Kids Week Day 1

Jul 9, 2013

Day one has been a whirl­wind of fun. As soon as Made­lyn’s feet hit the floor she was ready to go. Thank­ful­ly, I planned ahead the night before and had chip­board pieces, Stick­les and Liq­uid Pearls for her to use while I was try­ing to get my first cup of cof­fee in me. This was a life­saver, she cre­at­ed and I woke up.

Then she decid­ed she would like to make a video of how she alters her chip­board pieces using Stick­les and Liq­uid Pearls. I was real­ly impressed with how well she did since we did­n’t talk about what she would say or any­thing.

I basi­cal­ly just got my cam­era and start­ed film­ing her very first unedit­ed on-the-fly 10 min. instruc­tion­al video.

Not bad for a first time video. I love her.

Stickling Chipboard

While Made­lyn was look­ing through all my glit­ter she found some glit­tered Martha Stew­art Flock­ing. She thought it would be fun to put some on her nails so we had a mini man­i­cure ses­sion using a bot­tle of NYC Clear Top Coat and Pink and Blue Glit­tered Flock­ing. This was super sim­ple and I got Aunt of the Year. All I did was apply a lay­er of clear top coat on each nail, then placed flock­ing onto each nail alter­nat­ing between pink and blue flock­ing. To remove the excess flock­ing from around her nails I sim­ply brushed over them using a soft dry paint brush. Vio­la flocked nails means Super excit­ed niece.

Flocked Nails

Next Made­lyn had an idea to cre­ate her own cus­tom nail pol­ish col­or. So know­ing we were going to have to remove some of the clear top coat from the bot­tle we thought it would be cool to use the clear top coat as adhe­sive on chip­board embell­ish­ments and cov­er each one with flock­ing. This worked per­fect­ly and now she has lots of fuzzy chip­board embell­ish­ments to cre­ate with lat­er in the week.

Flocking Chipboard

After using the clear top coat as adhe­sive for the chip­board embell­ish­ments Made­lyn was ready to make her cus­tom nail pol­ish. We sim­ply poured two dif­fer­ent shades of glit­ter into the clear top coat until Made­lyn was  hap­py with the glit­ter­i­ness of the pol­ish. Then we added pur­ple micro beads and shook the bot­tle real­ly well. BAM Mad’s cus­tom “Fairy Dust” nail pol­ish was cre­at­ed. To make her label Made­lyn stamped the name of the pol­ish onto some paper, wrapped it around the bot­tle and secured it to the bot­tle by cov­er­ing the entire label with clear ship­ping tape.

Custom Nail Polish

For a fun after­noon treat we made Secret Sprite Pops. Made­lyn LOVED these pops. She sim­ply placed a pack­age of fruit gush­ers (secret ingre­di­ent) into the bot­tom of 5oz. all pur­pose Dix­ie Cups then poured Sprite into each cup. She filled each cup about 2/3 full of Sprite. Once the Sprite and fruit gush­ers are in each cup, place alu­minum foil over the top of the cup, stick a pop­si­cle stick into the cen­ter of the foil and place the cups in the freez­er to freeze. Once the Sprite is frozen peel off the alu­minum foil. If the pop­si­cle sticks a bit in the cup just run a lit­tle warm water around the out­side of the cup and the pop­si­cle will pop right out. The top of the pop­si­cle looks like a rain­bow (secret sur­prise) and since the fruit gush­ers are all placed into the cup dif­fer­ent­ly no two pop­si­cle tops are alike. Enjoy.

Secret Sprite Pops

For din­ner Made­lyn made pigs in a blan­ket and the most fab­u­lous cake I found on Pin­ter­est. It’s called a Cream­si­cle Cake and it is incred­i­ble. It got a two thumbs up from every­one in the house. You can find the recipe HERE. This cake is per­fect for sum­mer as it is light and moist and I think adding some fruit on the side would be real­ly good. To dec­o­rate each per­sons cake por­tion Made­lyn used pow­dered sug­ar and but­ter­fly, squir­rel and rab­bit sten­cils I pur­chased at an estate sale.

Dinner and Dessert

After din­ner she, Ans­ley and my nephew Brit­tain head­ed off to see Despi­ca­ble Me 2 in 3D. Today, was a great start to our fun kids week. And just wait until you see every­thing we do today, in tomor­rows blog post. It’s going to be anoth­er don’t stop til you drop kin­da day.

Kids Week 1


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