My Life In A Dinghy ~ Ronda Palazzari

Sep 23, 2013

Hey look it;s Ronda Palazzari

“My Life In A Dinghy” featured artist, Ronda Palazzari. Ronda is a Mixed Media Artist, Author, Craft & Scrapbook Designer, and an Instructor living in the burbs of Denver. Her first book Art of Layers with North Light Publishing/F&W Media was released in March 2012. She is published in several magazines and idea books including Artful Blogging, CPS Studios, Creating Keepsakes, Memory Makers, Scrapbook Trends, and Somerset Magazines. Ronda is currently a license designer for The Crafter’s Workshop releasing stencils that exemplify her own unique style. She has been a contract designer for many manufactures including Fancy Pants Designs, Lily Bee Designs, Crate Paper, Purple Onion Designs, My Mind’s Eye, Maya Road, Sizzix, Ranger Ink, as well as Guest Designing for many other leading manufactures. She’s best known for combining her mixed-media techniques with bold bright colors. Ronda is one to follow because you never know if she will be art journaling, scrapbooking, sewing or getting messy with paints; her art changes day-to-day. She continues to teach worldwide as well as providing inspiration and telling her dorky stories on her blog HelpMeRonda.

Ronda Palazzari

Ronda’s, Life In A Dinghy

I have wandering toes that explore this wonderful world of ours, seeing the art of life.  I always want to find the beauty and passions surrounding me and add them to my soul, just like this colorful patchwork dinghy.  I have a deep thirst for knowledge of life so the inside of my dinghy is filled with pages from books which have taken me to so many different worlds and walks of life.

Ronda Palazzari

In my Dinghy I would go where the winds would take me, not knowing where I would end up but just enjoying the journey.  My sail might not be perfect, in fact it has weathered some storms that have left the canvas forever changed.   But it is full of stories and can always be patched for another journey.

Ronda Palazzari

I can only imagine the mischief that would find Ronda and I if we were to travel the world in her colorful patchwork dinghy. Mischief seems to follow us where ever we go.


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  • Dolly

    Cute! Love how colorful your Dingy is!

  • Beth W

    It’s a happy dinghy-just what I needed today!

  • Mischief is my middle name. Tom Foolery is my last. ;)

  • MaggieH

    Gorgeous patchwork Dingy filled with books sound good to me

  • Sherry B


  • Hels Sheridan

    fabulous dinghy.. love the weathered sail x

  • Susie

    Rhonda, love your patchwork Dinghy! Love your sense of adventure, it would never do for us to ever partake an adventure together, I would see glorious trouble on the horizon, full of fun and mischief. The tethered sail would have to be patched on a regular basis just to make sure it could make a quick get away if need be! Oh, I’m sorry Rhonda, I’m not altering your story, but I read what Lisa added about you, and I was just caught up in the moment with the adventure of sailing in your delightful Dinghy with the patchwork, and tethered sail. I love it!
    Thanks for sharing your story.

  • Susie

    Rhonda, I’m not sure what I was thinking when I took your story and added to it. I’m for sure not an artist, and ever since I wrote the comment, I thought maybe I was out of place adding what I did to it. Don’t know what I was thinking, I’ve read nearly all the articles about “My Life in a Dinghy” and have so enjoyed them. After reading yours, it sounded like something I would do. My friends always said if there was trouble to be got, I would get it. Would never have thought of a story like yours or the other artists without having read it first. Again, i apologize. Hope to read more of your stories.