Steampunk Bird Pendant

Jan 15, 2014

Steampunk Bird

Yes­ter­day, I decid­ed to pull out my sol­der­ing tools and have a lit­tle cre­ative play. I cre­at­ed a bird from cop­per and start­ed sol­der­ing. Once I had the bird base I just kin­da sat there for a bit think­ing, now what? Then it hit me, I’ve been tak­ing apart some old watch­es my dad gave me and thought I’ll make an attempt at “Steam­punk”. I feel Can­dy Rosen­berg is the “Queen” of Steam­punk so I was a bit intim­i­dat­ed at even get­ting start­ed. Then I remem­bered what I tell every­one, “An Artists Can­not Fail”. Real­ly, if YOU cre­ate it and YOU love it then as I see it, it’s a dou­ble win sit­u­a­tion.

I can’t decide how to fin­ish my Steam­punk Bird, do I place it on a mini can­vas or turn it into a real­ly unique state­ment jew­el­ry piece? I’m lean­ing towards mak­ing it a pen­dant, then my issue will be do I keep it or sell it on Etsy. I love it so much and it is going to be super hard to let it go. I know I wont be able to make anoth­er one like it ever!

Steampunk Bird Pendant


Ahhh, Deci­sions!


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