My Life In A Dinghy ~ Donna Salazar

Sep 24, 2013

Donna Salazar

“My Life In A Dinghy” featured artist, Donna Salazar. Donna is a wife, mom, grandma, artist, designer, teacher and kid at heart. She loves Inky-Painty-Glitzy-Grunginess… what she calls her “Girlie Grunge” look. Her style is especially appealing to mixed media artists; however, her love of flowers and all things sparkly seems to appeal to crafters of all types and styles. She currently has licensed products with 5 companies.

Donna Salazar

Donna’s, Life In A Dinghy

Life in my magical dinghy would be peaceful and calm. The daily dusting of Fairydust Glitter would give my dinghy the ability to fly amongst the clouds. I would spend my days traveling through the fluffy white clouds gathering cloud flowers, just because I could.

Donna Salazar Dinghy

In the evening I would visit with the fairies in their cloud homes to get the next day’s supply of Fairydust Glitter and we would play our favorite fairy games. I would end the day being rocked to sleep as I gazed at the stars while my magical dinghy drifted along with the clouds.

Donna Salazar Dinghy

Donna’s glittery, dreamy, girly-grunge dinghy has me ready to sail into the clouds gathering my own fairydust glitter! Seriously, what better way to spend your days than gathering glitter!


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  • DeeDee Johnson

    awe! this is adorable.. but all I have seen are.. wish I had gotten in on the dingy fun too… always love the denim…. and always love your work. I am watching even if I don’t get to comment often… I stalk via email… have a great day.

  • Sherry B

    Its very dreamy! Beautiful!

  • Norah McPhee

    I want to go travelling in your dinghy as in my imagination this is where i would go. This would be my ideal dream world in a beautiful floating paradise. Thank you Donna and all the dingy participants for allowing us to go on your travels in make believe.

  • Tracey Sabella

    Oh, this is just amazing and so very dreamy just perfect for the dreams you shared!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

    Garden of Grace

  • Dolly

    I knew this would be a textural dingy, I knew it would have gloss and glitter (fairy dust) and I knew there would be some blue jeans in/on there too. It’s a beauty! TFS

  • MaggieH

    Beautiful dreamy Dinghy like the thought of cloud flowers

  • Sherry B

    Love it!

  • Too cute !! I’ve been reading them all… you ladies are amazing !!!

  • Hels Sheridan

    stunning, love the fairydust x

  • Susie

    Donna, you speak right to my heart! I love, love flowers, and I think I was born with glitter in my hair. Your story about the fairies and gathering Fairydust glitter is great. I’m sure the fairies only allow true talent, adventurous artist to visit with them, and most especially gather the glitter dust. As you referred, rocking to sleep at night with the clouds and dreaming about what the next day will bring is exciting. The anticipation of the next day would make it half for me to sleep, even with the peaceful billows of the clouds rocking me to sleep.
    Thanks for sharing, I find the stories behind ” My Life in a Dinghy” enchanting!!’