Kids Week Day 3

Jul 11, 2013

We are still going strong in the Pace house­hold. Each night before falling asleep, Made­lyn and I talk about all the things we will do the next day then dur­ing the day we talk about all the things we will do tomor­row… can you tell we are always talk­ing about what we are going to do each wak­ing moment of the day. So today, we made Hap­py Face cook­ies, made anoth­er Bead Bud­dy for a tuto­r­i­al, cre­at­ed a Faux Cup­cake and drank Fish Bowl Punch.

Happy Face Cookies

Mak­ing these Hap­py Face sug­ar cook­ies is super easy and fun kids food to make. The only clean up is wash­ing the cook­ie sheet which is awe­some for moms or aunts that have a niece won­der­ing what they will be mak­ing after they fin­ish mak­ing cook­ies.

To make Made­lyn’s “Hap­py Face Cook­ies” place sug­ar cook­ie squares from a Pills­bury Sug­ar Cook­ie pack­age (24 count), flat­ten each square just a bit to form a cir­cle, add col­ored sug­ar to the top of each cook­ie and bake as instruct­ed on the pack­age. Once baked and slight­ly cooled put a drop of food col­or­ing (we used Neon Pink & Pur­ple) into two sep­a­rate small cups mixed with 2 table­spoons of water. Using a paint brush paint a hap­py face onto each cook­ie. Then using Rain­bow Nerds place nerds into the paint­ed hap­py face of each cook­ie. Super fun = Super Hap­py Niece.

Bead Buddy Tutorial

Made­lyn recre­at­ed a Bead Bud­dy so you can make this fun lit­tle bud­dy with your kids. You will need Pipe Clean­ers, Neon Plas­tic Craft Beads for the Bud­dy’s Arms, Legs and Body and Wood­en Beads for the Bud­dy’s Head.

  • Twist 3 pipe clean­ers sev­er­al times in the cen­ter to secure the pipe clean­ers togeth­er.
  • Bend the pipe clean­ers upwards at the cen­ter of the twist.
  • To cre­ate the legs for your Bud­dy, bend down two pipe clean­ers.
  • To cre­ate the arms for your Bud­dy, bend two pipe clean­ers to the side of your Bud­dy.
  • To cre­ate the body of your Bud­dy, keep­ing the legs togeth­er, thread 5 Neon Plas­tic Craft Beads onto both pipe clean­ers that are being held togeth­er as one.
  • Once the body of the Bud­dy is cre­at­ed, sep­a­rate the two pipe clean­ers to cre­ate the legs and thread 8 Neon Plas­tic Craft Beads onto each leg. Bend the excess pipe clean­er end to form a foot and push the end up into the bead. Repeat these steps to cre­ate the sec­ond leg and foot.
  • Thread 6 Neon Plas­tic Beads onto each arm. Bend the excess pipe clean­er end to form a hand and push the end up into the bead. Repeat these steps to cre­ate the sec­ond arm and hand.
  • Thread the Wood­en Bead onto the remain­ing two pipe clean­ers push­ing it all the way to the top of the body. Bend the excess pipe clean­er ends to form the hair for your Bud­dy. Using a Sharpie draw a face onto the Wood­en Bead.

Bead Buddy Tutorial

Faux Cupcake

This was a real­ly fun project to do with Made­lyn. She has been count­ing down the sec­onds until we made a Faux Cup­cake. I got the idea of mak­ing one with her on Pin­ter­est. There are lots of pins for this type project. You can see some I pinned in my “Things to do with my nieces” Pin­ter­est Board.

To make our faux cup­cake you will need Plas­ter, Cup­cake Lin­er, Alu­minum Foil, Paint, Liq­uid Pearls, Plas­tic Bal­le­ri­na, Paint Brush, Dix­ie Cup, Pop­si­cle Stick, Old Muf­fin Tin that you don’t use any­more. We cre­at­ed our cup­cake in two steps.

  1. Fill a 5 oz. Dix­ie cup with Plas­ter, add enough water to make the plas­ter the thick­ness of pan­cake bat­ter. It does not take much water at all.
  2. Place a cup­cake lin­er into a muf­fin tin and pour the plas­ter into the lin­er until it is filled to your desired height. We left about a 1/4 of the lin­er unfilled. Let the plas­ter dry. It will take a good 30 min. Once the plas­ter dries you can tear off the excess cup­cake lin­er.
  3. While the plas­ter is dry­ing cre­ate the top of your cup­cake by shap­ing a piece of alu­minum foil into a 1/2 ball. Once the plas­ter is dry place the alu­minum foil 1/2 ball onto the top of the dried plas­ter in the lin­er.
  4. Mix anoth­er batch of plas­ter just as you did for the base of your cup­cake. Pour some plas­ter onto the top of the alu­minum foil, using your fin­gers (Made­lyn real­ly loved this part) ice the cup­cake with the plas­ter. Con­tin­ue adding plas­ter until all the alu­minum foil is cov­ered. Stick the plas­tic bal­le­ri­na into the top cen­ter of the icing. You might need to hold it in place for just a bit until the plas­ter hard­ens enough to keep it upright. Let the cup­cake dry com­plet­ly.
  5. Once the plas­ter is dry, using a paint brush, paint the icing with acrylic paint and cre­ate sprin­kles using Liq­uid Pearls. Let dry.

Fish Bowl Punch

While wait­ing for Made­lyn’s faux cup­cake to dry in between steps we thought it was time for a nice refresh­ing drink. Because you know, craft­ing is such hard work and what bet­ter kind of drink on a labor inten­sive craft­ing day than one in a fish bowl. I found this idea on Pin­ter­est and instant­ly pinned it to my “Things to do with my nieces” board. I knew Made­lyn would love it and I was right. Although, the ver­sion I found con­tained alco­hol so we went with Blue Hawai­ian Punch instead. Made­lyn high­ly rec­om­mends you make this with your kids. It’s fun. Although, the Nerds do make the water a bit cloudy after a bit so if you think this might gross out your kids leave the Nerds (a.k.a. fish rocks out).  The cute flamin­go straw was pur­chased from the Dol­lar Tree.

And for din­ner we had Neon Rain­bow Spaghet­ti, once again… it’s a true hit! Then it was off to the Snow Cone Lady to get a Cot­ton Can­dy Snow Cone. Tomor­row, we will be mak­ing the sun­dae cook­ies and dec­o­rat­ing jum­bo marsh­mal­lows, so I’ve been told.

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