Send Your Kid to Art Camp

Jul 18, 2013

This week my nieces Made­lyn and Bel­lie are attend­ing “Art Camp”, at the Beau­mont Art League. Each day is split into two ses­sions, Paper Mache and Draw­ing. Made­lyn has always loved to color and paint and Bel­lie has loved draw­ing since she was old enough to hold a pen­cil. I guess you can say my fam­ily is cer­tainly of the artis­tic side. Really we are, if we had to walk into a cal­cu­lus or physics class we would all look at each other and the pro­fes­sor with the blank­est set of eyes he/she has ever seen. But if you are talk­ing paint­ing, carv­ing, cro­chet­ing, sewing, papercrafts,mixed media, assem­blage, cross stitch, pas­tel draw­ing, sketch­ing and so on… we could instruct our own col­lege courses about any of these. This we know well.

Mom can draw any­thing and paints (water­color, acrylic & oil) gor­geous land­scapes and light­houses with stun­ning waves crash­ing onto sur­round­ing rocks. Dad is a wood­carver, which totally amazes me. Because he can­not draw a 3 cir­cled cat to save his life but he can carve some of the most amaz­ing real­is­tic 3D carv­ings I’ve seen. They range from water­fowl and wildlife to dol­phins, hump­back whales, peo­ple, abstract art and more. Mom and dad are a fab­u­lous artsy duo as he carves items and she paints them for him.

Okay, so back to send­ing your kids to art camp. Yes­ter­day, my sis­ter sent me pho­tos of the draw­ings Made­lyn and Bel­lie drew in art camp and I was just blown away. I’m so proud of what they are draw­ing. I mean seri­ously, how awe­some are these draw­ings? These girls are only 10 and 6 years old. We always knew they were artsy but I don’t think any of us had a clue as to the tal­ent that was hid­den inside these two lit­tle bod­ies. I can promise you there is no way I could ever do what they have done.

Madelyn's Drawing

I’m so impressed with the vase, high­light­ing and dimen­sion Made­lyn cre­ated from char­coal. Mind you both girls, mostly Bel­lie are cov­ered in char­coal dust by the time the day is over but I would say that is a small price to pay when they are learn­ing and creating.

Bellie's Art

Bellie’s draw­ing really shocked me. This kid is always draw­ing ani­mals and peo­ple but she has never drawn this kind of a face. I’m so impressed with how pro­por­tion­ally cor­rect she got the facial fea­tures. I can promise you I could NEVER ever do this now and cer­tainly not when I was six. I have a great aunt that did a pas­tel draw­ing of me from a baby photo that I cher­ish and now I want to get some pas­tels in Bellie’s hands to see what she can do. If Bel­lie can draw this using char­coal I’m think­ing she might be able to do it with pastels.

So if you have a chance to send your kids to art camp do it, with a lit­tle guid­ance and instruc­tion you never know what hid­den tal­ents are wait­ing to be discovered.

I’m one super proud auntie!


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