Thrifty Paintbrush Holder

Oct 8, 2013

Thrifty Paintbrush Holder

While wandering around an antique store in Maine, I came upon this adorable planter. I was going to pass on it as I really didn’t need it but aunt Brenda talked me into it as she knew I thought it was really cute AND it was only $6.00. Then dad chimes in and says, “Lisa, all this stuff is about want, not need” which is so true. So now I have an adorable vintage planter that will be the cutest paintbrush holder ever! Plus, I have the added bonus of happy memories when I look at it.

Also, the awesome frame around my photo is one from #rhonnadesigns app. If you haven’t checked it out you really need to do so, it’s amazing and so fun.


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  • Aunt Brenda

    She is sooooo cute and delightful…just like you!

  • Susie

    Lisa, I already left a comment, but not sure I posted it right, imagine that :), so I’m gonna make another comment because I love the little flea market paint brush holder. Your Dad was so right to convince you to buy it. Like I you said, every time you take out your paintbrushes, you will have memories for years to come. I like to piddle in painting, mainly birdhouses. There is probably more primer than paint, but still enjoy painting them, because they too are one of a kind. The flaws, like where the paint has puddled or dripped, or where the brush messed it up, just kidding, it was me messing it up, I get out my glue gun, some bling bling, and glue some sparkle on them. I hope birds are color blind, cause don’t know if they would like all the color I put on them. But then, I’m sure they are just glad to have something to keep the rain off their heads and somewhere to raise their babies. Right now I keep my paint brushes in a few “red solo cups”, it serves the purpose, but after seeing your cute brush holder, I’ll be looking g for a new brush holder. A new, old one :). Thanks for sharing your story and your little flea market find.