Altered Frozen Charlotte Dolls

Jun 6, 2013

I have to show you how Julie Smith Camp­bell alters some of my Hand­made Frozen Char­lotte Dolls as I think you just might be inspired by her cre­ations. I know I cer­tain­ly am.


I think this Spring piece is so love­ly and  unique. I love how she incor­po­rat­ed the bro­ken egg shell for the base of this piece.

Altered Spoons

And look how Julie altered these spoons. How can you not love any­thing that includes vin­tage spoons, Frozen Char­lotte Heads, rhine­stone trim, pearls, sil­ver glass glit­ter and oth­er awe­some vin­tage items.


And just look at this adorable altered project. These are not my Frozen Char­lotte Dolls but these cer­tain­ly do inspire me to cre­ate some tiny bal­leri­na’s with mine. So cute! I think Julie and I could do some seri­ous dam­age at a flea mar­ket togeth­er. We seem to love the same things and have sim­i­lar styles.


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