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Oct 29, 2013

Wallflower Up Close

Today, I thought I would give you a lit­tle insight into my cre­ative process. This could be scary so con­sid­er your­self warned. I have a real­ly hard time slow­ing my brain down at night which means I’m always think­ing of new things to try. Well sev­er­al nights ago I had an idea of cre­at­ing a 3 dimen­sion­al can­vas using plas­ter with a col­lage back­ground. That was real­ly all that came to me as I had no idea what would be cre­at­ed from the plas­ter just that plas­ter was going to be used. The next morn­ing, after a few cups of cof­fee I head­ed for my stu­dio and start­ed get­ting plas­tered and before you know it I had a beau­ti­ful girl cre­at­ed using plas­ter and attached to an 11″ x 14″ can­vas. While the plas­ter was dry­ing I was think­ing about what was going to hap­pen next. LOL, remem­ber I just cre­ate on the fly. I nev­er see the fin­ished piece in my head I just start with an idea then add and add until I like what I see and call it done.

Wallflower Full Length I decid­ed I need­ed to have a neu­tral back­ground because I want­ed the girl to be the focal point of the piece. Once I paint­ed the can­vas and the paint was dry I added pieces of vin­tage sheet music.  The neu­tral tones of sheet music make me oh so super hap­py. After star­ing at it and think­ing, “what next” I dug around in my stash of vin­tage things and found some awe­some vin­tage paper nap­kins that had a beau­ti­ful die cut pat­tern. I cut around the pat­tern and began attach­ing bits and pieces to the can­vas. The nap­kin pieces added a gor­geous yet oh so sub­tle pat­tern to the can­vas.

Wallflower Full Image

I then added vin­tage gummed rein­force­ments ran­dom­ly around the can­vas for addi­tion­al tex­ture and sten­ciled doily designs from plas­tic vin­tage coast­ers. The dress of my “Wall­flower” is paint­ed using a very sub­tle gold and the flow­ers on the dress are paint­ed in white and pale pink. I decid­ed to paint her hair so it had a bit more col­or and used gold and bronze. Now I’m work­ing on adding all the spe­cial lit­tle details I love so much like crys­tal rhine­stones, vin­tage trims, but­tons and pearls.

Once I com­plete this piece it will be for sale in my Etsy store. “Wall­flower” will cer­tain­ly be a one of a kind piece.


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