Mini Snow Globe Charm

Dec 19, 2013

Mini Snow Globe Charm

As soon as I saw the adorable snow globe charm cre­ated by Mar­got Pot­ter I knew I had to make one of these lit­tle cuties. Although, I cre­ated some­what of a Texas sized ver­sion. I love wear­ing big chunky charms and thought this would make for an adorable hol­i­day piece to wear on a sim­ple sil­ver or ball chain style necklace.

Close Up

I pretty much cre­ated my charm exactly as Mar­got,  although I didn’t have to trim off the top of a bot­tle brush tree as I had one that was super small and fit inside my bot­tle per­fectly. All I needed to do was snip off the wooden base of the tree using wire cutters.

Sup­plies Used: 2″ Glass Bot­tle with Cork (Tim Holtz), .75″ Mini Glass Bot­tle with Cork (Maya Road), Tin­sel Trim, 1″ Bot­tle Brush Tree (Hobby Lobby), 2 Mini Eye Screws (Tim Holtz), 4 Teeny Tiny Sil­ver Jin­gle Bells, Vin­tage Mica, Shaved Ice (Stam­p­en­dous), Strand of 5 Crys­tal Baubles, Jump Rings, Nee­dle Nose Wire Cutters

Large Charm

To cre­ate the larger bot­tle I placed a small amount of vin­tage mica inside then inserted the bot­tle brush tree so it would rest on top of the mica. My tree fits quite snug­gly so there was no need to add adhe­sive to the bot­tom of my tree. This one is not mov­ing a bit. Next I wrapped some tin­sel just below the lip of the bot­tle and secured it in place with a dou­ble knot. I then inserted an eye screw to the top of the cork and attached a jump ring with a teeny tiny sil­ver jin­gle bell to it.  Bam first charm com­pleted just that fast.

Small Charm

Since I don’t wear dan­gle ear­rings I thought it would be cute to add a small snow filled charm along­side the mini snow globe charm. To cre­ate the smaller charm I placed a small amount of shaved ice inside the smaller bot­tle. I then wrapped some tin­sel just below the lip of the bot­tle. To secure the tin­sel in place I tied a dou­ble knot. I then inserted an eye screw to the top of the cork and attached the strand of 5 crys­tal baubles with 3 teeny tiny sil­ver jin­gle bells ran­domly attached to the jump rings between the baubles.  Next, I attached the strand of crys­tal baubles and mini bot­tle to the jump ring of the larger bottle.

To give this piece a dou­ble charm look I attached a jump ring between the sec­ond and third charm above the smaller bot­tle. Now go make you one, you’re gonna love it.


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  • Beth W

    I’m mak­ing some of these for my dil’s-they’ll be per­fect!
    thank you and Mar­got for the fab­u­lous inspiration.

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