Work In Progress

Jun 28, 2013

Who would have ever thought my fingers and both hands would look like this on a daily basis and that I didn’t mind. Certainly not me. Nope not ever would I have thought this but here is the proof. I have really been enjoying some creative freedom lately. Just exploring new mediums, learning new techniques and enjoying the process. It’s fun to explore and try new things when I don’t have serious deadlines swirling around in my head. I’m sure this is true with most everyone, though some handle it better than others. I am the type that when I know I have a deadline I cannot allow myself creative freedom until all deadlines are met and everything is in order. I really need to find a way to balance this inside my head....

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Textured Background

Jun 26, 2013

Okay, so remember last weeks post, Stencils aren’t just for mists & ink and how I said you could learn how I created the background (shown above) for the tag shown below by going to Ronda’s blog only, I had the day wrong and well, since she is out of the country yadda, yadda, yadda you know how it all went down, whew.  Well TODAY is the day Ronda Palazzari is featuring my background technique tutorial so hop on over to her blog and discover a few of my secrets to create this awesome mixed media background....

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Plaster Embellishments

Jun 25, 2013

Here is an accent I created yesterday for the mini canvas I’m creating. This was super simple to make. All I did was mix up some plaster, poured it into a mold, let it set, then painted the face with Perfect Pearls. The flower is a Petaloo flower from their Color Me Crazy Mixed Floral set that I covered in plaster, let dry and also painted with Perfect Pearls. Once both pieces were completely dry I attached the two together using a strong liquid adhesive. Now if only deciding on a quote was this easy. I have been struggling with trying to find the perfect one. Do you all have any suggestions? If so, please share. Have you purchased any plaster yet? If not, you’re missing out on loads of creative fun....

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Plaster, Plaster, Plaster

Jun 24, 2013

This is all that is on my mind at the moment. I tell ya I do believe I found a new love. I look at EVERYTHING and think man that would look awesome covered in plaster. This reminds me of my mom when I was younger. If that woman had a can of spray paint and it didn’t move it got painted… that women would spray paint anything and everything until the can was empty. I love the texture you can create with plaster and the smoothness you can get when creating items from molds. It’s just the most amazing stuff. You can carve on it, paint it, ink it, stamp it and of course cover it in bees wax and here are just a few of the projects I have in the works. I...

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Bees Wax Tools & Tips

Jun 21, 2013

Bees Wax is a medium I really enjoy creating with and if you are thinking about giving it a try I thought I would share some tips. First, if you are new to this medium there really is no need to go out and purchase expensive encaustic supplies right off, if you find out you love working with wax then you can begin adding high end encaustic wax and tools. But for what I do the tools I’m going to tell you about work perfectly. Insert here… husband clapping hands and doing a little happy dance. The heat tools I use are a Non-Stick Craft Sheet (always work on a Non-Stick Craft Sheet), Heat It Craft Tool, Melting Pot, Clover Quilting Iron and a Walnut Hallow Wood Burning Set. As far as wax, I...

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Stencils aren’t just for mists and inks

Jun 20, 2013

When I see all the awesome things my friend Ronda Palazzari creates with her stencil line I am absolutely amazed. I saw her in action while visiting her a few months ago and there is a reason why she wears a full apron and I wear a half apron. I am so not a messy kinda girl but I do love great stencil designs, I just go about using them differently. This is just another way we are so similar yet so different. We  use a lot of the same products just in very different manners. Since Ronda is currently off traveling the world and spending time with her family she asked if I would create a tutorial for her blog. So I decided to show you how I achieved the textured background  for...

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Dazzle-it! Lovely Knots

Jun 18, 2013

I love it when I get asked to use product I don’t normally gravitate towards. So when Carmi Cimicata recently asked if I would be interested in creating a project with some new Dazzle-it products, I just could not say no. Those of you not familiar with Dazzle-it, it is a jewelry line of tools, stringing material, beads, chain and containers. If you want to know where you can purchase Dazzle-it products email them at and they will help you find a store that carries their products near you. I had so much fun creating this Infinity Bracelet using the simple to follow instructions in the Dazzle-it Lovely Knots book. Instead of using two different colors of Lovely Knots Cord as was in the book I used one color, Olive. Once I had...

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Have Fun and Show you Care

Jun 15, 2013

Today, I am participating off and on at a wonderful online event, Oklahoma We Care Online Crop. This crop will benefit Oklahoma Tornado Victims as every single penny raised goes directly to the Oklahoma United Way. The awesome thing is, if you cannot join us today you can still participate in the challenges and games as you have a week to complete them so this really is a win win situation for everyone. This crop is sponsored by some awesome companies as you can see in the flier below and lots of designers in the industry are hosting challenges and games with great prizes. To sign up for this crop go to ~ on the upper right side of the site is an Oklahoma Tornado Fund Paypal Button ~ click this button and...

