using a strip of Metal Complex Flat Leather, Metal Complex Toggle Flat in Gold, Hemp by Dazzle-It and Maya Road Iridescent Rhinestone Trim. The Flat Leather is pre-packaged in strips that measure 10 x 2mm and come in a wide assortment of color groups. The one featured today is the Yellow from the Yellow & Steel Grey Metallic group. The other group colors are Black & White, Dark Brown & Turquoise, White & Metallic Gold, Metallic Purple & Pink, Green & Metallic Purple, Navy Blue & Metallic Navy Blue, Metallic Gold & Silver and Navy, Turquoise & Metallic Navy. I think they pretty much have everyone covered here and if you like snake skin designs they even have faux leather in this style in white, purple, brown and green...

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The Newfangled Neo Chain Blog Hop

Mar 18, 2014

It goes without saying that there are so many different types of chain to choose from for stringing and sewing projects. Dazzle-it NEO is a new collection of chain and findings featuring classic colors with a new age twist! The vivid colors are quite eye catching and make a great accent to your jewelry designs. Mix these colors together for an extravagant look or simply add them together with black or white beads to pop the individual colors. The possibilities are endless. For this fun blog hop I was sent the black and white chain and findings to use to create what ever items I wanted. I decided on creating a matching necklace, bracelet and earring set. The NEO chain glitters because the cut in the chain exposes the brass beneath, which worked perfectly...

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Leather Bracelets

Mar 17, 2014

To create these three bracelets I used a fun product called Metal Complex Flat Leather. They are pre-packaged leather strips that measure 10 x 2mm and come in a wide assortment of color groups. The color group shown here is the Yellow/Steel Grey Metallic group. Metal Complex also has available 5mm spools in 20 different colors as well as 3mm spools of colored faux snake leather. What I love about this product is you can leave the leather strips as is like I did with the top bracelet. This is just how the leather strip looks when taken out of the packaging. For the middle bracelet, I decided to see if I could emboss the leather strip using my Sizzix Big Shot and an embossing folder. It worked beautifully and the embossing was perfect....

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Handmade Tassels

Mar 14, 2014

Handmade tassels are the easiest things to make and I have some awesome plans for these that I will share with you next week. I’ve seen tassels adorn necklaces and bracelets and figured I might as well jump in on this fashion style. I used my favorite spring colored embroidery floss (DMC 352 coral, 712 off white, 772 green). I create my tassels in small, medium and large sizes. To make the tassels all I did was wrap the embroidery floss around my fingers several times until I was happy with the thickness of the floss. Once I was finished wrapping the floss I carefully slid the floss off my fingers. Make sure you keep the circle of floss in place. Now attach a jump ring through the top of the floss circle. Cut...

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Hammered Metal Heart Charms

Mar 13, 2014

Each of these hearts literally took me 10 minutes to create. If you want to make some for yourself you will need a Steel Block, Metal Stamping Hammer, 16 Gauge Wire (I used Permanently Color Copper Silver Wire and Copper Wire) and Wire Cutters. To begin creating your heart charm using wire cutters, cut a piece of wire to about 6 inches in length. Form a heart shape then twist the ends of the wire together several times. Place the heart onto the steel block and hammer the wire until flat. You can create texture by using the ball end of your metal stamping hammer. Once you have the heart charm as you like, using wire cutters, cut off the twisted end of wire at the base. If you have a rough edge just...

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Got Dapping Tools?

Mar 12, 2014

If you have a set of “Dapping Tools” you too can make this bracelet. I’m pretty raw at jewelry making but I like to wear unique pieces and figured I’d have a try at creating my own. Practice makes perfect, right? So far, I’ve found this style is pretty easy, fun and a great stress reliever when hammering away on metal. After I finished the bracelet I created this pendant. Next up, is making a big funky ring. I’ll share some photos once the ring is completed....

