Thrift Store Finds

May 8, 2013

Meet Laura

It’s time again to share this weeks won­der­ful thrift store finds. I spot­ted this beau­ti­ful doll from across the store and seri­ous­ly could not get to her fast enough. As soon as I saw her I had instant tun­nel vision and was ready to start hur­dling fur­ni­ture if I felt it was war­rant­ed. I’m sim­ply gid­dy, I love her so much. Her rust col­ored satin dress is a lit­tle worn in areas and her pan­taloons have dark­ened with age but all I see is pure beau­ty. I’ve named her Lau­ra and you will see her lots in blog posts.

Thrift Store Finds

I also scored a great vin­tage piano book filled with beau­ti­ful­ly aged music sheets. I can­not pass up vin­tage music sheets. They are one of my favorite items to use in col­lages. The five cute 4.5″ leaf shaped dish­es are part of the Spring Vio­lets col­lec­tion by Ros­set­ti. They are stamped Occu­pied Japan, But­ter Pats. These will be used as pho­to props to hold bits and baubles for my Delight In The Art of Col­lage Kits. The ceram­ic jew­el­ry or trin­ket box was made by Ucagco (Unit­ed Chi­na and Glass Co.) in Japan and is about 7″ long. This box is per­fect to store the vin­tage ear­rings I’ve been col­lect­ing for a future col­lage kit. And last­ly, this cute rolling pin is actu­al­ly an 8″ long recipe card hold­er. The bot­tom is flat so it does­n’t roll and it has a slit across the top to hold your recipe card. This will be great to hold and pho­to­graph cards and tags.

This week­end I’ll be doing some seri­ous flea mar­ket­ing. I love the thrill of not know­ing what awe­some good­ies I’ll find. I’ve giv­en Alan, mom and dad a list of things I’m hunt­ing for so we are all good to go. We have a plan and mon­ey to spend… it’s gonna be a great week­end, just two more sleeps.


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