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Delight In The Art of Collage Kit 3 ~ The Playroom

Jun 14, 2013

This kit reminds me of all the Moms that have said, “If you kids don’t clean up this playroom right now, I’m throwing everything away”. It’s filled with so many items you would find scattered all around a playroom. Delight In The Art of Collage ~ Kit 3 ~ The Playroom is filled with vintage and non-vintage game pieces, wooden blocks, bingo cards, pages from children’s books and so much more, just look at the long list of contents below. Each kit is filled with awesome items that are perfect for creating three dimensional collages and assemblage type art. Kit Contents ~ 10 Vintage 1903 Flinch Playing Cards 2 Community Chest Monopoly Cards 2 Chance Monopoly Cards 3 Real Estate Monopoly Cards 9 Playing Cards (70’s Design 5 Fuchsia, 4 Teal) 3 Vintage Bingo...

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Outside my window

Jun 13, 2013

I don’t think it’s hard to guess that I love nature since I have several bird nests siting in my studio window. I find bird nests so intriguing as each one is a little different in style and placement yet all have the same purpose. To me a bird’s nest is nature’s most basic form of assemblage art. The greatest thing about moving my studio to the front room of our house is this window. Each day, I have the joy of getting to watch birds splash in the birdbath, hear them chirp and tweet, and watch them hop, walk and fly.  Some days I’m really lucky and get to see a baby bird or two learn to fly and hunt for food. This baby blue jay was resting up from it’s first flight....

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Frozen Charlotte Mini Canvas

Jun 12, 2013

I decided to create a 2″ x 3″ mini canvas with a bees wax background for my new handmade frozen Charlotte doll. I have other ideas for this doll style that I can’t wait to try so get ready because you will be seeing more for sure. Here is a close up of the background I created using a Texture Tread, a melted Robin’s Egg Blue crayon and White Bees Wax pellets. The gold accent is Gold Alcohol Ink I applied here and there with the tip of my finger. Super simple! I think she’s lovely and might create some to sell in my etsy store. I will let you know if and when I decide....

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Creative Play

Jun 11, 2013

I have a serious love for frozen Charlotte dolls and was so excited when I found a small bisque bust of one at a flea market. Well last night, I decided to make a mold of that bust and then one idea turned into another, then another and I ended up with her. She still needs a permanent spot in an art piece and maybe tonight one idea will turn into another, then another and I will have a finished canvas to show you tomorrow. I find late night creative play to be the best. There are no phone calls to answer, no emails to write, no errands to run it’s just you and your art....

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Creating with the Unexpected

Jun 10, 2013

Most people don’t look at horseshoe nails and think to make a cross but this is exactly what someone did. Years ago dad stumbled upon this idea and when I saw the cross he made for one of his woodcarvings I had him bend a few nails for me.  I find it so intriguing when people take an unexpected item and turn it into something so unique. I can promise you the thought of bending horseshoe nails into a cross would have never ever come to my mind. If you want to make a horseshoe nail cross similar to mine you will need 4 horseshoe nails, 2 pairs of pliers, 20 gauge gold wire, wire cutters and small cream colored beads. Hold each end of a horseshoe nail with a pair of pliers. Bend...

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Altered Frozen Charlotte Dolls

Jun 6, 2013

I have to show you how Julie Smith Campbell alters some of my Handmade Frozen Charlotte Dolls as I think you just might be inspired by her creations. I know I certainly am. I think this Spring piece is so lovely and  unique. I love how she incorporated the broken egg shell for the base of this piece. And look how Julie altered these spoons. How can you not love anything that includes vintage spoons, Frozen Charlotte Heads, rhinestone trim, pearls, silver glass glitter and other awesome vintage items. And just look at this adorable altered project. These are not my Frozen Charlotte Dolls but these certainly do inspire me to create some tiny ballerina’s with mine. So cute! I think Julie and I could do some serious damage at a flea market together....

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Jun 5, 2013

Most of you should know by now that I have a serious LOVE for Stickles, especially Diamond and Platinum! When teaching these two are a given for items needed in class. I use Stickles on pretty much everything I create and I have a saying about them too, “Stickles is to Crafters what Botox is to Plastic Surgeons. You can always use a little somewhere”. If you are a crafter that does not like loose glitter Stickles is a product for you. It’s easy to use and there is zero mess. So today, I’m going to show you how I use a little or a lot on my projects. Diamond Stickles is a great way to give a simple flower a little pop. All you need to do is apply a small amount onto...

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50 Years

Jun 4, 2013

Today, my mom and dad celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Please join me in wishing them all the best on this very special day. June 4, 1963 ~ June 4, 2013 Happy Anniversary, mom and dad. We love...

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Melt Art Mania Winner

Jun 3, 2013

I thought I would share a piece I am working on using my “Pliable Bees Wax Technique“. This piece is going to be placed onto a mini canvas also covered in Natural Bees Wax. Once it’s completed I’ll share the finished piece. I must admit this is becoming one of my favorite techniques. If you try this technique please share a photo. I would love to see what you create and feature some on my blog. Ok now on to announcing the winner of this awesome Melt Art Mania giveaway is… Theresa Grdina ~ This is fantastic!! I would never have thought to use the UTEE on top/in back of the beeswax! This is a great tutorial!!! Thanks for sharing. The recipe card makes it simpler, too. I have always wanted to try beeswax…..AND the...

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