Santos Doll Inspiration

Jul 30, 2013

Do you remem­ber this work in progress project I showed you sev­er­al weeks ago? Well I final­ly fin­ished it and can­not wait to start cre­at­ing anoth­er sim­i­lar piece. I love San­tos Caged Dolls and thought of anoth­er idea I’ve got to attempt. I will keep you post­ed.

Santos Caged Doll

I planned on putting items inside the cage area of the base but the more I kept try­ing to add things the more I kept want­i­ng to keep it plain & sim­ple. Plain & Sim­ple is not some­thing in my cre­ative vocab­u­lary. I usu­al­ly feel the need to fill each and every spot on a project but work­ing with plas­ter has me see­ing things dif­fer­ent­ly. I real­ly have dis­cov­ered a true love for cre­at­ing with plas­ter. I wake up and go to sleep think­ing of ideas.

Santos Doll Inspiration

Once the plas­ter was com­plete­ly dry, I paint­ed the entire piece with cream acrylic paint and let it dry over night. The next morn­ing, I went over the entire piece with Vin­tage Pho­to Dis­tress Ink. Using mul­ti medi­um I attached and sealed images I cut from a dec­o­ra­tive nap­kin around the base of the cage and bodice. Then of course you know this is com­ing, I accent­ed the nap­kin images using Dia­mond Stick­les.

Santos Doll Inspiration Back

I think the rea­son I love cre­at­ing with plas­ter is it’s very free­ing. When cre­at­ing with plas­ter as I do I can­not get a per­fect­ly smooth fin­ish, which is my cre­ative goal as I love tex­ture in my designs. Plas­ter forces me to let go and embrace and accept imper­fec­tion. Each unique piece ends up being per­fect­ly imper­fect and I love it!


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