Embedded Objects in Beeswax

Feb 6, 2014

Beeswax House

Embed­ding mis­cel­la­neous objects into beeswax is a tech­nique that allows for some pretty amaz­ing results with your mixed media projects. Some of my favorite items to embed are scanned copies of old pho­tos, vin­tage ephemera, but­tons, feath­ers and dried flow­ers. The look these items give to your projects are fab­u­lous and as you can see, I embed­ded all my favorites into this Putz style house. The photo embed­ded on the front of the house is of my great grand­mother on her wed­ding day and is one of my favorites I have of her.

I pre­fer using nat­ural beeswax pel­lets over white beeswax pel­lets and is only because of it’s off white color. The col­or­ing of the nat­ural beeswax goes per­fectly with my vin­tage style. I also don’t have or use any high end encaus­tic tools. I use a basic Clover Quilt­ing Iron set on low and a hand held heat tool to melt the pel­lets. These two tools meet most all my needs. There are times when I need a larger amount of beeswax and it’s then that I’ll use a melt­ing pot and brush the melted beeswax onto my project using a nat­ural bris­tled paint brush.

Beeswax House Close Up

If you want to learn how to cre­ate this Putz style house using beeswax and embed­ded objects the direc­tions and house pat­tern are included in my new book “Delight in The Art of Col­lage”. An auto­graphed copy can be pur­chased in my online store or on Ama­zon.

If you already own a copy, I thank you and will appre­ci­ate you tak­ing the time to leave a Cus­tomer Review on Ama­zon. Reviews can be left even if you have not pur­chased my book from Ama­zon. As long as you have pur­chased items from Ama­zon your review can be left.



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