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Doggie Name Tag

Mar 11, 2014

After caring for our grand dog Lola last week, I decided she needed a girly name tag and collar. She gets called a HE way too many times. The hardest part of the entire creative process was hammering out the dime I used for the name tag. If you want to make one for your dog here is a quick tutorial. If you  missed my “Stamped Penny Charm” tutorial you might want to check this tutorial out as well. It’s a fun one. Supplies & Tools Needed: ImpressArt Bench Block ~ Brass Hammer ~ 2 Hole Screw Down Punch ~ Metal Letter Stamps ~ Stamp Straight Tape ~ Half Round Pliers, Dime, Jump Ring, Maya Road Pearl Bead Chain, Maya Road Iridescent Rhinestone Trim Instructions: Place dime on bench block and hammer until flattened. Metal Stamp your dogs name onto your disk. ImpressArt has...

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Baby Shower ~ Baby Shoe Decor

Mar 10, 2014

Need a baby shower decor piece? This project is perfect for a baby shower and was created from lots of Eileen Hull’s amazing dies. It’s no secret that I love Eileen’s dies as I have featured several projects using them but this one has the most dies used in one project. Just goes to show you how easy it is to incorporate so many in one project. After assembling the baby shoe I covered it completely in plaster. I let it dry overnight then decoupaged a decorative napkin over the entire baby shoe. When I decoupage napkins onto a project I peel the decorative top layer from the napkin. This gives you a thin layer to decoupage and eliminates the chance of getting wrinkles from the under layers of the napkin. Maya Road Trinket...

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Leather Cuff

Mar 7, 2014

Did you know you can bend the Antique Plume Feathers by Maya Road? Well if you didn’t, you do now, which means you can turn them into really pretty bracelets. I gently bent the one shown above to rest perfectly on top of a piece of leather to create this eclectic leather cuff. I accented the quill end of the metal feather using a few Maya Road Iridescent Rhinestone Trim pieces and accented the edges of the vintage lace with Maya Road  Twine Cording Ginger Root Brown. I’m trying to think of a few words to place on top of the feather but so far I’ve got nothing… do you have any ideas? If so, please share your thoughts or ideas because I need...

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Walk, Eat & Shop

Mar 5, 2014

To offset all the calories Alan and I have been consuming with just one meal a day Lola has been getting some nice walks when the sun decides to show its face. My gosh, Terri and Laren live near so many amazing places to eat.  Honestly, all we can eat is one meal and I can’t even finish my entire meal. The food in Deep Ellum is so incredible. For Lunch/Dinner Alan and I went to Allgood Cafe. He had their amazing Chicken Fried Steak and I had their OMGOSH lick your plate clean Truck Stop Hot Beef Sandwich. This sandwich was so darn incredible. Their mashed potatoes are absolutely to die for too. I could only eat half of my sandwich so Alan finished it off for me. I have no idea how...

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Watching the Grand~Dog

Mar 4, 2014

While these two cuties enjoy a little vacation in California Alan and I are taking care of our grand~dog Lola. Terri and Laren live in the coolest loft in the coolest spot in Deep Ellum. So basically Alan and I cater to Lola’s each and every whim (treats, snuggles, eat, potty, and repeat) while we work during the day and then go walk to dinner. Thankfully, Terri and Laren come home tomorrow or Alan and I would need to purchase larger pants. Saturday, we walked to dinner and ate at Pepe’s & Mito’s. It was super awesome. We ate outside and obviously this was before the cold front hit with sleet, ice and snow. I ate their Chicken Chipotle Enchiladas and Alan ate their Rib Eye En Salsa Ranchera. We cleaned our plates. Sunday,...

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Mini Collage Card Class

Mar 3, 2014

I’m so glad to be returning to Rocky Mountain Memories April 25th & 26th. Along with the Altered Art Journal Class I will be teaching this Mini Collage Card Class. If you want to take one or both of these classes please call Cheryl at (970) 577.1415 for the dates, times and cost. In this class you will create 5 all occasion cards. I’ll show you how to accent each card with 3D collage style fronts. You will create with Maya Road chipboard, trinket pins, trims and more. I’ll show you unique ways to alter these items so you can customize them to fit any color scheme or project. If you aren’t a Sparkly Stickles kinda gal no worries, I created this card set to look great with or without Stickles. For this class...

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