Wire Wrapping

Jan 22, 2014


As I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been having a bit of fun creating unique pendants and decided I needed to learn how to wire wrap some vintage pearls and beads. Well, I’m not sure why this is so hard for me to accomplish but I’m trying my best. Suze Weinburg gave me a quick lesson and I remember thinking that is it? Suze makes it look so easy and really it is but for some reason I’m making a mountain out of this mole hill. I think I’m so worried about perfection it’s causing me difficulties. I really need to learn to let some of this type A personality go. Once I master this task I’ll take step by step photos to share. Until then, I’m going to continue to remind myself “An Artist Cannot Fail.”

Baubles close up

So today, I’ll just share the pendants I finished and look forward to wearing. I’m on the hunt for some neat thrifty jewelry finds to create necklaces for these pieces, wish me luck!


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  • Nancy Keslin

    lol…i also struggle with wire wrapping. i had a friend of mine who is a jewelry maker tell me that rustic is very on trend right now. lol i guess that was her way of telling me to just let go and enjoy

  • Beth W

    Sure looks good to me-I’d be thrilled if mine came out liek yours. Having said that,of course I redo and redo before I finally decided it’s just not good enough and put it aside. Looking forward to the next installment on this topic!

  • Theresa Grdina

    very pretty…..your talents know no end!!! :)