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Jan 3, 2014

Book 3

Last week, I received copies of my lat­est book Delight In The Art of Col­lage. Yes, seri­ous hap­py dance is going on in my house because it means I can help one lucky blog win­ner com­plete their Delight Tril­o­gy. It still blows my mind when I think about hav­ing writ­ten and cre­at­ed three books. We are talk­ing 200 projects and about 70,000 words. This is a lot of cre­at­ing and a lot of cre­ative infor­ma­tion. The crazy thing is I would like to do anoth­er book with plas­ter but this is still just in the “I think I want to do it, not I have to do this or I’m gonna bust stage”.

For a chance to win a copy of Delight In The Art of Col­lage read the info at the bot­tom of the page. The win­ner will be announced Tues­day, Jan. 10th. and one lucky win­ner will have a com­plete Delight Tril­o­gy. When enter­ing, you will be asked for your blogs URL I thought this would be a fun way of link­ing up cre­ative peo­ple. I look for­ward to doing some blog surf­ing.

Book 1

Book 2



Good Luck!




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