Felted Heart

Feb 7, 2014

Textiles ~ Felted Heart

Incor­po­rat­ing an assort­ment of tex­tiles not only adds visu­al inter­est to your projects but it can also add unique tex­tures too. The back­ground of this can­vas is lay­ered with sev­er­al dif­fer­ent types of tex­tiles and each lay­er adds beau­ty and tex­ture. When I start­ed this can­vas I knew I want­ed to cre­ate a some­what mono­chro­mat­ic back­ground as I want­ed the felt­ed heart embell­ish­ment to be the main fea­ture. I decid­ed on cre­at­ing a soft cream back­ground but knew I could not just go with one piece of fab­ric. I love to add tex­ture and dimen­sion to all my projects so I need­ed at least three tex­tile lay­ers.

Once I had my game plan most­ly fig­ured out, using fab­ric adhe­sive I attached a piece of cream col­ored wool felt to the can­vas. After the felt was attached I decid­ed on adding a lay­er of sheer vin­tage lace. By hav­ing the cream wool felt under­neath the vin­tage lace, the lace design was empha­sized and became more promi­nent. Now I need­ed just one more lay­er to cov­er the lace. I knew I did­n’t want one that would be over­pow­er­ing or take away from the felt­ed heart and it is then, that I remem­bered I had this awe­some vin­tage doily table run­ner. So I dug it out and start­ed mea­sur­ing and cut­ting away. This worked per­fect­ly because the holes in the table run­ner allowed just enough of the wool felt and lace to peek through. I now had a back­ground filled with visu­al inter­est, dimen­sion and tex­ture. My back­ground was com­plete and ready to be accent­ed with the felt­ed heart, a few vin­tage but­tons and an embroi­dered piece of muslin with word peace.

The step by step instruc­tions to cre­ate the felt­ed heart embell­ish­ment can be found in “Delight In The Art of Col­lage.” An auto­graphed copy can be pur­chased in my online store or on Ama­zon.

If you already own a copy, I thank you and will appre­ci­ate you tak­ing the time to leave a Cus­tomer Review on Ama­zon. Reviews can be left even if you have not pur­chased my book from Ama­zon. As long as you have pur­chased items from Ama­zon your review can be left.



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